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  • How is the film Seven (1995) related to the mindset of the Middle Ages regarding the seven deadly sins, and Dante's Inferno?

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The Seven Deadly Sins; Influence on Sevens Movie and Dante’s Inferno
The middle ages was categorized with the grouping of sins by the ancient Catholic that
was referred to as The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as The Capital Vices (Schimmel 98-104).
This was a grouping on basis of the ancient Christian teachings. The classifications that
originated from the desert fathers and people in the society were required to overcome these
vices at all costs since the committing of any of these vices would result to a form of
punishment. The offenses were brought up first by Pontus who provided a list of eight offenses
and some of the unworthy or wicked human passions arranged in the order of increasing
These listed offenses were listed in Latin as follows; superbia to mean pride, avaritia the
Latin word for greed, luxuria the word that stood for the people with uncontrolled desires or
rather lust, invidia to mean envy, gula to mean gluttony as one of the vices, ira a word that stood
for anger and finally acedia that stood for sloth nature or rather laziness (Veselka, Giammarco &
Vernon 75-80). These listings as given by Pontus were adhered to and even came to be a practice
in prayers by the ancient Catholics as they considered the acts as major demons that needed to be

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overcome highly by the people in the society in the quest of living a pure life back in the Middle
Ages period.
The Film Seven (1995) that starred two detectives William Somerset (Morgan Freeman)
and David Mills (Brad Pitt) that were investigating murders and later came to find out that they
were dealing with a serial killer who justified his murders on basis of some Middle Ages
happenings and Dante’s Inferno a Divine comedy poem of the 14th Century are a clear depiction

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