Children and Technology

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1. Argumentative essay no less than five pages in which the writer takes a stance on technology and children and provides three or more supporting points as support.

The thesis states the main point of the essay, which in this case, would be a statement affirming the impact of technology on children today.

This essay must include no less than EIGHT citations from:
ONE of the assigned background materials(links belo0 and
ONE additional credible and reliable source selected by the student.

Citations are to be a combination of direct quotations and paraphrased quotations with or without the author's name.

2. After reflecting on “The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child” and “Is the Internet hurting children?" write a well-organized and well-supported essay on technology and children.

3.Clinton, C., & Steyer, J. (2012). Is the Internet hurting children? CNN. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from

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Rowan, C. (2013, May 29). The impact of technology on the developing child. The Huffington Post. Retrieved February 19, 2014, from

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The Impact of Technology on Developing Child
Unlike children in the modern times, children in the old days used to play outside and
were in contact with other children in the neighborhood. In the past days, children would play
games on the playgrounds, ride bicycles and play ball games enabled them to become more
creative and imaginative. “Household chores were assigned to every member of the family, and
this acted as the bonding time with the other members of the family” (Rowan n.p). Family meals
were taken together in most homesteads, and the family would share their experiences and this,
in turn, enhanced the human interaction in the society. However, as time changes, technological
advancements have been unveiled and incorporated in the lives of many children. Modern day
children have eliminated physical play because there are highly reliant on technology. The
substantial celebrated milestones in technology bring with it adverse effects especially among
children all over the industrialized countries.
"Technology has taken over the role of human interactions." Modern day children see no
need of having a sensitive touch with their peers, and this diminishes their capacity to form and
establish stable relationships in the future. According to Rowan (n.p), ‘lack of physical exercises
increases the physical disorders like obesity among the children.’ Human contact is a good
aspect which helps in the healthy development of a child. It is unhealthy for a child to spend
most of their time on social media sites. The more the use of social media and other internet
sites, the more the chances of the child becoming addictive to technology. The impacts of


frequent technological use on the health and development of a child can be severe and shocking
at times. Parents, guardians and even the teachers need to limit the amount of time the children
spent on the internet. The milestones have come with the realization that, technology indeed
hampers the normal social development of children especially those in the developed and the
developing countries. Rowan affirms that "children's developing sensory, motor and attachment
systems have biologically not evolved to accommodate this sedentary, yet frenzied nature of
today’s technology (Rowan n.p).” therefore, a child’s growth and development should both be
dependent on technology. Parents need to create time and take their childr...

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