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I am attaching my Topic and Thesis Statement for this, Its on Same-Sex Marraige

Options 1 & 2: Annotated Outline

Submit an annotated outline of the research project that will comprise your Portfolio Project.

An annotated outline is one that provides in-text citations of sources for each of your main topics (main points were mapped out in the Module 2 Critical Thinking Assignment) and a complete Reference list at the end, all formatted in APA style.

Make sure your outline fully supports all requirements of the Portfolio Project assignment, which can be accessed in the Module 8 folder. Note that while this Critical Thinking assignment requires that you cite at least one source for each main topic and a minimum of eight sources total, you are not required this week to include all sources that will be provided with the final version of your Portfolio Project. In other words, you may add more sources to your work prior to the final delivery of the Portfolio Project due at the end of Week 8.

List your thesis statement, claims, and evidence in the following format:

  • Thesis statement: Write your single-sentence thesis statement here.
  • Claim: Write your first claim in a complete sentence here.
    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize your source and cite it here (Sample, 2016).
    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize additional sources that support this claim and cite them here as 2., 3., 4., and so on (Sample, 2016).
    • Evidence: If you feel the need to use a quote, "add it to the list with proper quotation marks and the appropriate in-text citation containing the page, section, or paragraph number in the original source" (Sample, 2016, p. 22).
  • Claim: Write your second claim in a complete sentence here.
    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize your source here (Sample, 2015).
    • Evidence: Continue to paraphrase and summarize your sources for each claim (Sample, 2016).
  • Claim: Continue to write your claims in complete sentences.
    • Evidence
    • Evidence


  • Your annotated outline should include at least five credible sources. The CSU-Global Library is an excellent place to search for credible, scholarly sources.
  • Provide a summary, a paraphrase, and a direct quotation for each of your sources. Please identify the summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation you would like evaluated by highlighting this section of your writing.
  • Your Annotated Outline should be 2-3 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include. (annotated outline template linked below)
  • The annotated outline and citation formatting should conform with CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA.

Refer to the Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric available in the Module 4 Folder for more information on assignment expectations and grading.

Annotated Outline Template

Running Head: GAY MARRIAGE CONTROVERSY Gay Marriage Controversy Name School 05/22/2018 1 GAY MARRIAGE CONTROVERSY 2 Is gay marriage acceptable or not? The controversy over gay marriage in the USA and the rest of world continue to raise different reactions with a division of thoughts and reasoning emerging. There is a mood growing for the new development that seems to change the male-female family foundation that remains the vital tradition of the society (Winter & Sénac, 2018). However, should same-sex marriage be supported? In the USA, the cases of gay marriage have increased such that the question remains a gasp to many people. This paper seeks to look at the two sides of opinions concerning samesex marriage. The opposition of same sex in the world relies on the doctrines of the church which based on biblical teaching. Moreover, the traditions of people that only two opposite sex beings should marry. Most opposes base their arguments on the natural structure of the two different sexual beings; male and female (Brumbaugh et al., 2008). They structured in a way that is selfexplanatory, and a sexual relationship that brings the two together seems to be out of order. Furthermore, they argue that marriage of same-sex rebuked in the bible and all the unions discussed are evidently of the opposite sex partners. Christians believe that the man and woman should unite and bear children. In fact they many anti-gay supporters argue that the most pressing reason for sex is a reproduction. Thus the same sex union goes against all norms of human existence in sexual interaction. However, the increased rates of divorce cases raise the questions towards the sustainability of the opposite sex marriage making the purposes that define marriage affected (Polikoff, 2009). Despite opposition to gays having more weight than its support, those who believe in it have their solid reasons for why it should be allowed globally. The gay advocators argue that GAY MARRIAGE CONTROVERSY 3 love and honesty is the central point of any marriage relationship (Brumbaugh et al., 2008). With the ability to express love to each other, people of the same sex should be allowed to formalize their relationships. One of the trending factors in gay marriage partners is that they have many carriages to come out and declare they are in love. In fact, most of these marriages seem to more connected than the opposite sex relationships (Lipkin, 2018). However, perhaps the issue of difficulty in getting a marriage partner in such a practice makes the bond to stick rather than to waver. The gay supporters argue that all human beings have rights to make their own decisions (Brumbaugh et al., 2008). In fact, the USA which has grown as a significant land for the controversy, the several federal states have shown their recognition for the same-sex marriage through the court system. Therefore, legally, in some states, the issue of same-sex marriage is allowed (Winter & Sénac, 2018). The public opinions on the issue have led to controversy on both sides of the argument as many sympathizers of the gay marriage expose the vulnerabilities experienced in opposite-sex unions. Therefore looking into the facts of marriage, the same-sex marriage should never support in any way. The bible says that man was created by God who later created a woman to give him companionship. Thus the issue of companionship can only occur for two different sexes. In fact, the term marriage should never use about same-sex unions for several reasons (Turner, 2016). It is purposed to continue with reproduction of children and parenting them as they grow. Hence, this is case impossible for same-sex partners since biologically, there are those set processes and organs that must be present in order to have children. GAY MARRIAGE CONTROVERSY 4 If every person supported the same sex and converted to practice the controversy, the world population will not only decrease but end in less than 150 years to come. Then, one must question what the purpose of the same sex union is? As the benefit of sexual intimacy comes in, the satisfaction of a man by another man or a woman to woman scenario is a big lie in the minds of those involved (Cherlin, 2010). The controversy of same-sex unions should come to an end with a conclusion that, it is not supposed to happen, but that should not limit the light to expression. Marriage is only a man to woman companionship which targets to offer love, sexual satisfaction and most importantly to breed in a new family since it is the only way new human generations comes into existence. 5 GAY MARRIAGE CONTROVERSY References Brumbaugh, S. M., Sanchez, L. A., Nock, S. L., & Wright, J. D. (2008). Attitudes toward gay marriage in states undergoing marriage law transformation. Journal of Marriage and Family, 70(2), 345-359. Cherlin, A. J. (2010). Demographic trends in the United States: A review of research in the 2000s. Journal of Marriage and Family, 72(3), 403-419. Lipkin, A. (2018). Understanding homosexuality, changing schools. Routledge. Polikoff, N. D. (2009). The law that values all families: Beyond (straight and gay) marriage. J. Am. Acad. Matrimonial Law., 22, 85. Turner, C. (2016). Sexual Preference-And Being Out At Work: The Impact On Growth Within The Organization (Doctoral Dissertation, Mercer University). Winter, B., Forest, M., & Sénac, R. (2018). Introduction. In Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage (pp. 1-18). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.
Running head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Annotated Bibliography – Same-Sex Marriage Christopher Battiste Colorado State University-Global Campus 06/03/2018 1 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE 2 Annotated Bibliography – Same-Sex Marriage The present annotated bibliography represents the updated evaluation of the political, social and religious implications of the same-sex marriage controversy. In this regard, it provides an overview of both the opponent and proponent positions concerning the legal and ethical aspects of same-sex marriage and evaluates its most direct consequences on the family life. The objective of this annotated bibliography is thus that of gathering the necessary information in preparation for the portfolio paper. Reference 1: Bernstein et al. (2018) I have selected this first reference because it provides an excellent perspective of the current situation and a thorough analysis of the same-sex marriage controversy. In this regard, Bernstein et al. (2018) evaluate the existing literature regarding the same-sex marriage and the different opponent and proponent movements that have evolved during the past decades in the United States and Australia. Moreover, it is noteworthy how the authors have focused on the case of Australia. Contrary to other countries like the United States or European countries, Australia has established a de facto recognition system in which the couples of gays or lesbians are automatically recognized as one single entity by the fact that they are living together. Using the Australian case, the authors highlight how marriage is no longer a necessary requisite for the legal recognition of a couple, such that gays or lesbians can live together and profit from all the benefits even while not married among them. I believe this reference is thus especially interesting as it offers an alternative solution that could potentially be accepted by both the proponents and the opponents to same-sex marriage, as it provides a common place for the agreement of both groups. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE 3 Reference 2: Dorf & Tarrow (2014) The second selected reference analyzes the origin of the same-sex marriage controversy. In this regard, Dorf & Tarrow (2014) highlight how the social movements initiated at the Universities would have already claimed the recognition of the rights of lesbians and gays nearly forty years ago. In this regard, Dorf & Tarrow claim that the same-sex marriage equality would have appeared as a counter-movement to react against the attempt of a small group of conservative Christian people that were advocating for the legal recognition of what they considered basic family values. I believe that this reference is important to understand the origins of the controversy and to better address the different points of view of both the opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage. In this regard, Dorf & Tarrow support their claim by the first declarations of the activists that would have initiated the advocacy towards the same-sex marriage. Reference 3: Leachman (2010) The third reference selected for the annotated bibliography describes supporting the previously described countermovement. However, in contrast to Dorf & Tarrow that evaluate the internal reactions of such movements and countermovements by assessing the point of view of the leading activists taking part in the campaign, Leachman focuses on the perception that the general public has about them. From this point of view, Leachman analyzes the reaction of the society concerning the same-sex marriage. Through this analysis, Leachman describes the main reasons of the people to either support or reject the movement initiated by gays and lesbians to seek for the recognition of their right to get married. I believe this reference is thus crucial for my research, as it provides an insight into the social consequences of the same-sex marriage controversy. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE 4 Reference 4: Seidman (2016) Written by a definite proponent of same-sex marriage, this reference explains why many gays and lesbians believe that it is their constitutional right to get married, as part of their freedom to chose whom to live with the rest of their lives. In this regard, by celebrating the decision of the Court of Justice in the Obergefell v. Hodges case, Seidman claims that it was necessary that the U.S. justice finally recognized the rights of the collectivity of gays and lesbians, as it had discriminated this group so far by repeatedly filing against them. I believe this reference is crucial for my paper, as it analyzes the different evidence that the proponents of same-sex marriage use to support their claim. Reference 5: Sullins (2014) I have selected this reference because it analyzes the consequences that same-sex marriage may have on the future children adopted by the couple if any. In this regard, I believe that this is an important aspect to take into account since the collectivity of gays and lesbians claims that their right to form a family includes both the possibility of getting married and of adopting children. Among the different papers I have found that tackled the issue of the impact that same-sex parents could have on the psychological development of children, I believe that Sullins (2014) provides the most rigorous analysis of the potential consequences. In contrast with other papers, Sullins (2014) uses a significant enough sample of children, which enable him to generalize the obtained conclusions to the population of children adopted by same-sex couples. I believe that the problems faced by such children are significant enough to, at least, consider them as part of the same-sex marriage controversy. In this regard, the results obtained by Sullins (2014) demonstrate how children from same-sex parents presented twice more emotional problems than children from opposite-sex parents. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE References Bernstein, M., Harvey, B., & Naples, N. A. (2018). Marriage, the Final Frontier? Same-Sex Marriage and the Future of the Lesbian and Gay Movement. Sociological Forum, 33(1), 30-52. doi:10.1111/socf.12392 Dorf, M. C., & Tarrow, S. (2014). Strange Bedfellows: How an Anticipatory Countermovement Brought Same-Sex Marriage into the Public Arena. Law & Social Inquiry, 39(2), 449473. doi:10.1111/lsi.12069 Leachman, G. (2010). Who Frames the Message? Countermovements and Public Perception of Social Movements’ Legal Agendas. American Studies, 33(1), 49-114. doi:10.18078/amstin.2010.33.1.003 Seidman, L. M. (2016). The Triumph of Gay Marriage and the Failure of Constitutional Law. The Supreme Court Review, 2015(1), 115-146. doi:10.1086/684251 Sullins, D. P. (2014). Child Emotional Problems in Non-Traditional Families. SSRN Electronic Journal, 72(9), 99-120. doi:10.2139/ssrn.2500537 5

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