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Compare local and network operating system features.

Configure network operating systems.

Use network operating system tools and utilities for administration, maintenance and security.
Practice global interconnectedness as it applies to your field of study.


As the senior network administrator for Data Tech Inc. your manager has asked you to mentor two new junior administrators. These new administrators will perform administrative tasks using Windows Server 2008. You determine a simple training manual is needed.
The Windows Server 2008 textbook and your Journal documents will be resources for the manual.
Data Tech Windows Server 2008 Training Manual

Introduction: (1/2 page)
Outline the steps required to install Windows Server 2008 in a virtual environment. Include the various configuration settings and any information that explains why these settings were made.

Section 1: Server Manager: (1 page)
Explain the use of Server Manager. Add two roles the administrators will use and describe how they should be configured. Show two screen shots of two roles and the configurations. Show a screen shot of the use of the command line tool ServerManagerCmd.exe with the addition of a print server.

Section 2: Active Directory (1 page)
Describe how Active Directory is installed and how it functions. Explain the schema and the global catalog. Outline how to create a user, an organizational unit and a security group.
Show a screen shot of each of these. Explain how to reset a password. Show a screen shot.

Section 3: DNS and DHCP (1 page)
Describe the functions of DNS and DHCP in Windows Server 2008. Show a screen shot of the installation of DNS and the DNS tree. Show a screen shot of the installation of DHCP. Explain how DHCP scopes are configured for Data Tech Inc. Show a screen shot of the configuration of DHCP.

Section 4: File and Folder Security (1 page)
Explain how files and folders are protected. Include ACLs, attributes, permissions, auditing and ownership. Discuss how a network administrator verifies user and administrator actions. Discuss the ethical use of sensitive data and the review of audit logs. Show a screen shot of permissions on a folder and a screen shot of the advanced security settings for a folder.

Section 5: Disk Management (1 page)
Discuss disk management in Windows Server 2008. Include basic and dynamic disks, RAID, and disk backup. Describe how Data Tech Inc. manages disks and disk backup. Show a screen shot of the configurations of Disk Manager and a screenshot of the Windows Server Backup tool.

Section 6: Security Management (1 page)
Outline the various security features used by Windows Server 2008 to protect data. Discuss the policies used by Data Tech Inc. to ensure files are compromised by internal or external attackers. Show screenshots of three security features.

Section 7: Server Monitoring and Events (1 page)
Discuss the use of server baselines to monitor performance. Describe how Task Manager, Performance Monitor and Reliability Monitor are used. Show screenshots of these three. Discuss the use of auditing. Show screenshots of Event Viewer and log configuration.

Section 8: Conclusion (1/4 page)

Describe the importance of network administrators for Data Tech Inc. and the significance of documenting the configuration changes made to the Windows Server systems on a daily basis.

Discuss how configuration change documents ensure there is a paper trail. Conclude with the assurance that they will be successful in their positions following the procedures in the manual.
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