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Assuming the role of the principal, explain how you would intervene with each student in a way that would affirm the student’s dignity and respect while addressing the adverse situation. How would you work to develop an effective educator relationship with this student in order to help them? Who would you involve in this situation? Explain how your approach will help to promote or maintain the safe school culture for which you have been striving. Is substantive and evidence based

Only pick two students from the attachments its a printout of each scenario below

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Grand City High School: Intervention and Prevention: Greg Wilkins Grand City High School: Intervention and Prevention: Greg Wilkins Program Transcript NARRATOR: On Wednesday afternoon, Greg Wilkins-- as a joke-- stole the gym teacher's car and drove around town. Greg was apprehended by the police after a student informed the principal about the car being stolen. Greg returned to school two days later. The principal has asked Greg to meet with him to discuss the situation and to devise a plan for Greg to follow the rules and be successful in school. The principal begins the conversation asking him, "Greg, why don't you tell me what happened?" GREG WILKINS: I thought you knew all about what happened with the gym teacher's car thing. All right. Well, my gym teacher's a jerk. But he has a sweet car, and he left his keys in it. And I saw that, so I waited until he went inside and I hopped in and I went for a short ride. It was nothing much. But I shouldn't be in trouble. The guy left his keys in the car. And if it wasn't for that one jerk who told on me, I would have pulled it off. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Grand City High School: Intervention and Prevention: Ariana Jones Grand City High School: Intervention and Prevention: Ariana Jones Program Transcript NARRATOR: Ariana arrived at school late and went directly to second period. Last evening, she was punished by her aunt after she snuck out of the house and was caught by the police drinking at the local park. During second period, she was disruptive and tried to convince two other students to cut school with her. When they refused, she got angry and called them stupid. Her teacher, Mrs. Fields, asked her to be quiet, and the response Ariana told her no, and that she was fat and should not be teaching. Mrs. Fields called security and asked them to escort Ariana to the principal's office. On the way, she met her favorite teacher, Mr. Hernandez, in the hallway. She yelled to him, I'm in trouble again! Can I talk to you later? Mr. Hernandez told her to speak with the principal and perhaps they could talk later. A few minutes later, Arianna was meeting with the principal. He received the information from the teacher about her behavior in the classroom, but had no data on what occurred last evening. He has met with Ariana on several occasions due to her behavior. He considers his approach and engages her by saying, "Ariana, this is the third behavioral referral this month. How can I help you? What is going on with you? Tell me." ARIANA JONES: I hate being here and I hate talking to you. This is worthless, and you're stupid. There's no point to this because you don't know anything about me and I'll never tell you anything about me. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Grand City High School: Intervention and Prevention: Tanya Cruz Grand City High School: Intervention and Prevention: Tanya Cruz Program Transcript NARRATOR: Tanya is an affable young lady who enjoys her friends in the classroom and typically likes her teacher. She has attention deficit disorder because of this condition she has a difficult time focusing in class. She is easily distracted and she will shout at her teacher if she becomes frustrated. Today Tanya was sent to the guidance office to meet with her counselor after she had shouted at her teacher who simply asked her to turn in her homework. The class began to laugh at Tanya and she began to cry. Tanya's homework was incomplete because her parents were unable to help her in completing her assignments. The counselor has asked the principal to join her and Tanya in her office because of the behavioral referral Tanya received today. She would like to collaborate with the principal to determine strategies that might be helpful for Tonya to be successful and reduce her behavioral referrals. TANYA CRUZ: Ooh, I used to have one of these action figures at home. That's cool. Have you ever played Halo? How about Grand Theft Auto? That's another of my favorite games. Do you have any good games we could play here? TANYA CRUZ: Yeah, well I wish I would never have any more homework. And I wish my parents would get off my case about playing too many computer games. And I wish I could be invisible and get away with whatever I want without annoying anybody. TANYA CRUZ: Yup, no more homework the rest of my life and my life would be like way better. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 ...
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Tanya Cruz
Affirming dignity of a student is a crucial aspect in building relationship bridges and
narrowing the rifts between the student and the school administration personnel. As the school
principal addressing Tanya’s adverse situation, I would capitalize on the positive side of her
personality by trying to engage with her from the perspective of the things she likes doing. This
will help me set the right atmosphere that will dispel potential frustration on her side and then
approach the issue from a point of understanding between us. In essence, getting hold of her
attention by including in the conversation, the things that excite her is a crucial element that will
prolong her span of attention during the conversation. In order to develop an effective educator
relationship with this student, educators must have a good understanding of nature and behavior
patterns of the student as well as elements within her social environment that will trigger a given
reaction. They will need to be ...

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