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Submit an MS Excel spreadsheet with your cost estimate for the following items:

  1. Interiors
  2. Furnishing and equipment
  3. Service systems
  4. Site work
  5. Substructure
  6. Shell and roof
  7. Special construction

Use the above breakdown more as a guide rather than an exact structure for your estimate. It is not intended to limit the cost breakdown structure for your estimate, so feel free to use your own breakdown for preparing your estimate.

In addition, provide a two-page narrative to briefly describe the scope of work, the steps you took to prepare your rough order-of-magnitude estimate, and basis for estimate (assumptions, inclusions, and exclusions of the cost estimate).

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Running head: RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE RFP Proposal Response Jason Morneau Colorado State University: Global Campus Fundamentals of Construction Management: CMG300 Michael Bienvenu 6/17/2018 1 RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE 2 RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE COVER LETTER Mr. Joseph Miller- Director, The Downtown Residential Limited Company, Request for proposals for the Downtown Residential Project, Saint Street, Suite 400 RE: J.M Design and Construction RFP application With this letter, J. M design and Construction Company is pleased to submit its application to the Downtown Residential Company for the residential project request dated 20th may 2017. In addition to downtown company’s mission to offer diverse, comfortable and livable building designs, we offer to bring high-quality unique design. Our proposal will bring a unique H-shape structure with two living spaces connected by a foyer and other numerous unique structures. The enclosed materials demonstrate expertise and ability to meet the clients’ priorities for individual development as J.M design and construction has a history to a superb performance in similar and different projects. Key strengths of the team include; • Secure and complex financial sources • Understanding the importance of high-quality designs has attracted awards for the business. • Periods of experience and reputation in keeping project deadlines RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE 3 The company has extensive experience in collaborating with associates and partners in desirable projects and look forward to adding the downtown company on our list. Thank you for the opportunity to submit the proposal and we look forward to collaborating in this development. Do not hesitate to contact me regarding the project and the proposal as well. Sincerely, J.M Director- J.M design and Construction Company TEAM MEMBERS Principal project manager- JM associates  Street- 22 East Mifflin Street, Suite 1001  City- Boston  Email:  Years in business- 25 Owner/developer- JM design and Construction Company  Street- 75 Birch Lane  City- Shelburne  Email: RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE  Years in business- 25 Architect/engineer: Fiorentino Group architects  Street-500 Washington Avenue S Suite 1080  City- Portsmouth  Email:  Years in business- 20 General contractor- Senta Construction Agencies  Street- 324 E Wisconsin Avenue Suite 710  City- Boston  Email:  Years in business- 30 RESUME JM design and construction have a vision oriented development in commitment to provide a high quality urban residential and commercials as well with the belief that healthiest neighborhoods are comprised of mixed designs, types and leveraged financial tools. We are motivated by what competitors view as obstacles since our expertise allow us to see solutions. The team is envisioned, smart and innovative in developments and collaborations supporting legal compliance, asset management, and other departments. Our motivation is long term and holds hence becoming the industry leader and top partner. Market Specialties • Adaptive reuse 4 RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE • Rehabilitation • New projects 25 years of expertise • Development • Designing • Feasibility and financial analysis • Asset management • Site analysis Rewards • Lifetime achievement award- MTP design model • 2016 Presidents Award - Preservation Alliance of New England (JM) • 2015 Vintage Building of the Year - Paper Box Lofts/Boston Apartment Owners and Managers Association The company has a number of departments; 1. Development: led directly by the principal Joseph Miller and has proven a long track record of financial leveraging projects and strong relationships with various parties including the government. Key staff: Joseph Miller, Ross Barkley 5 RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE 2. 6 Portfolio, asset management, and compliance: this department is made up of specialists with knowledge of management with low incomes at market rates and covering each segment special needs. Key staff: David silver, Christian Woodward 3. Construction and facilities management: the team has been most essential in projects completion and continued management of portfolios led by a team of engineer, contractors and asset managers. Key staff: Matt Richie, lion Sergio PROJECTS ASSOCIATES Fiorentino Group Architects designs are well recognized as the national leader in designdriven constructions fully integrated to urban styles through research and practice. The business demonstrates wealth to clients through design expertise and sensitivity and interdisciplinary skills. Fiorentino Group believes housing is the primary source of new development and from this integrated belief; it’s a cross-pollination of sustainable designs, quality assurance, and superior construction management. The business has excelled in various types of designs since birth. Collaborative designs with Senta construction bring the project interest at stake. Senta believes high quality stands for itself and puts an extra effort in diligent planning, smarter preconstruction, creative problem solving and laying efficiency in preconstruction phase. The company is governed by excellence, the relationship is driven, integrity and enriching lives as their core values. Senta understands when the downtown company relies on outside labor; this RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE means loss of control and higher risks especially asset management liabilities. Therefore, the business ensures reliable and professional labor throughout the project that provides maximum control over service and quality, scheduling and safety. PROPOSED PROJECT CONCEPT JM design and construction associates have a core commitment and ability to create impactful developments for the satisfaction of individuals and an image of the neighboring. The firm is excited to propose a two in one mixed project for the residential building to promote diversity, facilitate comfort and streamline indoor activity. Project snapshot The construction project will have two floors on one side of the house and a cathedral ceiling on the other half. The house will have unique features as it will be two separate living rooms separated by a foyer. There will be a grand courtyard when entering the house and also give a secluded back patio departed by three sides. As you enter the Complex, on the left, there will be two story living area composed of 2- 2 bedrooms, 1 ½ bath apartments, an office and a laundry room. From the right, there is a single story/ cathedral ceiling area which will feature a communal family room, kitchen, and dining. The room will be considered a great room because there will be no walls separating the three rooms. Overall the house will take the shape of letter H. JM’s company vision is to create a trans-oriented residential building which will expand down the street in a place with immediate access via buses, bike lanes, and sidewalks. The demographic profile is tailored to an urban living allowing high income and middle-income residents to live downtown. A tremendous amount of research will consider goals of the 7 RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE 8 downtown company and most necessary goals of the individual when designing and developing the new building. The 2 story side will consider neighbors interests in terms of height, massing, and circulation. Thus, the project will; • Enhance livability and comfort • Support diversities • Support families with children PROJECT TIMING RFP August 2017 Site Overview May 2018 Construction financing October 2018 Permanent financing November 2018 Construction Project Start November 2018 Occupancy certification May 2020 Construction complete May 2020 Cost certification July 2020 Full residence September 2020 PROJECT FINANCIALS FINANCIAL TOTAL COST PER UNIT Construction costs 988,544 494,272 Professional services 952,263 476,131 RFP PROPOSAL RESPONSE 9 Construction Financing costs 349,973 174,986 Permanent financing costs 103,227 51,613 Developer costs 554,686 277,343 TOTAL 2,948,693 1,474,346 In addition to incentives in case of any will be adjusted at the time they have been received. Running Head: FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Fundamentals of Construction Management (Outline) Jason Morneau Colorado State University: Global Campus Fundamentals of Construction Management: CMG300 Michael Bienvenu 6/24/2018 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 2 Fundamentals of construction management (Outline) Background of the project The project in this context revolves around the desire to come up with a modern house comprised of various features of the latest designs. The owner of the project requires a company that can implement the latest designs to deliver a high-quality product that includes various unique features of a residential house. JM Design and Construction company promises in their response to deliver a product that meets the customer`s needs and desires. The firm projects to deliver the end product in the form of an H design house. In this design, the company suggests that it will build a two-floor building on one side while the other one comprises of a cathedral ceiling. The company claims that it will separate the two portions with a foyer. The part with cathedral ceiling comprises of a single-story building which includes features such as a standard living room. Other features included in the part revolve around unique dining and also the kitchen. Considering the first part that comprises of a two-floor building, it will comprise various features such as a courtyard, living area on both floors, two bedroom, and bathroom apartments. Constructing this building will require the efforts of the various professionals and also sufficient finances. Project players’ information This project will require the interaction and collaboration of diverse teams of experts. JM Design and Construction will seek the services of Fiorentino Group Architects which will help in the development of high-level designs for the proposed building. Staff members such as Matt Richie and Lion Sergio will act as the ultimate construction managers. From the asset management and portfolio side, the parties given the respective responsibilities include David FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 3 Silver and Christian Woodward. Finally, the parties responsible for development include both Joseph Miller and Ross Barkley. Financing Focusing on the financing perspective of the project, it follows that JM Design and Construction Company will provide all the required material to the project. The company developed a list of all the required material and their associated costs with regards to the proposed building. These costs include but not limited to the finances used to construct the building which amounts to $988,544, payment to the various players topping up to 952263 and also the remunerations to the developers of $554,686. Other costs include permanent and also construction finances which include $103,227 and $349,973 respectively. The construction processes Completing the project will require the teams to follow a set of pre-defined steps. These steps will enable the company first to outline the project, break down the entire piece of work into smaller portions and units, assign each team and professionals their respective roles and responsibilities and also but not least, conduct an assessment of the progress made with time. The construction of the building will start with the primary site viewing. This task will enable the respective teams which may include personnel such as surveyors to perform an analysis of the location where the company intends to construct the building. Site overview involves multiple tasks which in the long run enable the owner of the building to understand the basic geography of the area and the possible benefits or challenges that may arise in the future. The second task involves the provision of the relevant finances by the respective bodies. These finances will include both the construction based and also permanent costs. After securing the necessary FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 4 finances, the PM will initiate the project. The start of the project after the construction company receives the necessary funding among other requirements. After the construction teams finish building the facility, they will need to obtain the relevant certificate that signifies the safety of the final product. The other step involves the completion of the project officially. The other task includes the verification of the respective costs and finally the occupation of the residents. Project progress This part outlines the various timeframes concerning the different tasks that the project manager and teams will use in the completion of the final building. The construction will start with the collection of the request for proposal from the qualified company. Subsequently, this is to the provided documentation happened on August 2017. Secondly, the tasks of viewing and performing the relevant analysis of the location to construct the building according to the documentation provided happened on May 2018. Both construction and permanent financing will happen in October and November 2018. The construction teams will initiate the process in November 2018 while the inspection of the occupancy level of the building will happen in May 2020. The project will officially come to a close on May 2020. After that, the tasks of verification of the costs for the project will happen on July of the year 2020 while the final residence will occur on September of the same year. Project bidding process and financing process Selecting and allocating the construction project to the desired company must happen by following the various requirements laid down in the contract laws (Leśniak & Plebankiewicz, 2013). The bidding process requires that each of the potential suppliers submit their responses to the RFP as provided by the owner of the building. The owner of the project, therefore, selects FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT and awards the contract to the firm that qualifies by meeting the set standards and also requirements. 5 FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT References Leśniak, A., & Plebankiewicz, E. (2013). Modeling the decision-making process concerning participation in construction bidding. Journal of Management in Engineering, 31(2), 04014032. 6 ...
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Running Head: CMG 300


CMG 300
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CMG 300
CMG 300
Based on the previously presented project proposal, the construction of the entire
building will cost around $3,045,000. However, this construction will only take into account the
building of the desired structure. Some of the activities that the project team will undertake the
construction of the underlying structure. However, the initial piece of work does not include the

allocation for the purchase and installation of the required equipment, furniture and also the other
relevant accessories. The project owner in allocating the budget only considered the construction
of the building and not the purchase of any other accessories. As a result, the completion of the
project will force the owner to allocate an additional budget to cater for the inclusion of all the
various accessories an...

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