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All of the information you will need is attached. Very important. Use the specific website provided, otherwise the assignment will fall out of the requirements. Using this tool should make the assignment easy for you. Please remember APA format! Especially with citing within the template. Thank you.

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Unit 6 Assignment template. Please fill in the requested information. Please submit to the Dropbox when you have completed your Assignment. Pediatric Client with Acute Bacterial Sinusitis List the clinical criteria that List Criteria for List Criteria for List Criteria for must be present to support this Persistent Severe Onset of Worsening diagnosis in pediatric patients Symptoms. Symptoms. Symptoms. from newborn to 21 years of age. Categorize clinical signs and symptoms by: Persistent Symptoms, Severe Onset, or Worsening Symptoms. When would imaging studies be indicated? What is the recommended Antibiotic for Child with No Known Allergies? Provide dose, frequency, mg., ml., length of treatment, number of dosing units (i.e. prescription information). What is the second line Recommended Antibiotic for Child with allergy to PCN Provide dose, frequency, mg., ml., length of treatment, number of dosing units (i.e. prescription information). When is Referral indicated? What additional medications and or treatment strategies are recommended for treatment or symptomatic control What is the treatment change in a child with worsening symptoms at 72 hours after initiation of antibiotic When is outpatient 72 hour “observation” acceptable? What modifications would be needed for the following children: Four year old who is otherwise healthy Child with immune deficiency Child with two prior sinus infections Child with cystic fibrosis What other conditions would modify these treatment recommendations? Unit 6 grading rubric. Refer to the Assignment directions for s Instructors: Enter total available points in cell H2, and values between 0 and 4 in Content Rubric Introductory Emergent 0–1.9 2–2.9 Content Quality Student successfully completes less than 55% of the required elements. Student successfully completes 55–75% of the required elements. Resources Does not include any resources (0) or sources utilized are not relevant and credible sources of information (1). Not all sources utilized are relevant and/or credible. Writing Deduction Rubric Grammar & Punctuation Introductory Emergent 0-1 2 The overall meaning of the paper is difficult to understand. Sentence structure, subject verb agreement errors, missing prepositions, and missing punctuation make finding meaning difficult. Several confusing sentences or one to two confusing paragraphs make understanding parts of the paper difficult, but the overall paper meaning is clear. Many subject verb agreement errors, run-on sentences, etc. cause confusion. Spelling Many typos, misspelled The many misspelled words words, or the use of and incorrect word choices incorrect words making significantly interfere with the understanding difficult in a readability. few places. The order of information is confusing in several places Paper has some good and this organization information or research, but it interferes with the meaning does not follow assignment or intent of the paper. Order of Ideas & directions and is lacking in However, the paper has a Length Requirement overall organization and generally discernible content. purpose and follows assignment directions overall. APA Feedback: There is an attempt to use APA formatting and citing. There is some attempt at There are both in-text APA formatting and citing. citations and reference There are one or more listings. Citation information missing parts such as the may be missing or incorrect cover page or references list. (i.e., websites listed as inCitation information may be text or reference citations). missing. Citation mistakes There is an attempt to cite make authorship unclear. all outside sources in at least one place. Authorship is generally clear. ssignment directions for specific content requirements. in cell H2, and values between 0 and 4 in the yellow cells in the Score column. Total available points = Practiced Proficient/Mastered 3–3.9 4 Score 100 Weight Final Score Student successfully completes 76–97% of tthe required elements. Student successfully completes 98–100% of of the required elements. 90% 0.00 Supports many opinions and ideas with relevant and credible sources of information that are current. Supports opinions and ideas with relevant and credible sources of information that are current and exceeds the expected number and types of resources. 10% 0.00 Content Score Practiced Proficient/Mastered 3 4 A few confusing sentences make it difficult to understand a small portion of the paper. However, the overall meaning of a paragraph and the paper are intact. There may be a few subject verb agreement errors or some missing punctuation. There are one or two confusing sentences, but the overall sentence and paragraph meanings are clear. There are a few minor punctuation errors such as comma splices or runon sentences. Score 0 Weight Final Score 35% 0.00 A few misspelled words normally Some misspelled words or caught by spellcheckers are the misuse of words such as present but do not significantly confusing then/than. interfere with the overall However, intent is still clear. readability of the paper. 35% 0.00 The overall order of the information is clear and The order of information is contributes to the meaning of confusing in a few places assignment. There is one and the lack of organization paragraph or a sentence or two interferes with the meaning that are out of place or other or intent of the paper in a minor organizational issues. A minor way. few sentences may be long and hard to understand. Meets length requirements. 20% 0.00 There is an overall attempt at APA formatting and citation style. All sources appear to have some form of citation both in the text and on a reference list. There are some formatting and citation errors. Citations generally make authorship clear. 10% 0.00 Writing Deduction 0.00 Final Score 0.00 Percentage 0.00% There is a strong attempt to cite all sources using APA style. Minor paper formatting errors such as a misplaced running head or margins may occur. Minor in-text citation errors such as a missing page number or a misplaced date may occur. Quotation marks and citations make authorship clear. Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner
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