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In the entire article, Bender explains how the Americans considered themselves as superior to other nations. They traveled to other countries as explorers and adventurers and found the people going on with their political, social and economic life. The people in all nations had their culture or their beliefs and values. Thinking that they were superior to the natives, as well as considering that the indigenous people’s way of life was primitive, they convinced them to adapt to the American way of life. For example, they asked them to stop worshiping their gods and adjust to Christianity when they first arrived Korea at 1866. In India they were able to convince the Cherokees by offering them education for instance how to read and write and talking to them about democracy made the Cherokees think that the United States people were superior. The Americans occupied the natives land by first colonizing the natives’ minds and making the people think that they were more superior to them. I think people in most countries that the Americans occupied did not at first know their intention. It was much later that they realized that the Americans had grabbed their land and they had become American’s slaves or laborers. I think land occupation was the most critical factor in the United States drive for expansion according to Bender’s article. The U.S. explorers realized that other countries especially the African nations were rich for agriculture, mineral and other resources they were unaware of and unexploited. They knew the only way to exploit the resources found in other countries without having to pay them back was to occupy the land. The Americans considered themselves more intelligent than the indigenous people. They colonized their minds by making them abandon their culture and adopt the American. For example, in most countries, men engaged in hunting and fighting the enemies while women worked on the farms. The American’s convinced the men to abandon their hunting activities and work on the farms while women did domestic chores. It was now easy to occupy their land. Plates Agar Type Food Type Surface Time 1: Side A Nutrient 1: Side B Nutrient 2: Side A + Tetracycline jelly crops cell phone screen 3 days jelly drops lab table 3 days jelly drops cell phone sceen 3days jelly drops lab table 3 days jelly drops Cell phone seen 3 days jelly drop lab table 3 days 2: Side B + Tetracycline 3: Side A Blood 3: Side B Blood Nutrient Gummy bear, bologna N/A N/A 4: Control (TA) 5: Control (TA) N/A NIA + Tetracycline Blood Gummy bear, bologna Gummy bear, bologna 6:(TA) ΝΙΑ NIA Draw out how you set up your experiments using the "plates" below: A 3 AB cell phase table cell phone table. table Nutrient Agar (NA) NA+Tetracycline Blood Agar The te ft. RECORD A HYPOTHESIS AND PREDICTION FOR YOUR 5-SECOND RULE EXPERIMENT - MAKE SURE ANY LOGIC ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR EXPERIMENT IS INCLUDED. ase hypothesis : cell phone there more bactersia on our lab experienman table than my ste phone scene pediction : aut lab table will have more bacteria. 31 Assignment - Lab Report Make sure each of the bold parts below are used as section headings in your lab report. The writing should be in a 12 font double-spaced and should not be longer than 4 pages (including the tables). Remember to consult the rubric at the end of this manual and the feedback your TA gave you on the first lab report. Assignment: Lab Report (75) Title (make it specific to your experimental question) Introduction In one paragraph include the following: • Provide at least three pieces of background information about bacteria. This information should be relevant to your hypothesis. Cite outside sources! • Explicitly state the hypothesis and prediction of your microbiology experiment. • Use one or two sentences to connect your background information with the importance of your hypothesis and your prediction for the experiment. Materials and Methods • Include table showing how you set up your experiment. • In a few sentences describe how sampling was done and the conditions of incubation. Results (you need figures, tables AND text) . Include the total number of colonies, and total number of different types of colonies that grew on each of the agar plates. Distinguish between growth on nutrient agar, blood agar and agar + tetracycline. Organize your data into tables!!! • Include descriptions comparing your experimental plates to the control plates. • Include descriptions and conclusions about the type of hemolysis you observed on the blood agar plates. • Include drawings or pictures of agar plates (including control plates). • Describe what the bacterial growth looked like on each of the plates in general terms in paragraph form • Refer to your drawings, figures and tables in your results text. Discussion • In 2-3 sentences, summarize the purpose of the experiment based on background information that you researched. • Describe how the results supported or refuted your hypothesis and prediction. Refer to data from the results to do this. You may also need to explain why results were inconclusive. (1-2 paragraphs). • Describe any problems with observing and quantifying the bacteria colony growth on the different plates. • How do you think the properties of the food you tested affected this experiment? What other factors affected the results of this experiment? If you could repeat your experiment, what would you change or improve? (three sentences total) • Different species of bacteria have growth requirements that are specific to their needs. Their needs BIO-100: Great Experiments in Biology, Lab Manual 66
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According to biology, bacteria are a member of a large group of small organisms
(prokaryotic microorganisms) that have cell walls without organelles and an organized nucleus.
on their background information, bacterial have several characterises that make distinct from
other organisms. According to their background information, bacteria are very small in size or
microscopic. This means that they are not easily observable unless one uses the microscope.
Food dependence is another major characteristic of bacteria. All the other organisms live on
other food sources or by their own. But bacteria rely on several modes of obtaining food
including synthetization of their own food e.g. plants. Other bacteri...

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