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I need a tutor who is an export in earth science. This is highschool level earth science so the concepts should be easy for the tutor. Many sections on attached document are labs so you will have to click on the link in the document to complete it. Please look at document before placing bid. I will withdraw if answers aren't correct. I will also give huge amount of tip if answers ARE 100% correct. Let me know if any questions.

Note: all discussion assignment I just need the actual discussion paragraph with proper information and in proper discussion format no need for the replies that may be said in the instructions. You will test specimen numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12. Link : This is the sheet that needs to be filled out the “data sheet: e69eb3fd5312ddf290c68329f/1_49838/media/3c202cfd2d9f97c0c31f1fcc6abf56544 740bed5/76003.PDF this lab will allow you to test some unknown mineral samples in a virtual online environment. You will conduct tests for hardness, streak, magnetism, and effervescence. You will need to download the mineral identification key and a blank data sheet for recording your work. Mineral Identification key link: 312ddf290c68329f/1_49838/media/e9c1ebb7042d73ddf26a167622f330f838cff957/76003.p df 7.02 Lab Introduction This activity will help you visualize some of the physical properties of soils. Specifically, you will investigate: 1. Texture: Texture relates the amounts of sand, silt, and clay-sized particles in a soil sample. Sandy soils are coarse-textured, and they feel gritty between your fingers. A soil made mostly of silt is medium-textured; it feels smooth like flour between your fingers. A clayey soil is fine-textured and it will feel sticky between your fingers.Most soils are a mixture of sand, silt, and clay and are a type of loam. Depending on where you live and the environmental conditions around you, your local soil may be sandy, silty, clayey, or loamy. 2. Color: Color is usually a result of the soil’s parent material, though it can also derive from local environmental conditions. Red, yellow and orange colors in a soil usually indicate the presence of iron. Grey colors are sometimes associated with soils that are water-saturated for much of the year. Soils very high in organic matter are usually dark brown or black. 3. Porosity and Permeability: Porosity describes the number of open spaces, or pores, between individual soil particles. Permeability describes how connected those pores are and how well water can move downward through the soil. A soil that drains water very quickly must have high porosity and permeability. On the other hand, a soil with very slow drainage (meaning that water has a hard time moving downward through it) will have low porosity and/or permeability. This is the link you can get the info from This is the sheet that needs to be filled out eba76faba45c31b0bb71/1_50582/media/622499fcd2b5d636ed84941af8f335134ff424 a9/81064.PDF This is the rubric for the lab eba76faba45c31b0bb71/media/37641e7b59aace9894a084d617224303c20938a4/712 17.PDF 7.03 Limiting factors-disc Limiting factors do not only affect soil fertility and crop production. There are common limiting factors to the growth of an individual organism as well as an entire population. Can you think of any limiting factors that may affect the growth of the human population of the United States? Post your thoughts to the Discussion: Limiting Factors link. Research Assignment: Desertification in the Sahel-7.03 • • • • Desertification is an extreme example of the problems associated with soil erosion. One of the regions where it is most problematic is the Sahel region of Africa. For this assignment, do some research on desertification in the Sahel. After your research, compile a research paper or a multimedia presentation to answer the following questions. Where is the Sahel located in Africa and how is it characterized in terms of climate and vegetation? Why is desertification taking place in the Sahel? What human activities have made the problem worse? Describe these activities and explain why they are happening. What is being done about desertification in the Sahel and how successful have the efforts been to stop desertification? Will the problem be easily solved—why or why not? • What effects has desertification had on the people of the Sahel? What effects has desertification had on the environment? This is the rubric for this assignment fb389233/media/1610b914888589fbd5b6bd0a97830241418a38d6/71143.PDF 7.04-Writing Assignment Landslide Hazards For this assignment, visit the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landslide Hazard Program and do some research on landslide preparedness. Create a safety brochure or podcast to inform people in your area about some of the things you can do to prepare for a landslide, and what to do if you are in a landslide. Go over some ways that individuals and neighborhoods can ensure safety when landslide hazards are present. Please submit your brochure or podcast to the Writing Assignment: Landslide Hazards assignment link for grading. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please see the Rubric. This is the link for the “landslide Hazard Program” This is the link for the rubric a7317ca68ad570d4/media/6e0a7421117e3dd5160b6bed082335861ea4acdd/71158.PDF Research Assignment: Your Local Watershed-8.01 • • • • You can find out the watershed in which you live by visiting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Surf Your Watershed Site. Once there, enter a U.S. zip code to learn the name of your watershed and learn about issues important to your watershed, such as sources of water pollution and civic groups dedicated to cleaning it up. After finding the name of your watershed, do some internet research to find out if there are any environmental issues affecting your watershed and answer the following questions: Into what body of water does your watershed drain? What pollutants are present in your watershed? (From the EPA main page for your watershed, click the tab that says "Impaired water for this watershed," and then follow the links to find the causes of water impairment in your watershed.) What counties and/or cities are part of your watershed? Are there any citizens’ groups involved in protecting and cleaning your watershed? If so, how can you contact them? After compiling your research, create a slideshow, written report, or engaging speech to answer the questions posed, and submit your assignment to the Research Assignment: Your Local Watershed assignment link for grading. For more information on how this assignment will be graded, view the Rubric. This is the link for “surf your watershed site” This is the link to the rubric db91861db356156f/media/7e6ff060fc29ea957d89ad6b89781b79a5594ab5/71160.PDF Discussion: River Legends-8.02 The Coyote provided the salmon in the Columbia river that the people depend on for food. Write your own legend about a river close to you and explain why the river in your area fills a certain human need. (You can visit American Rivers: River Stories to find other legend examples.) Please post your legend to the Discussion: River Legends Link: .htm Research Assignment: Rivers and Human Civilization-8.02 For this assignment, pretend you have been hired by a new museum to create a display on how rivers are important to human civilization. The museum wants you to create six separate galleries, each one with pictures and information about a different way that humans rely on rivers, or how human civilization and exploration has been affected by rivers. They also want a gallery dedicated just to displaying interesting facts about a certain river. 1. Select ONE of the rivers below and design six museum galleries for it: • Nile (Egypt) • Mississippi (America) • Amazon (South America) • Columbia (America) • Yangtze (China) • Volga (Europe) • Murray-Darling (Australia) • a river of your choice, such as one that runs through your hometown—you can go take your own pictures of it 2. Make a slideshow presentation to present the pictures and text you want in each gallery: • Have one slide for each gallery (a total of 6 slides): • four that show how the river is used by humans; • one that shows how the river has affected civilization, settlement, or exploration; • and one that shows a collection of interesting facts about the river. • Put the pictures in the main part of the slide. • In the Notes section beneath each slide, write text to describe the human need you are addressing and how the river provides or fulfills that need. Be sure to give examples and describe each one so that museum visitors understand how the river affects human civilization. Do not just say, "People use rivers for food." Give examples of foods we get from rivers, talk about how we get that food and how people use it, etc. After compiling your research, create your slideshow and submit your assignment to the Research Assignment:Rivers and Human Civilization assignment link for grading. For more information on how this assignment will be graded, view the Research Assignment: Rivers and Human Civilization Rubric. Rubric Link 7b4e5d2ef48b138a/media/b51ba932c0918370180b5f4484c0c6e4611d6667/191356.pdf Discussion: Flood Preparedness-8.03 One unfortunate result of the Atlanta rainstorm was the flooding of Six Flags right before their annual October festival. Read this news story explaining the cause of these floods. Though they may not have been in a "flood plain," this news report says that this dramatic rise in water affected homes that did not have flood insurance. These people probably did not realize it was even a possibility. Create a checklist that will help prepare your family in case of a flood emergency like the one in Atlanta. Share your checklist with others in the discussion area. Please post your response to the Discussion: Flood Preparedness link and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please review the Discussion: Flood Preparedness Rubric. Link to story: Link to rubric: e5aef94baf48833c/media/17ee507702e72a7c5019e48446932669eef417ec/ES2_7-C3_Rubric.pdf Writing Assignment: Current Flood Risks-8.03 Check out this useful weather map to see what kind of weather is happening around the U.S. right now. You will see areas under flood watch in dark green and areas under flood warning in light green. If you click any area shown to be under a flood watch or a flood warning, you will get a weather report for that area. 1. Select ONE of the flood areas on the map at high risk, read its weather report, and look around on the Internet, if necessary, to find out why that area is under a current flood risk. 2. After doing your research, create a 30-second radio announcement to warn people about the flood risk in the area. 3. Tell them the type of flood they are likely to experience, what is causing it, and how to be safe during and after the flood. Submit your radio script or podcast to the Writing Assignment: Current Flood Risks assignment link for grading.For more information on how this assignment will be graded view the Rubric. Map link: Rubric Link 55a72b5d8d4ae4c8/media/666e0aa802aa94f879341b2ce966d946064d86f0/ES2_7C15_R ubric.pdf Discussion: Preventing Pollution and Over-pumping-8.05 • • • • • Select one of the following scenarios: An auto shop worker needs to properly dispose of several barrels of used oil. A homeowner wants the greenest lawn in the neighborhood and wants to apply lots of nitrogen fertilizer. A city council is considering how many new housing developments they should allow (remember that new housing developments mean more people and more people mean more use of groundwater). A city council notices an increase in toxic urban runoff. A construction company needs to install a septic system with a new home. Do some research to find out ways to protect groundwater resources in the scenario you have chosen. A good source to check out for your research is this online groundwater pollution brochure. Write a one or two paragraph summary of your findings. Please post your response to the Discussion: Preventing Pollution and Over-pumping link and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please view the Discussion:Preventing Pollution and Overpumping Rubric. Brochure link 11bee466913dc6713/media/2748b104a79fcab6174d3f36ce275b6d1a9227b3/79525.PDF Rubric Link 913dc6713/media/38c753575d9ad424050db4cbb0b72d98ceb0c232/ES2_7-E-13_Rubric.pdf Writing Assignment: Glacier National Park-9.01 For this assignment, you will be a news reporter for a day. Your boss has asked you to prepare a travel feature on Glacier National Park in Montana. Your boss has also heard that some of the glaciers in the park are disappearing and wants you to investigate why. Create a podcast or script for radio or a slideshow presentation for TV as your news feature. In your report, include the following: • • • • Why there are glaciers in Glacier National Park, about how many years ago they formed, and about how many of them there are. What glacial landforms are found in the park and how glaciers played a role in creating those landforms. Why glaciers in the park are disappearing and to what extent this is happening, as well as an explanation of how scientists can prove that the glaciers are disappearing. What are some recreational activities available at the park and why it is a favorite travel destination. You may want to check out the U.S. Geological Survey's site on the park, or the National Park Service’s information on glaciers in the park. Submit your podcast or slideshow to the Writing Assignment: Glacier National Park assignment link for grading. For more information on how this assignment will be graded, view the Rubric. services link: Rubric link d950379758c/media/411617838378ed36b1d795882116fccf1f5d36ef/71205.PDF Discussion: Should Karst Environments Be Protected?-9.02 • • As you saw in the movie, human activities can significantly impact cave systems. But what about other parts of karst environments? Do some Internet research on how humans impact caves and karst environments by searching on the keywords, "human impacts on karst environments." Create a discussion board entry to explain some of the ways that humans impact karst environments, what is being done about it, and why you do or do not think these landscapes are worth protecting. Please post your response to the Discussion: Should Karst Environments Be Protected? link and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please view the Discussion: Should Karst Environments Be Protected? Rubric. Rubric Link c94c64bce3db1fc68/media/38e812b8b5f42c5f681958038e3b9c595a8b3321/ES2_8-B11_Rubric.pdf _________________________________________________________________________ Discussion: Controlling Coastal Erosion in Happisburgh-9.03 • • • Imagine you are a homeowner or government official in Happisburgh, England. Severe coastal erosion is tearing away your entire village. Propose an idea to control and prevent the erosion, and to save your seaside home from falling into the ocean. Try to think of an idea that will be feasible to actually carry out, and post your idea to the discussion board. Also, discuss where you think the funding for your idea should come from. Should it come from homeowners, the tax funds, or some other source? Explain your reasons. Please post your response to the Discussion: Controlling Coastal Erosion in Happisburgh link and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please view the Discussion: Controlling Coastal Erosion in Happisburgh Rubric. Rubric Link 281339af07e5fc74/media/7fcf95bf8a65bf3d0c8562cafecef534af8eee64/ES2_8-C9_Rubric.pdf Research Assignment: The Loess Hills of the United States-9.04 • • • The largest deposit of loess soil in the U.S. is in an area known as the Loess Hills. Do some research and find the following: where the Loess Hills are located the origin of the Loess Hills how the soils of the Loess Hills are used and their significance to the U.S. economy Present the findings of your research in a written report or a recorded podcast. Submit your completed assignment to the Research Assignment: The Loess Hills of the United States assignment link for grading. For information on how your assignment will be graded, see the Rubric. Rubric link 06aecdc53dd1421/media/84c65b6781cdadf36bf6e42b87ca7ca99c938372/ES28D14Rubric. pdf Research Assignment: When Will We Run Out of Oil?-10.01 • • • • • Oil resources are limited. It is really not a question of if we will someday run out of oil, it is a question of when we will run out of oil. However, predicting when that day will be is controversial, even among oil experts. Do some research on current predictions for how much longer our oil supplies will last. A good Internet keyword search could be "how long will our oil supply last?" Here is one good article to read for your research: An article from the Environmental Literacy Council After doing your research, put together a written report, recorded podcast, or pamphlet to answer the following questions: Why are oil supplies limited? How long would it take for nature to make more oil if we ran out of our current supply? • • What are some of the predictions for how much longer our oil will last? Why are predictions about the future of oil supplies uncertain and controversial, and what types of events affect future oil supplies? Submit your completed research paper or podcast to the Research Assignment: When Will We Run Out of Oil?assignment link for grading. See the Rubric for information on how your assignment will be graded. Council Link Rubric Link 04b365162f6/media/2a2e82e9d914a1b792d9f9fea038f4baaf7e6f5e/71204.PDF Discussion: Nuclear Energy-10.02 Think back on the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy and you will understand why it has been strongly debated for years. Some scientists believe we should use more nuclear energy because it produces less of the pollution associated with burning fossil fuels. Others think the risks of accidents, like Chernobyl, make nuclear energy just not worth it. And others think we should focus on safer non-polluting energy sources, like solar power and wind power. What do you think? Should accidents like the Chernobyl incident lead to a banning of all nuclear power? Why or why not? Please post your thoughts about these questions to the Discussion: Nuclear Energy link, and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please view the Discussion: Nuclear Energy Rubric. Rubric link 73d9ca50a8b0573/media/56c9cf30c22ed9d3429d45894721b4928f52d819/ES2_9-B17_Rubric.pdf Discussion: Solar Energy-10.03 What do you think? Is the high cost of constructing solar technology worth it, in light of the fact that solar energy has so little impact on the environment? Where should the money come from to finance solar energy projects, and should taxpayers be made to provide monetary support for the building of solar technologies? Share your thoughts in a discussion board entry. Please post your response to the Discussion: Solar Energy link, and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please view the Discussion: Solar Energy Rubric. Rubric Link: 322267ff131f4301/media/8d140ca8cbc8990fc13bc6e696a9c1d2d0be1a3c/ES2_9-C11_Rubric.pdf Writing Assignment: Renewable Energy Project-10.03 Suppose you are a city engineer whose job it is to explore how to use more renewable energy in your locality. 1. Consider the resources in your city and select one of the following: • hydropower • solar power • wind power • geothermal power 2. Prepare a pamphlet or multimedia presentation to convince a committee of citizens and local leaders that the renewable energy source you have selected is best for you locality. In your pamphlet or presentation include: • a discussion of the renewable energy source that is best for your town and why • a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source • a discussion of why you think your city should use more of this energy source • how use of renewable energy will impact your city • pictures and/or charts and tables to strengthen your arguments Submit your completed writing assignment to the Writing Assignment: Renewable Energy Project assignment link for grading. See the Renewable Energy Project Rubric for information on how your assignment will be graded. Rubric Link e6153d20c0de8695/media/26674251da5112b65736fe2bd5f10b8be851ac1a/71203.PDF Research Assignment: Mountaintop Removal-10.04 Mountaintop removal seriously impacts the environment, but it also brings jobs and access to coal. Coal supplies nearly half of our electrical power plants. Do some research on mountaintop removal and compile a position paper to answer the following questions: • • What are the main arguments both for and against mountaintop removal? After reviewing evidence for and against mountaintop removal, what is your opinion on it—do you favor it or disagree with it? Why do you feel that way? For your research, you can do an Internet keyword search on "mountaintop removal." You can also use the website you saw on the previous page and these two sources, which present arguments from both proponents and opponents of mountaintop removal. You can take any position you want, but be sure to support your argument either for or against mountaintop removal with evidence from your research. • Appalachian Voices -an article from a citizen’s group opposed to mountaintop removal. • National Mining Association -an article about the economic benefits of mountaintop removal, as well as discussion of the process and how sites are restored when the mining stops. Submit your written research report to the Research Assignment: Mountaintop Removal assignment link for grading. For information on how your paper will be graded, see the Rubric. Appalachian Link National mini link ts%2Fmtm.pdf Rubric link a14136bf60ee/media/4f45e7814f0f28dcb05b68780caf5de982f92020/71213.PDF Writing Assignment: A Journey Through Space-11.01 • • • • • • Write a short, creative story about an imaginary journey of an alien through space. In your story, use the following terms in a way that shows that you understand what they mean: light-year parsec parallax absolute magnitude apparent magnitude redshift Your story can be creative and fun, but be sure to include the terms above in the correct context. Submit your completed writing assignment to the Writing Assignment: A Journey Through Space assignment link for grading. For information on how your assignment will be graded, see the A Journey Through Space rubric. Rubric link 5b59c9174fda/media/47f50488bb5eeb5acb848d5f7385482d5a710dc6/Rubric_A_Journey_Throu gh_Space.pdf Project: HR Diagrams-11.02- A Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram is a tool that shows the relationships and differences between stars. For this assignment, follow these directions: 1. Print the data file so you have it handy and in front of you while you work. 2. Use the temperature and luminosity values to plot Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 stars on a single HR diagram (plot values for stars in all three groups on the same plot) using the whiteboard below. Save your whiteboard as an image and insert it into your answer sheet. For more information on inserting your diagram into the answer sheet, follow these directions. 3. Answer the questions in complete sentences and submit the completed questions for grading. Data file link 9a9381442dc6/media/0df79c305d38ddbb9a8cc7cd8809e9259165f21b/79129.PDF Direction link 9a9381442dc6/media/1d6de2b23fa228208f34b96dba16f7c4636b2cc7/Using_Whiteboard.pdf question link 9a9381442dc6/media/ceef06c42244e4b6e0a1cf5ff5de55de23342880/79153.PDF Rubric link 9a9381442dc6/media/d66c901dfe8cafe096c8a2b26ff8b7731a265270/ESB_102_projectrubric.pdf Note :contact me if there is a problem with this assignment let me know I may shed some light on this one. Discussion: Exploration of Mars-11.05 • • • Do some research on NASA and the U.S. government’s goals for sending a human to Mars. Find the answers to the following questions: What are our goals for Mars exploration (i.e. by when do we hope to reach Mars and what do we want to find out about it)? What obstacles must be overcome to have a successful manned trip to Mars? What is the scientific value of going to Mars? After doing your research, take a position on Mars travel. Do you think we should spend billions of dollars to explore Mars? Why or why not? Please post your response to the Discussion: Exploration of Mars link, and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. For information on how this assignment will be graded, please view the Discussion: Exploration of Mars Rubric. Rubric link c8339548b7e/media/2951e0277568ee8c142cb08c6fc0ab665505fe1d/191353.pdf Self-Check: Space Exploration-11.05 Review your understanding of the history, benefits, and risks of space exploration by answering each question. Type your response to each question and then click to see sample answers. 19546f4c6f/media/93240fd74cca8de5f860247aa3eda46c91ddb0a2/79116.PDF

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United States Limited Factors Threat
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Limiting Factors that may affect the United States Human Population Growth.
Limiting factors are influences in the environment that dampers communities, organisms,
or populations productivity and thereby restrain them from their full biological potential
achievements realized only under optimal conditions. Ecologically, no society can grow minus
limitations. Population densities and growth can be influenced by many factors.
(Robert Paxton, 2017) Believes that overall growth of human population may also be
threatened by other humans. Vital resources such as food and water are the source of indirect
competition from a group of people who are habitats of the same region. The United States
human population continue to be threatened by warfare. For example, the threats coming from
the Islamic nations.
Dependent Density Limitation
Density-dependent factors include predation, disease, and competition. In the United
States, these factors can either have a positive or negative influence on the size of the population.
Hen the relationship is positive, the limiting factors increase with the population size, and as the
population size increases, they limit growth. On the other hand, when the relationship is
negative, there is low-density population limitation, and as it grows, it becomes less limited.
Migration and population mortality can also be affected by density-dependent factors. CluttonBrock et al. (2002) discovered the effect of density-dependent in a red deer population in a
highland within Scotland.



Density- Independent Limitation
(Sibley & Hone 2002) Defined population decrease factors as environmental stress that
includes, predation, food, and other density-dependent factors. Population in the United States
may be affected by these density-dependent factors such as climate extremes. Some of them
include monsoon, other catastrophic factors like hurricanes and fire.(Schindler, 1974)
demonstrated, using controls and whole-lake temperature, that phosphorus was the temperature’s
growth-limiting factor in North American lakes.
Catastrophes related to environments such as earthquakes, floods, volcanos, and fire can
affect the population growth strongly. This can happen through habitat destruction and mortality.
In 2005, for example, the coastal region of the Gulf of Mexico, southern United States was
impacted by hurricane Katrina altering coastal vegetation habitat as more than 5 centimeters of
sediment was deposited over the wetland zone. (Day et al. 2007) Nearly 100km of wetland got
destroyed, converted to open sea, erasing wetland vegetation. In 2010, there was Gulf oil spill
again impacting the coastal vegetation. This environmental disaster of high magnitude will
profoundly affect human population growth in the long term.



Paxton, R. (2017, April 24). Factors which have Limited the Growth of the Human Population.
Retrieved from

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