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Tips for Mapping Consumer Digital Journey Please follow the below structure for the assessment titled “Mapping Consumer Digital Journey” – 1. Introduction (2 marks): Discuss about the brand / firm, its industry and targeted customers. 2. Mapping the digital Journey (6 points): Map the purchase journey through a diagram or a flowchart covering: - The entire decision-making process - Firm’s and consumer’s goal at each stage of decision-making process. - Touch points. - Pain points - Moment of truth - Opportunities to improve 3. Critical analysis of the customer experience (4 points): Critically discuss about the brand’s / firms’ online presence relative to a key competitor. Using the Digital Journey Map to point out the areas that you liked and disliked. Discuss the reasons behind the positive/negative interactions you have with the brand. Focus on how the firm uses different Digital Marketing tools. 4. Critical analysis of the brand’s/firm’s Online Presence (8 points): - Critically discuss about the brand’s / firms’ online organic presence by running a SEO audit. Focus on On-Site SEO analysis of the home page or a specific landing page. 3 dot points minimum - Critically discuss the brand’s / firm’s presence on social media platform of your choice (Facebook and Instagram are recommended). You can use Fanpage Karma to analyse the online presence of your selected company relative to a key competitor. 3 dot points minimum - Optional: comparison with 1 competitor. 5. Recommendations for Online Experience (8 points): Incorporate findings from the critical analyses in Sections 2., 3. and 4 and recommend strategies for better online experience: - For instance, suggest On-Site SEO efforts for content optimization - improved key words and content, for the home page or a specific landing page. - Recommend digital-oriented improvements to address the issues found in the Digital Journey and to provide the consumers with a rewarding customer experience. 6. Quality of Communication (2 points): The quality of communication and the language choices should be appropriate for the discipline and the task. The presentation should be essentially error free.
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