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Hello guys, new to the forums,

I have been trying to figure out something for years now and i hope i can get the help here from you fine people.

This twitter account called SAFDAlert<---Click it for link] Has there system set up so when ever this page SAFDCalls<----] Chows more then 10 under # of Units it automaticlly getys tweeted out!!! Now i have no idea how that is set up, but i will be open to anything please and thanks guys

-Thanks Edward Esparza-


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There is twitter API that can do this. Of course, it requires you to set it up and hard code some of the minor stuffs just to get the API work.

Now, on the active fire accidents, you will have to store them in database. Once stored in the database, the script responsible for showing the active fire accidents should execute the twitter API, ONLY AND IF the count is EQUAL to 10.

That's pretty much I can say for a dollar :) .

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