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A short 3 page supplementary paper on lynchings of african americans and the national museum that was opened for them. There must be 5 references/ quotes from the article included in the writing!! This is a intro to africana studies class so it short and simple. Please have a provoking introduction that can capture the reader's eye and focuses on the struggle of the african american people during this time period and how the damage is still seen today. is a summary mixed with your own opinions and incite.

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Lynching Memorial and Museum
The act of slavery in America went on for a considerable length of time. It brought about
unknown devastation and suffering. Following liberation, a great number of black individuals
were re-enslaved through convict leasing. People from the black community were
disenfranchised and mistreated by white supremacist laws, however, nothing maintained racial
imbalance more than lynching. The act in itself was terrorism based on one's race. Lynchings
were brutal and public occurrences that damaged black individuals all over the nation and were
to a great extent tolerated by state and government authorities. Because of this, attackers enjoyed
a legal right to commit a legal wrong.

The lynching of members of the black community was terrorism, a broadly backed
phenomenon used to implement racial segregation and subordination. Numerous African
Americans who were never blamed for any wrongdoing were tormented and killed before
picnicking observers for violations such as “walking behind the wife of his white employer”
(Campbell, np). With the historical backdrop of lynching having its foundations in mob justice,
the overarching justification for the savage mercilessness that...

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