603 Module 7 Discussion (Human Resource) Due 5/1 pacific 10pm

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Week 7 Discussion

A Benefits Package Designed for Whom?

Due Wednesday of Week 7

Wayne McGraw greeted Robert Peters, his next interviewee, warmly. Robert had an excellent academic record and appeared to be just the kind of person Wayne’s company, SYZ Hotel corporate, was seeking. Wayne is the university recruiter for SYZ Hotels and had already interviewed six graduating seniors at UNLV.

Based on the application form, Robert appeared to be the most promising candidate to be interviewed that day. He was 22 years old and had a 3.6 grade point average with a 4.0 in his field, industrial management. Not only was Robert the vice president of the Student Government Association, but he was also activities chairman for Kappa Alpha Psi, a social fraternity and president of NSMH (National Society of Minorities in Hospitality).

The reference letters in Robert’s file reveal that he was both very active socially and a rather intense and serious student. One of the letters from Robert’s employer during the previous summer expressed satisfaction with Robert’s work habits. Robert had completed an internship at the corporate offices of ABC hotels and worked part time at the front desk of a local hotel for the last two years of his hotel management degree program.

Wayne knew that discussion of benefits could be an important part of the recruiting interview. But he did not know which aspects of SYZ Hotel’s benefits program would appeal most to Robert. The company has an excellent profit-sharing plan, although 80 percent of profit distributions are deferred and included in each employee’s retirement account. Health benefits are also good. It also has long-term care insurance. The company’s medical and dental plan pays a significant portion of costs. A corporate property lunchroom provides meals at about 70 percent of outside prices, although few managers take advantage of this. Employees get one week of paid vacation after the first year and two weeks after two years with the company. Two weeks are provided each year for sick leave. In addition, there are 12 paid holidays each year. Finally, the company encourages advanced education, paying for tuition and books in full, and, under certain circumstances, allowing time off to attend classes during the day. It also provides scholarships for dependents.


  1. What aspects of SYZ Hotel’s benefits program are likely to appeal to Robert? Explain.
  2. In today’s work environment, what additional benefits might be more attractive to Robert? Explain.
    • It is an expectation that you will cite a minimum of 3 hospitality organization’s websites
    • Cite 2 additional articles on benefits for this discussion.

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