Delivering Human Services: Consumers, Agencies and Communities

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In this essay you are asked to analyze and synthesize materials from your readings into a coherent whole focusing on key components of service delivery. To accomplish this goal, you should:

Review the readings and mini-lectures to ensure that you have a good understanding of their content.

Write an 5 page paper addressing the following:

  1. Summarize the thinking and processes by which human service workers identify community resources, make referrals, and reach out to the community in delivering human services. Be sure to consider the context for professional helping relationships, the agency power differential, client decision-making, worker roles, organizational structure, and leadership.
  2. The impact brokering, advocacy, mobilizing have on effective service delivery.
  3. The impact organizational structure and leadership have on effective service delivery.

You will be expected to develop a coherent discussion. Remember, the readings are the raw materials or sources of information for you to exploit. They provide you with a CONTEXT to the questions to be addressed in the paper. Remember to use all of your readings and any other source you believe will be helpful in writing the paper.

You should explain all the technical terms of the assignment such as brokering, organizational structure, leadership, etc. and cite the course texts. Footnotes (endnotes) and a bibliography are required. APA style.


Delivering human services: A learning approach to practice by Halley, Kopp, Austin is the text

What is a Community Action Agency?

Mohawk Valley Community Action Agencyopens in a new window video (2011, captioned video, 7 minutes in length)

Community Action Partnership Organizationopens in a new window

Find the CAA in Your Communityopens in a new window

Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movementopens in a new window video (2010, TedTalk,interactive transcript, 3 hours and 10 minutes in length) - with help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started.

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