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UNIT 7 LAB • • ONLY use the Videos to answer the questions Full paragraph in each question. Complete sentence and logical answers. All Questions please have to be answered The Sun: Crash Course Astronomy #10 1. Explain what the sun is and how it differs from other stars we see in the sky. 2. Discuss how we are able to feel the sun's heat and see its brightness? 3. Describe sunspots and how they impact the overall energy of the Sun. 4. Discuss the difference between solar flares and CME's. 5. What happened in 2012 and how does it illustrate the importance of understanding the sun and how it works? Where Are We? Solar Eclipse/Genius by Stephen Hawking
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Review Questions
1. What are the six regions of the Sun?
The six regions of the sun include;

Radioactive zone
Convective Zone
Visible surface

2. What is nuclear fusion? What role does nuclear fusion play in the Sun?
Nuclear fusion is a process in which nuclei with low atomic number fuse forming a heavier
nucleus with energy being released in the process. The process involves conversion of hydrogen to
helium leading to the production of mass energy.
3. How are sunspots and solar flares similar? How are they different?
Sunspots and solar flares demonstrate similarity due to the fact that they both occur in a
strong magnetic field. Sunspots take a longer time compared to solar flares since they last for a day
or several days unlike the solar flares which only last for seconds or hours.
4. What is a solar eclipse?
A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. Due to this...

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