Explain the combat contract and apply it to World War I or World War II, and Korea or Vietnam

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NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!! so do not come up with random dates and stats if its not stated by the book.

the paper is very straightforward, please write a 7 pages paper (cover page and pictures do not count) explaining the combat contract and apply it to WWI or WWII with Korea or Vietnam wars using sources ONLY from Kindsvatter, Peter S. American Soldiers: ground combat in the World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. Please only write this paper if you have read or will read the book. I don't want a weak paper because the professor is a tough grader.

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Combat Contract



The United States has been part of the ground combat in World War 1, World War II,
Vietnam as well as Korea. Kindsvatter (2003) has given in-depth detail about the experience of
the American soldiers, based on their various memoirs, histories, fiction too has been applied,
studies of a psychological and sociological nature. The information is based on the training that
the soldiers have gained; the enemies encountered along the way, weaponry used in the wars and
weaponry. The focus is on both the American soldiers and the marines, all of whom have been
brave enough to fight for the cause.
The soldiers have been able to showcase their abilities in ways that have either led them to
reveal their inner fear or being able to reveal their ability to excel at it. It reveals the motivations
that the soldiers hold on to for directives in the battlefield. At the end of the day, the soldiers end
up fighting for their country, wars being fought for the sake of protecting their fellow
countrymen without a guarantee of making a comeback to the land they know and have known
for years. The book gives us an inside look at what the various wars presented, both to the
countries involved and the soldiers involved in seeing the end of the wars. In focus, it is
important to notice that these are people who have left behind their lives to move to foreign areas
and nations for the sake of people and country.
This paper will, therefore, seek to focus on two wars, World War II and the Vietnam War,
both of significance to the United States as well as people in their multiple generations. The
World War II includes several countries, and as expected the various countries involved have
their soldiers to win the battle. The American soldiers, for instance, were considered to be people
of great enthusiasm as they fought for the nation while at the same time they were considered to
have rushes of unprofessionalism.



Seeing that it is not only the United States of America in battle, Germany, Russia and United
Kingdom was also part of the war that was impactful on all involved. On this note, therefore, it is
important to note that there was a superior nature of the Germans in the battlefield which could
be seen through decentralization applied in their decision making while at battle (Kindsvatter,
At the same time, they were able to emphasize significantly on the importance of flex...

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