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edit my 4 page on Free Education and history emergency
Humoud Aladawni ENG-200 Free education for all In today’s America, college education has increasingly expensive despite many attempts to lower that cost. Our founding father Abraham Lincoln, signed into law the Land Grant College Act, laying the groundwork for the education system that is accessible and affordable to all Americans. However, the current cost of college education has been on a rise for the last 45 years. Abraham Lincoln’s enactment notwithstanding, the education system is becoming more complex for student’s from low income backgrounds to face an uphill task in raising adequate funds for college fee. In her article, Keith Ellison-US rep. for Minnesota fifth congressional District- highlights that the cost of college education has rose 1,200% more since 1978. At the same time, student debt from educational grants is the single biggest form of debt owed by Americans. These hefty debts compounded with hiked tuition fees leaves student’s starting off their life already stuck in debts. Hundred and fifty years are gone since Abraham made the pledge. It is the right time to make education free for all Americans. I chose to write on this as it has direct impact to my college education. Just before college, I was enthusiastic of taking on my degree program and living my college life. Unfortunately private education was very expensive and I had no scholarship to sign up for. Also, I did not meet the requirement to complete my education in the public University. I found no other options beside going towards another career path that does not require a college degree. I was offered some help from one of my family member, it was a generous offer that I couldn’t refuse, but I had to postpone the idea until I receive proper work experience. I managed to make a career for myself else where. After few years I am back at a University and it is something I am very proud of. Why I care about the subject? It is because I believe that free education is something that needs to be a right for every individual. I believe it is for the better of the society, the more educated people the more we find solutions to the problems and issues facing the society. Nevertheless, I believe for the much less fortunate students, the effects of the loans are much more detrimental. I pitch in my support for a free education initiative that would serve students with much flexible loan programs, and the tuition fee much adjusted to meet the concept of affordability. I believe that this initiative would one day be actualized and students would have an easy times learning with no serious financial worries. Subsidized education would encourage quick career progress and business idea as students won't struggle with debts after schools. There clear indication that debt burden young labor force is responsible for the slow progress on the economy. The idea of having subsidized education isn’t just made to make education in every state accessible, rather serves a strong pillar to a nation that invests in its own young generation. When job prospects walk around with debts before the get their first cheque, it only means that they would spend money that would have been invested in business in paying loans. Debt burden individuals are less motivated to find work, as they face the downside of having to part with huge portions of their hard-earned wages in serving the loans. Students have found it harder, especially to the low-income students of color, to buy mortgage, start a family, and invest in business. To alleviate this gruesome situation, there is a need for the federal government to partner with their state government counterparts and establish policy that helps bring down the cost of education to all Americans. This strategy could include among others; increase funding to schools that scrap or lower their tuition fee; direct federal investment to lower cost of education. In exchange to this strategy, the states would resolve towards making re-investments back into the higher education. All the public college institutions that would benefit from the program would be expected to make those adjustments by scraping on lowering tuition fee to manageable amounts. I also have a strong believe that once the tuition fee is lowered to acceptable range, American colleges and universities would experience a boom in admissions, and that alone justifies the need to make adjustments onto the cost of education. It would have been a good strategy if the state governments would work on programs aimed at giving education subsidies to those from low-income backgrounds. In exchange, the student’s would ledge to make investments and work within the state as a way of giving back to the program. This way, those who have benefited from the programs would be at ease churning in donations to a designated state kitty for funding higher education. As good as the program to alleviate students of the burden surrounding college education there lacks no stabling blocks and critics of such a move. For many years, the Republican side of politics has been advancing rhetoric’s that aim at cutting government funding on welfare programs. The Donald Trump administration believes that this strategy would invite foreigners to take advantage of the program to their own benefits. President Trump and other Republicans have not gelled well with the issue of illegal-immigration, which they say is mostly facilitated by the free services financed by citizens through taxes. Over the course of his successful 2016 campaigns, Mr. Trump promises to scrap the DACA program which allows foreign students to be able to buy more time to study and land job under work permits. The main argument driven by those conservatives is that the federal government will be account for unnecessary expenditure in promoting free education for all. However, this argument is weak and lacks any sensible, if not logical, reasoning behind it. Firstly, the students who study and eventually work in the US without citizenship pay taxes in one or another way. That way, they directly contribute to the funding of their states and federal budgets. Secondly, DACA isn’t a safe haven for hardened criminal or people whose intention is to hurt America, rather they are dreamers who would have succeeded elsewhere if it were not for their financial hardships. It is safe to say that the issue of education has been politicized for long. The high cost of college education is not only shunning away students from low-income backgrounds, rather it shuns bring minds that could have made the next biggest tech-innovation. I strongly condemn any attempts that would ensure that students are further burdened with loans. The Trump administration and the perpetrators of similar policy to outdo foreigners wish to learn at the best schools, should know that only bridges build lasting peace and prosperity, but not isolation and overcharging their own people. Knowledge is a universal concept that cannot be held inside anyone’s pockets, but it becomes only better when shared (Tooley & Dixon, 2005). Free education would not only alleviate financial burden being laid on students, but also reflect on the foundations of our nation under the pledge the founding father, Abraham Lincoln. Moving forward, I have faith and hope that education would transform to a universal idea, upon where societies will have to set aside adequate funds towards covering all the costs’ related to it. Lastly, I would like to relate my case to the concept of global economy. I think in the near future the world would have a shared economy, where every individual can have access to education, paying job, and better quality of life. I rest my case. References The Argument for Tuition-Free College [Video file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://prospect.org/article/argument-tuition-free-college Tooley, J., & Dixon, P. (2005). Private education is good for the poor: A study of private schools serving the poor in low-income countries. Washington, DC: Cato Institute.
BUSINESS LAW – BUAD 381 FINAL EXAMINATION – OPEN BOOK Using the book and class discussions, the objective for the student taking this exam is to use what was learned during class and from the reading assignments, to answer each question following the IRAC format. Additionally, the student taking this exam is expected to answer each question it its entirety, i.e. provide an answer that demonstrates that the student knows how to fully complete the legal process from beginning to end. The applicable rule(s) for each question/scenario is in the book and/or was discussed in class. Each written question is worth 50 points (5 points for IRAC, 10 points for Rule Identification, 20 points for analysis, 5 points for conclusion, and 10 points for fully demonstrating the complete legal process in the answer). The final examination is due, type-written, via email by 9:00 p.m (EST)., Tuesday, May 7th, 2018, (AND FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2018 @10 PM FOR GRADUATING SENIORS) NO EXCEPTIONS. 9:01 p.m and after is LATE as Final Grades will be submitted for graduating seniors on May 5, 2018 and nongraduating seniors on May 8, 2018. EMAIL TO ME IN WORD FORMAT TO tamal.banton@morgan.edu FACTS: On January 1, 2015, Jackson Delivery Services entered into a threeyear contractual agreement with Purple Rain Digital Company. Pursuant to the agreement, Jackson Delivery Services is required to deliver to all Best Buy stores on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. Purple Rain Digital Company pays $1,000,000.00 per month to Jackson Delivery Services pursuant to the contract. Best Buy has a 10-year contract with Purple Rain Digital Company wherein pursuant to said contract, Best Buy pays Purple Rain Digital Company $15 million dollars a year for their products that are sold in exclusively in their stores. On October 1, 2015, a 30-day truck driver strike caused all delivery truck deliveries to cease for Jackson Delivery Services, so no deliveries were made. During the strike, Houston Delivery Services, aware of the strike, hired non-union drivers and contacted Purple Rain Digital Company to perform all deliveries during the strike only. On November 1, 2015, a day after the strike ceased, a severe snow storm caused a 30-day delay on all deliveries, meaning there were no deliveries in the month of November. On December 1, 2015, the roof at the Best Buy location at Arundel Mills Shopping Center collapsed and the store was closed until January 1, 2016. Therefore, between October 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015, no Purple Rain Digital Company products were sold. QUESTION NO. 1: You have been hired to represent Purple Rain Digital Company. QUESTION NO. 2: You have been hired to represent Jackson Delivery Services. QUESTION NO. 3: You have been hired to represent Best Buy. QUESTION NO. 4: You have been hired to represent Houston Delivery Services. QUESTION NO. 5: You have been hired to represent Arundel Mills Shopping Center. QUESTION NO. 6: FACTS: You are the owner and operator of a new electronics store in Baltimore City. Your grand opening will be Thanksgiving for a preBlack Friday sale. You are selling brand new 70 inch Samsung televisions for $800.00 and the first 20 of those televisions for $500.00. Your doors will open at 9pm on Thanksgiving. You have 5 employees working at the store as cashiers and your other 5 employees working that day in other capacities, 2 of whom will open the doors at 9 pm. At approximately 8 pm, approximately 250 people are standing outside of your store’s entrance. At approximately 9 pm, the doors open and people storm your store. During the storm of people into your store, 3 people are injured. One person was injured when she fell and was trampled. The second person was in a wheelchair and was injured when they fell from their chair and was trampled. The third person was one of your employees that opened the door and he was trampled when as soon as he opened the doors, the people that stormed the store trampled him. All three persons file a lawsuit claiming negligence and/or gross negligence for the injuries they sustained. Who are they suing and what will the results be? QUESTION NO. 7: FACTS: You are the owner and operator of a restaurant that stays open 24 hours a day. On Friday night, a group of teenage patrons entered your restaurant, dined and were disorderly in their conduct towards other patrons. Your employee, Shelly, the manager, kindly asked the group of teenage patrons to leave. One teenager, Ashanti, responded with profanities to Shelly telling her that she was not leaving and threatened to “kick her ass.” Shelly, responded, “I wish you would,” at which time, Ashanti physically attacked Shelly by punching her repeatedly. Ashanti defended herself and got Shelly off of her and then proceeded to strike Ashanti repeatedly causing Ashanti to fall back and hit her head awkwardly on the ground, causing Ashanti to become paralyzed from the waist down. Ashanti files a lawsuit against Shelly and your company. What are the legal theories of the lawsuit and what will be the result? QUESTION NO. 8 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: If you file a lawsuit against someone for breach of contract and are successful at trial, you are always guaranteed to have your attorney’s fees paid. QUESTION NO. 9 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: In Maryland’s circuit court, during discovery, you can only make 30 requests for production of documents. QUESTION NO. 10 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: In a corporation, the Board of Directors is required to follow the Articles of Incorporation. QUESTION NO. 11 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: The State of Maryland is part of the U.S. Court of Appeals’ Fourth Circuit. QUESTION NO. 12 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: The State of Maryland is part of the U.S. Court of Appeals’ Fourth Circuit. QUESTION NO. 13 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: Rescission is the voiding of an offer before acceptance. QUESTION NO. 14 (10 points): TRUE OR FALSE: The purpose of discovery is to give the parties a chance to settle the case before trial. QUESTION NO. 15: FACTS: Carl Lucas is an at-will employee at POP’s Barbershop, LLC. Pops is the sole owner of the barbershop and employs Kay, J.B. and Wally. Cordell Stokes is the owner of Uptown Distributors, LLC. During their workday at POP’s, Kay, J.B. and Wally take the company van to pick up distribution items (50 boxes) for POP’s from Uptown Distributors, LLC. While picking up boxes for POP’s they also intentionally take 50 boxes of merchandise that belonged to Manny Martinez and accidentally took 50 boxes of merchandise from another customer, Misty. You have been hired to represent the legal interests of Cordell Stokes? What actions do you take on Mr. Stokes behalf and against whom? What if you were hired to represent POP’s? What actions would you take on his behalf and against whom? What if you were hired to represent Misty? What actions would you take on her behalf and against whom? EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION….the below question is for extra credit only. Not required. QUESTION NO. 1: On Monday, February 1, after a seven-day snow storm compiling up to 18 inches of snow, Tyson took his daughter, Tiana, age 7, to her elementary school in Baltimore City. Because of the number of days that it snowed, the only areas that were plowed were the roads, parking lots and some, but not all sidewalks. As did most parents that drove their children to school, Tyson parked in the school parking lot and walked Tiana to the school building using the sidewalk. While walking Tiana on the sidewalk, she ran away from him to play in the snow pile near the door’s entrance where other students were playing and building snowmen. Tyson chased after Tiana and slipped and fell on black ice on the sidewalk, fracturing his hip. USE IRAC for this scenario. QUESTION NO. 2: On Saturday, August 20th, John and Jeff purchased a food truck delivery truck for their recently started business from an auto auction in Pennsylvania. The name of their business was AB’s Food Delivery, Inc., which operates in Baltimore, Maryland. The truck was an older model white truck with no markings on the side; and because they just purchased the vehicle, they only had temporary tags. While driving from Pennsylvania to Maryland, it started to rain heavily and they were forced to the side of a road near Hunt Valley, Maryland because the windshield wipers on the van were inoperable. Thus, John and Jeff sat in the van waiting for the rain to cease. About 30 minutes prior to John and Jeff pulling over, an older white van that was reported stolen was used in an armed robbery of a bank in Baltimore, Maryland. There were 4 masked men involved in the robbery and during the escape from the bank, the armed security guard was shot in the head by the robbers. The white van was reported as last being seen headed north towards Pennsylvania. A dispatch was sent to all law enforcement officers. Officer Johnson received the dispatch and he, as were all other officers, were on the lookout for a white van with 4 masked men. While driving in the heavy rain, Officer Johnson observed the white van that John and Jeff were in pulled over on the side of the road. Officer Johnson initially drove by the vehicle and attempted to look into the vehicle and saw two people not wearing masks sitting in the front two seats. Officer Johnson could see nothing else. Officer Johnson circled back and pulled up about 50 feet behind the van. John and Jeff did not see Officer Johnson pull up behind them. In fact, both John and Jeff had fallen asleep in the van. Officer Johnson called for back-up officers by stating “possible suspect van” located; and then approached the van. When Officer Johnson walked up to the passenger’s side of the window, he tapped on the passenger’s side window with his gun drawn, which startled John, who was seated in the passenger seat. Officer Johnson instructed John to step out of the vehicle with his hands up, which John did. Officer Johnson then instructed conducted a pat-down of John for weapons and found nothing but about $5000,00 in cash rolled up in John’s back pocket in a rubber band. Officer Johnson then instructed Jeff to step across the passenger’s side of the vehicle to exit on the passenger’s side of the van. As Officer Johnson was instructing Jeff to exit, Officer Arrington pulled up and observed Officer Johnson instructing Jeff to exit. Officer Arrington pulled his weapon out and approached the location where Jeff was exiting the van. As Jeff was exiting the van, he tripped over a tool in the passenger side and fell forward towards Officer Johnson. Officer Arrington immediately shot Jeff five times in the chest. Jeff died instantly. USE IRAC for this scenario.

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Account for the abolition of slave trade and Slavery
Slave trade was one of the significant problems Africans had to go through before
gaining independence. Slave trade directly involved the transportation of Africans to America to
be sold and work in European countries. On the other hand, slavery included a system of
principles where the principles of the property of law were applied to humans. Human beings
were allowed to own, buy, and sell other individuals. Numerous attempts have been made by
different countries to stop the illegal trade, but up to the 21st century, some few states still
practice it. In Africa, Mauritania was the last country to outlaw the slave trade in the year 2007.
Despite the futile efforts to stop the business, it has been estimated that close to 45.8 million
people who have been subjected to modern slavery worldwide.
Different states joined together to set rules and acts that prevented other countries from
associating itself with the trade since it was illegal and against human rights. It started with the
British when in the year 1805, it restricted the importation of slaves who had been captured from
the neighboring colonies of France and Netherlands. Acts against slavery were established in the
year 1793 with the aim of curbing transportation and selling of human beings to act as slaves.
The Act against slavery-imposed fines to captains who opted to continue with the trade. The
royal ships which by then controlled the world seas established a West African Squadron whose
aim was to patrol the sea and arrest all captains involved in the trade as well as freeing the slaves.
An action was also taken against African leaders who defied the orders of the British council to
outlaw the trade, one of the leaders who was deposed as the king of Lagos.



Other people argued that the lobby against the trade would ruin Britain, as its economy
would collapse. Also, they claimed from a point that if Britain stopped engaging in the trade then
its rivals like the French and the Dutch would capitalize on the opportunity and therefore trade
more Africans into their respective countries and it would lead to an improved economy. Britain
so the trade legal as Africans were already engaged in the trade and enslaved each other. They
also felt that they were helping Africans who had been captured by giving them a chance to live
otherwise they would have executed. There was an argument that taking Africans from their
homes benefited them as they were unskilled, uneducated which made them unfit for any job.
Britain also argued that people who had already been captured as slaves were not ill-treated
unless they refused to work. Also supported their argument referring to the bible as it was
Many Africans were opposed to the move as most of them preferred death as opposed to
being transported. They all resisted in all manners including staging a war against the traders,
enduring arrests among others. Some Africans who were enslaved suffered a lot emotionally and
physically as they were overworked and submitted to severe punishments. The activities ...

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