Project Management Objectives

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The details of the project are in the attached file. I'm looking to fill in the information below with the information in the attached document. One page for the objectives and one for requirements.

Project Objectives

[This section will be used to identify project objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to the project, and time-bound. Objectives should relate to your group project; not the organizational goals and objectives.]

  • [Project objective that is unique to your group project.]
  • [Project objective that is unique to your group project.]
  • [Project objective that is unique to your group project.]
  • [Project objective that is unique to your group project.]

Project Requirements

[Describe the requirements of the project – these requirements will help your project team to measure the success of the project. NOTE: Requirements will characterize or define your project deliverables – these are not project activities.]

  • [High-level project requirement that is unique to your group project.]
  • [High-level project requirement that is unique to your group project.]
  • [High-level project requirement that is unique to your group project.]
  • [High-level project requirement that is unique to your group project.]
  • [High-level project requirement that is unique to your group project.]

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You are responsible, as a project manager at World Bank, to allocate appropriate budgets to disperse a loan amount of $7 billion over a 3-year period for Zambia. The rate of interest on the outstanding amount of loan is 5% per year, and the loan should be paid back within 10 years. How would you strategize your expenditure plan for an acceptable return on the loan within the initial 7 years? Following table indicates the major areas/divisions which can use the loan. In your opinion, what would be the best strategies in dispersing this loan? Explain the reasoning behind adopting your strategy and indicate your suggested $amounts for each column in the following table, reflecting your anticipated return to pay back the loan, and hence the cash-on-hand strategy for the country. Please complete the table, and show a Gantt chart of tasks to be performed, including your initial survey, monitoring tasks, the cash flow over the initial 7-year period, indicating the thresholds you would like to see on your Chart. Assumptions: Targeted number of employees that can be expected to contribute in paying taxes per year are reflected in the table below, once appropriate industries are established to generate local jobs. NOTE: For tax purposes you need to consider the effect of cumulative employments generated. Expected Tax Revenues from each employee is anticipated to reach $5000 per year. According to SBA, for every $100,000 additional investment or loan, a company can generate about 10 extra jobs, one year after investment. For every $100,000 investment in the industries, government can expect to earn at least $4,000 tax revenues/year from the companies (Corporate taxes) one year after investment. Loan Disbursement & Repayment schedule 1st Year Expected Disbursements: 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year TOTAL Education & Training programs Health care facilities & Services Roads & Communications Railways & Transportation Investment in Technology & Industries Food commodities Clothing Infra-structure: Water, Electricity & Sewer Systems Overhead & Administration Total Projected Expenses: Expected Revenues: Number of Additional Employees Generated in industries Toll Services Income Taxes Corporate Taxes (Estimate) Total Revenues: Starting Cash Amount Spent Interest payments Loan Re-payment 50,000 120,000 160,000 180,000 Net Cash-On-Hand Requirements: Phase I – Budget & Cash Flow; Phase II – Time Line of events; Phase III – assess personnel need, estimate cost of implementation & monitoring for the entire project to completion. Professor Notes: Pick a country based on what their resources are and invest money in their industrialization to help their people (We’ve chosen Zambia) Identify 5 industries within their country (Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Construction, Textiles) Industry and infrastructure go hand in hand Based on the need of the country create an infrastructure. Create jobs for the people and they will be able to take care of needs. Start from industrialization. Loan can begin to be repaid in the 3rd year. Pay interest as you spend not interest on the entire $7 billion Using 4.7 billion for industries, remaining balance roads, transportation, establish 1 port for textile or agriculture, clinics (2 hospital 30-40 million, infrastructures, establish 1 university (15 million) and 3 to 4 tech schools 2 million (do not start all at the same time, can provide Primary 2 to 3 million (6 classrooms, 2 offices, labs) Start with industrialization Borrowed 7 Billion from WB, you’re generating taxes based on the assumption after 2nd year. Taxes are added to the $7 billion after 2 years you get $11.2 to $11.5 billion to spend. 3rd year repayment of loan Start with Industry first First 3 years finish school First 2 years finish hospital Road can continue for 5 years Show the schedule Project managers-Jr project managers report to (office, home, • • • • • • • 5 industry project managers Hospital Road Rails and Ports School project managers Training for a couple of months (Jr/local managers report to main Project Manager) Report to US Project Manager once a month or whatever you decide 6/5/2018 Professor Notes Scope-->Work Breakdown Structure • Work must be in proper sequence from start to finish 6/12/2018 • • • Timeline should be worked on for next week Estimated cost • Direct Cost & Indirect Cost • The cost may change based on the usage, individuals hired, and hours worked Timeline should be as short and effective as possible
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Project Management Objectives






Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to be able to serve the community in the best way

possible. The program will be designed in such a way that will ensure all the people involved in
the program have the necessary knowledge that is needed in developing good mechanism in
eliminating poverty.

Target resources that would help the communities both in obtaining economic growth and

equity. This will be achieved by targeting specific populations that will help in solidifying nation
building a key issue in obtaining economic growth.

Come up with sectoral spending patterns that will be able to clear state the total spending on

important public services such as educ...

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