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Mgt. 360 Quiz 3 (Chaps. 9 & 11) Please choose the ONE best answer for each of the multiple choice questions below. 1. In this chapter, diversity is defined as ______. a. representation of some groups of individuals b. incorporating individuals into a group or organization c. the amount of difference among members of a group or organization d. valuing differences between groups 2. What are the core dimensions of diversity? a. age, ethnicity, gender, and race b. mental/physical abilities and characteristics c. sexual orientation d. all of these 3. Inclusion is about the ______ incorporating the opinions of the ______ and giving voice to the people who are seldom heard. a. majority; minority b. minority; majority c. oppressors; oppressed d. oppressed; oppressors 4. What is the process where those from different cultures were expected to adapt to and, in many cases, adopt the customs of the majority group? a. pluralism b. differentiation c. inclusion d. assimilation 5. A workplace environment that recognizes the holidays of different cultures without giving up identities, customs, and traditions might be taking this multicultural approach? a. assimilation b. differentiation c. pluralism d. none of these 6. The current approach to diversity acknowledges differences among people and values those difference by ______ them into an organization. a. assimilating b. segregating c. integrating d. none of these !1 7. What are the opposing needs that social psychologist argued are at the core of belonging to a group? a. to assimilate and be included b. to assimilate and differentiate c. to assimilate and be included and to assimilate and differentiate d. none of these 8. ______ represents people who feel they are insiders and in the organizational ingroup but their unique characteristics are not really valued by the organization. a. Exclusion quadrant b. Differentiation quadrant c. Assimilation quadrant d. Inclusion quadrant 9. ______ represents individuals in a group or organization who feel left out and excluded; they do not feel a part of things and they do not feel valued. a. Exclusion quadrant b. Differentiation quadrant c. Assimilation quadrant d. Inclusion quadrant 10. ______ describes individuals who feel they belong and are valued for their unique beliefs, attitudes, values, and background. a. Exclusion quadrant b. Differentiation quadrant c. Assimilation quadrant d. Inclusion quadrant 11. What are the levels of systems of inclusion? a. societal and interpersonal b. organization and individual c. leadership and group d. all of these 12. In looking at the inclusion experience, individuals can ask which of the following questions when looking at feeling safe? a. Do I help others feel physically and psychologically safe? b. Do I help others feel like they are a full member of the group? c. Do I help others express opposing opinions without fear of negative repercussion? d. all of these !2 13. Which of these statements apply to prejudice? a. a largely fixed attitude held by an individual about another individual that is based on faulty data b. thought of in the context of race or ethnicity c. applies in areas such as gender, age, and sexual orientation d. all of these 14. When an individual labels a group of individuals as the same at the expense of recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, it is called a ______. a. ethnocentric view b. prejudice c. stereotype d. none of these 15. In embracing diversity and inclusion, leaders must ______. a. address the barriers of prejudice, ethnocentrism, stereotypes, and privilege within an organization b. take a critical look at their own biases c. address the barriers of prejudice, ethnocentrism, stereotypes, and privilege within an organization; and take a critical look at their own biases d. none of these 16. Relying on others is an example of which characteristic of conflict? a. struggle b. interdependence c. feelings d. differences 17. Content conflicts involve struggles between individuals who differ on issues such as what? a. policies b. procedures c. rules d. all of these 18. Two people having disagreements because of a personality clash is which type of conflict? a. relational b. procedural c. substantive d. goal !3 19. Joining a fraternity or sorority is one example of how to receive which issue of relational conflict? a. esteem b. control c. affiliation d. equity 20. When managing conflict, what is inherently increased due to channels of communication remaining open with others? a. understanding b. control c. esteem d. affiliation 21. Which method for negotiation emphasizes deciding issues on their merits instead of haggling? a. bartering b. principled negotiation c. differentiation d. fractionation 22. At its core, why should separating people from the problem help manage conflict? a. People are not capable of looking at problems without relating them to past experiences. b. People and problems do not need to be separated because that is unrealistic and will only lead to additional problems. c. Doing so allows people to work together to overcome objective relationships and focus on the problem. d. Doing so allows people to work together to overcome subjective relationships and focus on the problem. 23. After discussion, a professor decides to allow students to have their highest test grade count twice instead of having to take a final. Which principle of negotiation is on display? a. separate the people from the problem b. focus on interests, not positions c. invent options for mutual gains d. insist on using objective criteria 4 24. Why do Fisher and Ury insist on using objective criteria? a. Objective criteria is not needed; subjective criteria should be used instead. b. Using objective criteria is more efficient and will save both parties time. c. The goal in a negotiation is to reach a solution based on principle and not on pressure. d. It provides a fair playing field for each member involved in the conflict. 25. What is differentiation? a. using objective criteria to efficiently facilitate conflicts in a timely manner b. a process that helps participants define the nature of the conflict and clarify their positions with regard to each other c. the technique of breaking down large conflicts into smaller, more manageable pieces d. communicative attempt to establish or maintain one’s self-image in response to a threat 26. How does fractionation facilitate a better working relationship between participants? a. It speeds up the process thus creating happiness for the participants by having more free time to spend on their interests. b. It simplifies and specifies the issues at hand. c. It allows all participants to spread their blame onto others and maintain a positive image. d. It uses objective criteria making it easier to decide on a clear winner. 27. What is face saving? a. attempts to establish or maintain one’s self image in response to threat b. breaking down large, complex issues into smaller, more manageable issues c. physically showing up to undesired meetings of co-workers to show support of others d. taking on the blame of a group onto a single individual 28. What is a patterned response or behavior that people use when approaching conflict? a. conflict resolution b. conflict definition c. conflict style d. conflict interpretation 5 29. Adam is working on a project for his supervisor with an approaching deadline when a colleague requests his help with a trivial project due in a month. Which conflict approaching style should be embraced in this example? a. differentiation b. competition c. accommodation d. avoidance 30. Taylor puts Harry’s needs before hers when they are producing the employee schedule for their retail store. Taylor does not receive any benefit from doing so. Which type of conflict approaching style is displayed by Taylor? a. avoidance b. collaboration c. compromise d. accommodation 6 ...
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