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I have 4 maps that need to be printed out and labeled and then sent to me as a picture. I have provided you the place names for the map.

PLACENAMES FOR MAP QUIZ #3 (Middle East and Asia ) Middle East (A termed coined by the British in WWII referring to “Southwest Asia”): Turkey Istanbul Kurdistan Kuwait Jordan Iran Iraq Lebanon Saudi Arabia Mecca Yemen Syria Qatar Bahrain United Arab Emirates Oman Beruit Damascus Jerusalem Israel Gaza Strip Golan Heights West Bank Gulf of Suez Sinai Peninsula Gulf of Aqaba Jordan River Persian Gulf Strait of Hormuz Tigris/Euphrates River Baghdad NATO’s only Muslim nation; strategic bases into M East/Russia; nonArab Constantinople was head of E Roman Empire; defeated 1400s by Muslims Includes (w/ >7mil ethnically-distinct Kurds) parts of Turkey,Irq,Syria,Irn A Middle-Eastern but non-Arab Muslim country; Persians speak Farsi 1st cities (Ur,Babylon,etc.), innovations in ag,law,religion,math (3000 BC) Home to Mecca, Islam’s most-holy site, and site of annual Hajj pilgrimage Muslims must pray five times daily bowing in the direction of this city Ancestral homeland of terrorist Osama bin Laden; ports face to Somalia HQ for US Navy’s 5th Fleet Strategic US air bases Strategic US air bases Christian/Muslim/Druze multiculturalism and thus deadly warfare Conversion of Paul, Christianity’s most-influential writer, on “Road to D” Holy city to 3 religions: (chronologically) Judaism, Christianity, Islam “a” before “e,” as “el” means “God” (e.g., Daniel = “judge of God”) Egyptian territory, occupied by Israel (semi-autonomous now w/ W Bank) Syrian territory overlooking Galilee; occupied by Israel since ’67 War Jordanian territory occupied by Israel (semi-autonomous now w/ Gaza) “Suez Canal” (into Mediterranean) makes this an exceedingly strategic site Was also on Quiz #2 (as Egypt is a part of the African Plate) Northern extention of E Africa Rift Zone, thus downdropping (assoc w/… …tectonic spreading) has produced Earth’s lowest dry spot: the Dead Sea Water temps >90oF in summer, a problem for water-cooled nuke-carriers Babylonian (Sumerian) cradle of Civilization; “Mesopotamia” to Greeks Near ruins of ancient Babylon Use (as on Q2) the “EURASIA” Map for “FORMER-SOVIET REP.S” in Middle East: Caucasus Mountians Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Evolutionary home of vitus vinifera, the wine grape Annexed by Czarist Russia in 1801; independent w/ ’91 collapse of USSR First country ever to officially adopt Christianity as a state religion Conquered by Turks 1000 years ago, hence Muslim population; oil-rich East Asia and Southeast Asia: Philippines Manila Indonesia Borneo Sumatra Java New Guinea Korean Peninsula Japan Hokkaido Honshu Kyushu Kurils China Vietnam Thailand Malay Peninsula Singapore Hong Kong Taiwan Myanmar Laos Cambodia Mongolia India Sri Lanka Nepal Bangladesh Pakistan Afghanistan Beijing Bombay Calcutta New Delhi Tokyo Ho Chi Minh City Vladivostok Himalaya Mountains Hindu Kush Mtns Tien Shan Mountains Tibetan Plateau Named for Spain’s King Philip; McArthur’s famous WWII “I shall return” Capital city of Philippines, which are a tectonically-produced “Island Arc” Most-populous Islamic country; Java is very populated; oil importer to US This island divided between Indonesia, Malaysia, and oil-rich Brunei These islands are part of an “Island Arc,” being produced tectonically… …by plate subduction (vs. linear “hot spot” island-groups like Hawaii) Island divided btwn Indonesia,Papua NG; worshipped airplanes in WWII Japanese rape thru WWII never really officially acknowledged by Japan Smaller area than CA , but 4X CA’s pop; 2nd largest economy on Earth The northern major Japanese Island; part of “Island Arc” subduction zone Largest of the Japanese Islands; “Island Arcs” are active volcanoes The southern major Japanese Island, which have 4X more people than CA Another classic “Island Arc” tectonically produced by active subduction Almost 1 out of every 5 humans on Earth is here US Cold War flare-up (1964-74) involving “Communist domino theory” Formerly Siam; only country in this area never under European control Divided btwn Burma,Thailand,Singapore; major tin and rubber production Country boundary is basically the city boundary Put the people of San Diego Co into Balboa Park: that’s HK’s pop density! Formerly Formosa Formerly Burma Kampuchea A population size approaching China’s; faster growth-rate than China Formerly Ceylon Mt Everest located on boundary between Nepal and Chinese-ruled Tibet Formerly East Pakistan 1947 split of Islamic Pakistan from Hindu India is now a nuclear arms race In 1980’s war w/ USSR, Republicans armed Jihadists inc. Osama bin Ldn Peking Mumbai Last massive earthquake was in 1923, w/ over 100,000 killed Formerly Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam Major Soviet Naval base facing US on Pacific; near Japan, China, Korea Indian/Eurasian Plate “smash zone;” 29,108 ft Everest = world’s highest Hwang Ho River Mekong River Brahmaputra River Ganges River Indus River Thar Desert Gobi Desert (Or “Yellow” River) The significance of these river systems in sustain-… …ing the people of Asia cannot be overemphazied: their flood plains… …and deltas produce the rice that feeds the massive Asian population The Ganges is the holiest river in Hinduism Like Nile and Tigris-Euphrates, one of man’s earliest desert-civilizations Or “Great Indian Desert,” which extends into Pakistan’s Indus R Valley In Mongolia and northern China; outstanding new dinosaur fossil site Use (as on Quiz 2) the “EURASIA” Map for the “FORMER-SOVIET REP.S” in Asia: Kazakhistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Siberia Caspian Sea Aral Sea Lake Baykal Site of the former-USSR’s equivalent to NASA’s “Cape Canaveral” The often-used suffix “stan” is an old Persian word meaning “home of” Or “Kirgizia” Vast region of Asia w/in Russia (Westerners extend it from Urals to Pac) World’s largest lake; internally drained, thus salty (i.e., like CA’s Mono L) Also internally drained (no stream output, only evaporation), thus salty “Baikal;” Earth’s deepest lake & greatest volume of water; new Rift Zone

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