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You will need the book by Brian Tierney, The Middle Ages, Volume I, Sources of Medieval History, 6th edition (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1998) in order to answer these questions. All answers to the questions are "point of view", and must be 100% no plargerism. Your response should show evidence of familiarity with the book, so you're not using any sources or quotes from the book, youre just using the book to give you a sense of what your answer should be. PLEASE NO SOURCES or PLAGERIZED CONTENT from the internet! No need for a title page or a reference page just the questions and answer format please.

The questions are:

1. You’re off to join the new monastic orders (e.g., Cistercians, Praemonstratensians, Carthusians, etc.), much to the distress of your Uncle Albert, who is prior of a Cluniac monastery and wants you to join a Cluniac house too. Write a letter to Uncle Al justifying your choice.

for this answer, use Carthusian.

2. Pope Gregory VII and Boniface VIII meet up at St. Peter’s gate. What do they say to each other? Write a dialogue.

3. From a modern point of view, Inquisition is a dirty word; nevertheless, as one of medieval Europe's best and brightest, you became an inquisitor. Why? Justify your work to a skeptical modern audience.

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Medieval History
Question 1: Letter to Uncle Albert

Dear Uncle Albert,
Re: Reasons for Preferring to Join Carthusians Rather Than Cluniac Monastery
I received the news that you were deeply distressed by my decision to join the
Carthusians. I know that you are a devout member of the Cluniac monastery and you would have
preferred that I follow your footsteps and join the Cluniac monastery. My decision to join the
Carthusians was motivated by way of life in the monastery and its rules. I also had some
objections to the Cluniac monastery’s rules and way of life. The purpose of writing this letter is
to justify my choice for joining the Carthusians.
One aspect that attracted me to the Carthusians was the monastery’s living arrangements.
Each monk is provided in his cell where he lives alone. In the cell, the monk prays, meditates,
and writes. The amount of alone time that the monastery offers is very appealing to me. As you
know quite well uncle, I am a man who loves to have extended periods of solitude. It is in my
own company that I can think much more clearly and deeply about critical religious matters. The
Carthusians’ monasteries are located in solitary sites. This provides the silence that I deeply
crave to feel happier. The Carthusians offer meals to their monks in their cells. However, there is
communal dining from time-to-time, worshiping, and walks. The several communal activities
will cater for my need for social interaction from time-to-time.
A second reason why I prefer the Carthusians is that each monk is provided a small
garden where they can plant vegetables and flowers. The vegetables planted in the gardens are
consumed by members of the monastery when the plants are harvested. The flowers are used to



decorate the monastery. The gardening also helps the monks engage in some physical activity as
physical exercise. As you very well know, the Cluniac monastery prohibits its monks from
participating in any form of manual labor. It is argued that engaging in manual labor dirties the
monks’ hands. I do not find the Cluniac monastery's objection to participating in manual labor
very convincing. Like everyone else, monks require essential commodities such as food...

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