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i work with group and the professor ask me to write contributions paper to what i did i want to you to write 1-2 page

i attached the power point slide of what my group did my part was Job Growth

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Authors Nasser Alohali Rayan Abdulrahim Devin McCoy Ibrahim Almoharib Ahmed Babkor Salary, Job growth, Work Environment and Duties of Book Authors Who are book Authors? ▶Authors- they are creators or originators of any written work ▶They develop contents for various types of media including: ▶They either write books , plays, magazine, television scripts, movie or blogs ▶An author is also a writer. What one needs to become a writer or an Author? ▶One needs to have a college degree in the following areas: English, communication or in journalism. ▶These requirements are for full time authors and writers. ▶Writing experience can also be gained through experience or through internship. ▶For one to become a writer, they should have good communication skills especially in writing. Work Environment for Authors ▶Writers and Authors do not have a specific place of work. ▶They may work in a office, at home, or anywhere else provided they have access to a computer. ▶According to the Bureau of labour statistics two out of three authors were self-employed in the year 2016. The Pay for Authors and writers ▶ According to the bureau of Labour statistics... ▶ The average annual wage for authors in 2017 was $61,820 ▶ Paid at an average rate of $29.72 per hour Job Growth ▶The following are some careers that a writer or an author may advance to: ▶Editor- editors plan and revise content for publications and review articles ▶Reporters or broadcasters- report news for newspapers, televisions, radios, or websites. ▶Technical writers- develop, gather, and disseminate technical information through a communication channel of an organization. References Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Writers and Authors, on the Internet at (visited May 30, 2018). Kwanza Dixon • Aspiring author • Media Student at CCBC • Novice Author Dr. R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy • Professor at City College in New York City. • Author of “Inequality in the Promised Land.” • Veteran interview
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Authors- Reflection


Authors- Reflection

The discussion on authors and writers was fascinating as a group project. However,
individual contributions were central to the entire project since participation is seen as the key to
personal growth. In the presented project, I was responsible for the last item which was the job
growth. When working on job growth, my main focus was to outline the various options
available for authors to grow pr...

I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton!


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