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Select an oil and gas company based in Oman and prepare the following report:

The report must cover the following:

1. An introduction

Introduce the company and mention its productions.

The health and safety inspection of the company, is it right or wrong?

2. Completed observation covering a number and range of hazards and good practice ,identifying suitable control measures and timescales :

create a table of 10 hazards and their consequences.

how do we do the control measurement ( time : immediately, day by day, or weekly)

3. Conclusions

4. Recommendation

how you got this new control measurement

did it minimize the hazards and risks

** Select the 10 hazards from the attached files H1, H2.

** A previous report will be attached covering the same idea. Relate to it, but DON'T COPY anything.

** Total word Count = 1500 words Only.

** in-texxt Citation and Referencs Using Harvard Style.

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Hazard Analysis and Risk Control Record Revision: 1.2 Task/Process Assessed: Date: Aug-14 Location: Assessment Team: Environment Risk Level 1. Personnel trained on work safe practices 2. Use correct PPE, fall arrest if over 2m 3. First Aid Kit on site and trained personnel 4. Clear work area of unnecessary objects and debris Acceptable (-3) 1. Certified and pressure tested hoses. 2. Fixture design making it impossible to swap hose connections. 3. Trained personnel supervising or actually doing the job. 4. If height is over 2m have scaffolding or similar structure Acceptable (-3) 1. Personnel trained on work safe practices and crane operations 2. Use correct PPE, fall arrest if over 2m 3. First Aid Kit on site and trained personnel 4. Clear work area of unnecessary objects and debris Severity 1 Only SLB crew to be involved 2. Attach tag line to equipment to position. 3. Use certified lifting equipment including slings and pad-eyes. 4. Good housekeeping around work area. 5. Use crane for heavy lifts 6. If height is over 2m have scaffolding or similar structure Light (-1) 1. Personnel trained on work safe practices and crane operations 2. Use correct PPE 3. First Aid Kit on site and trained personnel 4. Clear work area of objects and debris Likelihood 1. Survey work area before work commences, keep work area free of debris and loose objects, good housekeeping. 2. Only SLB crew to be involved 3. Use certified lifting equipment including slings and pad-eyes. 4.. Attach tag line to equipment to position. 5. Use crane for heavy lifts 6. Apply SIPP techniques for lifting/moving equipment 7. Hold toolbox talks to identify hazards in work site Unlikely (2) Undesirable (-9) Current and Planned Mitigation Measures to reduce Severity Acceptable (-3) Release of grease / hydraulic oil Current and Planned Prevention Measures to reduce Likelihood Light (-1) Personnel List all Current and Planned Control Measures, taking into Account all Contributing and Escalating Factors RESIDUAL RISK Light (-1) Serious injury Undesirable (-5) Assets Serious (-2) Personnel CONTROL MEASURES Unlikely (2) Risk Level Severity Major (-3) Possible (3) Assets Undesirable (-5) Connecting hydraulic / grease hoses Falling objects Trapped fingers Damaged equipment Personnel (Schlumberg er and rig crew) Serious (-2) Lifting BOP from skid to wellhead Falling objects Trapped fingers Tripping Struck by skid Damaged equipment Population Affected Possible (3) Positioning Pressure Control Skid and picking up lubricators Loss Category/ Possible (3) Activity Steps Hazard Description and Worst Case Consequences with no Prevention or Mitigation Measures in Place INITIAL RISK Likelihood HAZARD Unlikely (2) Operation: Pressure Control Equipment Tool stopped across tool-trap Tool jerks or cable drag wrongly indicating that tool is in tool catcher 1. Accumulator charged on skid prior to job. 2. Check that BOP can be closed using accumulator pressure prior to commencing pressure job. 3. Ensure signs are placed on air supply output. 4. Toolbox talk to inform rig crew to keep air compressor running during the job 1. Training on ELMAR skid operation. 2. Ensure fire extinguishers and charged water hoses are available on the drill floor 1. Most experienced person on winch when pulling into catcher. 1. Crew completed pull-off prevention training (winch driving). 2. See Winch Driving risk assessment 2. Slow down 100ft from surface 3. Prior knowledge of any restrictions. 4. Crew to hold down wire as tool is pulled into catcher. Only one person to do this. 5. Ensure tool catcher in “catch” position. 1. Operator to watch external indicator and set to close when the tool has passed through. 2. Ensure external indicator has distinct/different color from tool trap body. 3. Pull slowly (100ft/hr) at surface so operator can observe external indicator Acceptable (-3) Acceptable (-3) Acceptable (-3) Light (-1) Light (-1) Undesirable (-12) Assets Undesirable (-5) Pulling tool through tool trap 4. Grease skid should have record of last q-check attached with skid Acceptable (-3) Tool dropped into well Undesirable (-5) Assets Serious (-2) Broken weak-point Possible (3) Pulling into tool catcher. 3. Pressure skid to be monitored at all times by SLB operator Acceptable (-3) Personnel 2. Check grease tank levels before and during the job 1. Training on ELMAR skid operation. 2. Ensure fire extinguishers and charged water hoses are available on the drill floor Light (-1) Assets 1. Use sufficient number of flow tubes. Injections grease pressure = 1.2 x well head pressure. Light (-1) Unable to close BOP or stuffing box 3. Make announcement before pressure testing 4. NEVER exceed equipment Working Pressure 5. Use low volume/high-pressure test pumps to avoid pressure surges 6. Use 2 calibrated pressure gauges: one at pressure pump and one at WHE. 7. SLB engineer-in-charge should be in position, ready to shut down pump or bleed off pressure as required. Light (-1) Environment Undesirable (-5) No grease seal Serious (-2) Loss of air to pressure skid Major (-3) Fire or explosion caused by spark Serious (-2) Personnel Possible (3) Assets Undesirable (-6) Environment Possible (3) Release of hazardous well fluid Damage to environment. (Spillage) Possible (3) No Grease seal Catastrophic (-4) Possible (3) Death Unlikely (2) 2. Barrier off area. Serious injury 1. Training in proper usage and handling of pressure equipment. (Pressure certified) 2. SLB pressure test procedures to be followed. Unlikely (2) 1. Pressure equipment design, maintenance and certification. Unlikely (2) Personnel (Schlumberger and rig crew) Unlikely (2) High-pressure release in case of component failure. Unlikely (2) Pressure Testing 1. Training on ELMAR skid operation. 2. Count turns of x-mas tree when opening and closing and record this. 2. Only approved contractor and crane operators and go on such jobs 3. Safety meeting is held prior to rig-up and emphasis on hazards of single hook operation. 4. Winch depth alarms should be properly set so the crew can take precautions when tool is near to surface 1. PPE worn all the time 2. Crew is briefed on rigging up safely with single hook and handling stranded cable scenarios. 3. A second crane should be readily available in case there’s a need for it 4. Light unit should be available if operating during night time. 5. Availability of T-clamp with every truck Acceptable (-3) 1. 50% of the crew are level-2 certified and 100% are level-1 certified Acceptable (-3) 4. Crossovers are serviced and maintained properly after every job Light (-1) 3. Tongs are used to tighten the connection to prevent any leakage Light (-1) 2. The pressure is surface induced and MPWHP
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Regularly, an organization will need to assess how well their security administration
framework is performing. They much of the time utilize reviews or investigations to make this
assessment. The information and estimations found amid reviews and examinations are regularly
used to help an organization in deciding whether they are accomplishing their wellbeing and
wellbeing objectives, or if they have to set up new objectives. Keep in mind, however, that reviews
and investigations are just on a par with the devices utilized and the general population playing
out the review or examination (Sheikha, 2017). On the off chance that the inquiries and apparatuses
aren't fitting, at that point, the outcomes and discoveries won't give your organization pertinent
information to use in making changes or assessing consistency. In like manner, if the assessors and
examiners "ignore" things, or if they don't have the proper measure of trustworthiness to call
attention to an issue, at that point the outcomes will be skewed also.
Parties have joint interests in undertakings of oil and gas and chemical parts. The
consenting to of the arrangement occurred with the help of the Russian-Omani Business Council
in the structure of the 2-nd Russian-Omani Business gathering. Gatherings are occupied with
acknowledging co-speculation openings in the compound and petrochemical businesses through
concoction Funds propelled by RUSNANO, conveying advantage both to the Russian and the
Omani sides. The pipeline will incorporate deliberately essential compound and petrochemical
ventures in light of aggressive, creative innovations. Overseeing Director of RUSNANO MC
Vladimir Konovalov stated: We see heaps of speculation openings in the petrochemical business
in Russia, because of the generally solid position of the nation around there and additionally

focused feedstock costs. Collaboration with Oman Oil Company, with its broad arrangement of
ventures an...

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