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Research 4 current (2010 or later) academic scholarly peer-reviewed articles about what it takes to be great leader in an organization. Reflect on your learning in a 5-7 page APA paper. No quotes. Paraphrase and cite. Do not use first person pronouns. Include reference page

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Running Head: LEADERSHIP


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Leadership in an organization is a crucial factor that impacts how the staff activities
increase productivity. Active leadership assists in avoiding perils that come as an organization
does what is required in achieving set goals. It is one of the strategies of success. Wilson et al.
(2010) illustrate that lack of leadership brings slow process or stagnation of daily activities and
loss of focus on set goals, which has dramatic effects on an organization. Leading requires a blend
of skills that come from personality traits coupled with abilities to strategize and act as a leader.
Courageous, visionary, farseeing, cool-headed are some of the adjectives one can underscore when
describing a leader who propels an organization to great heights. Effectual leadership in many
organizations requires that persons at the helm become active in doing what is necessary for the
organization since passive leadership skills reduces a company’s productivity.
An excellent leader knows how to keep his employees focus on the goals of the
organization through proper motivation. According to Pizzo (2015), the leader instils courage in
his team, he/she is thinking of other beneficial ways of ensuring the organization external and
internal image are in tandem in advocating what the organization can do. The leader explores as
they works hard through loving what they do since they have to become exemplary to the staff.
The following are four key qualities leader has to have in doing what is required to make the
organization excel in all manner of ways.

1. Visionary leader

A leader has to know what they want to achieve and in doing so, they have to have a mental
image of what they want to attain. Then they have to stand for this vision as they work to instil
their plan for progress to the employees. Taylor et al. (2014) illustrate how the employees emulate



what characters their leader has, a leader has to work on ways making company’s policies are
engaging to the employees as they work in achieving their leader’s vision. In advocating for the
vision the leader must know how to communicate the vision to their staff so that they have a clear
understanding of what they are working towards. The Vision for the leader is a fuel that increases
the desire to achieve what the goals stipulate as they work in environments that are friendly or
unfriendly to what they want. The leader uses the vision that exemplifies the organization’s ideals
and hopes to advocate a sense of organization’s purpose. Additionally, the leader uses the vision
to give meaning to what is expected. An organizer assists those working under his/her to visualiz...

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