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If i have a prepaid card from paypal that i bought from my local CVS store, is it possible to get that money back?i have a big problem with the paypal site because of that security stuff they ask of you since February of this asked for my proof of photo ID, address, and SSN. no big deal, i got all those things. but i went to scan my photo ID and my picture only came up and they couldnt accept it, and im getting very irratated because i put $140 on that card. so i thought it might be easier just to get my money back. is this possible to get back money from that CVS store? or paypal? if not, then i need your guys' help big time. so please help me get out of this fricken crisis!!! thanks a bunch

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I you have used the card in any way, made purchases, uploaded funds, or out of time for returns there is a good chance you will "not" be able to return it. I would recommend contacting Paypal and asking them to walk you through resetting the cards features or how to go about rectifying this issue.

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