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The early Earth's interior underwent the process of differentiation. What did this result in? The lack of a magnetic field. The Earth's interior is unique among the planets. A dense core and a less dense mantle and crust above. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 21 점 Which region of the Earth's interior appears to molten (liquid)? Outer core. Crust. Mantle. Inner core. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 31 점 Why does the Earth have a magnetic field? A molten metallic outer core and fairly rapid rotation. The Earth's interior is completely molten throughout. There is a large iron meteorite in the Earth's mantle. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 41 점 What characterizes a shield volcano? It is formed by tectonic motions. It erupts briefly and is then dormant forever. It forms above a geological "hot spot." 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 51 점 What happens when two tectonic plates collide? Both of these can happen. Mountain ranges can form. Subduction can occur. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 61 점 Which region of the Earth allowed most of the carbon dioxide gas to be removed from its atmosphere? Magnetosphere. Mantle. Hydrosphere. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 71 점 Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth's temperature would be: much hotter. about the same as it is now. much colder. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 81 점 Which major gas in the Earth's atmosphere today is mostly the product of life processes? Carbon dioxide. Oxygen. Nitrogen. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 91 점 Almost all of the Earth's atmospheric gasses lie in the: mesosphere. troposphere. stratosphere. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 101 점 Which part of the Earth's atmosphere protects life on the ground from most of the Sun's ultraviolet (UV) light? Ionosphere. Ozone layer. Troposphere. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 111 점 What can we sometimes observe in the sky as a result of Earth's magnetic field? Thunderstorms. Meteor showers. Aurora. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 121 점 At which phase(s) of the Moon would the Earth's tides be the smallest? Both first quarter and third quarter. Both crescent and gibbous. Both full moon and new moon. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 131 점 Which of the following is NOT a factor in determining whether a body in the solar system has an atmosphere? Rotation. Escape velocity. Composition of atmospheric gasses. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 141 점 Why does the Moon have a near side and a far side? The Moon does not rotate. It rotates two times for every three orbits of the Earth. It rotates once in the same time it takes to orbit the Earth. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 151 점 If you were on a lunar base on the near side of the Moon, what would the Earth appear to do in your sky? It would rise and set due to the Moon's rotation. It would always be invisible. It would remain nearly motionless and go through phases. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 161 점 Why does the Moon undergo synchronous rotation? Tidal forces from the Earth. Tidal forces from Mars. Tidal forces from Jupiter. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 171 점 What are the maria? Oceans of liquid water. Regions where dark material settled onto the Moon's surface. Lava floodbasins. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 171 점 What are the maria? Oceans of liquid water. Regions where dark material settled onto the Moon's surface. Lava floodbasins. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 181 점 Where are the maria on the Moon located? Mostly on the near side. Uniformly distributed on both sides. Mostly on the far side. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 191 점 How do the lunar highlands compare to the maria? The highlands are due to volcanism while the maria are not. The highlands are more rugged, more heavily cratered, and older than the maria. Unlike the maria, the highlands fomed from tectonic activity. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 201 점 What has created most of the craters seen on the Moon and Mercury? Volcanism. Tectonic activity. Meteorite impacts. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 211 점 Which type of feature is the best evidence of volcanism on the Moon? Rilles. Rays. Scarps. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 221 점 What do we call the layer of dust on the surface of the Moon? Lithosphere. Meteoroids. Regolith. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 231 점 Which theory about the Moon's origin is most favored by astronomers today? Impact. Capture. Fission. Coformation. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 241 점 What causes Mercury's spin-orbit coupling resonance? Tidal forces from the Sun. Mercury's elliptical orbit. Both of these are factors. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 251 점 Which planet has the biggest temperature variation from noon to midnight? Mercury. Mars. Venus. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 261 점 How do the densities of the Moon and Mercury compare? They have virtually the same density. Mercury is more dense than the Moon. The Moon is more dense than Mercury. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 271 점 On which object are the Caloris Basin and the Weird Terrain located? Mars. The Moon. Mercury. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 281 점 On which planet are Ishtar Terra and Aphrodite Terra located? Mercury. Venus. Mars. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 291 점 Why are Venus and the Earth often called sister planets? Their magnetic fields are similar. Their atmospheres and rotation rates are similar. Their sizes and masses are similar. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 301 점 To date, what are the only spacecraft to land on Venus? ESA's Giottos. Russian Veneras. NASA's Vikings. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 311 점 Which orbiter to date has given us the best maps of the surface of Venus? Magellan. Pioneer. Voyager. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 321 점 What appears to be the cause of the craters seen on Venus? They are the result of tectonic activity. Most are volcanic in origin. Most are the result of impacts. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 331 점 What are the largest volcanic structures seen on Venus? Coronae. Shield volcanoes. Lava domes. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 341 점 Why does Venus lack a magnetic field? Its nearness to the Sun. Its very slow rotation. Its thick atmosphere. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 351 점 How does Venus rotate? Very fast and prograde. Very fast and retrograde. Very slow and prograde. Very slow and retrograde. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 361 점 What gas is the atmosphere of Venus mostly made of? Carbon dioxide. Nitrogen. Oxygen. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 371 점 What has happened to the surface of Venus due to its runaway greenhouse effect? It is much colder than the Earth. It is much hotter than the Earth. It is hotter than the surface of the Sun. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 381 점 The clouds of Venus contain a lot of what? Nitric acid. Carbonic acid. Sulfuric acid. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 391 점 What two properties of Mars and the Earth are similar? Size and mass. Length of day and tilt of rotation axis. Magnetic field and atmosphere. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 401 점 Why was August of 2003 such a fine time for Mars observers? Mars was closer to the Earth than it has been for thousands of years. The Mars rovers were sending back images. Mars was brighter than Venus in the sky. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 411 점 Which astronomer reported seeing "canals" on Mars? Lowell. Galileo. Cassini. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 421 점 What features can be seen on Mars with telescopes on the Earth? Dust storms. Polar ice cap changes. Both of these can be seen. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 431 점 On which planet is Valles Marineris located? Mercury. Venus. Mars. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 441 점 Which of these is the largest shield volcano in the solar system? Maxwell Mons. Olympus Mons. Prometheus. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 451 점 Why does Mars appear noticeably reddish in color? Iron in rocks have oxidized over time. Sulfuric acid rain etched red color into rocks. Rocks have eroded due to dust storms. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 461 점 There is evidence that Mars had surface liquid water in the past, yet we observe non today. What happened to it? The water vapor was all lost into space. The atmosphere thinned and cooled, then water vapor froze into the polar caps and permafrost. Carbon dioxide dissolved into the water, forcing it into surface rocks. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 471 점 Which hemisphere of Mars appears to be older? The southern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere. Both appear to be the same age. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 481 점 Is there definite proof that life has ever existed on Mars? Yes. No. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 491 점 Why is the magnetic field of Mars weaker than the Earth's magnetic field? The core of Mars contains less iron than does the Earth's core. Both of these are likely the reason. The core of Mars may no longer be molten. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 501 점 Why is it believed that Phobos and Deimos did not form with Mars? Their composition is very different from that of Mars. They are irregularly shaped. They are much younger than Mars. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 511 점 What types of planets are Jupiter and Saturn? Superior terrestrials. Inferior jovians. Superior jovians. Inferior terrestrials. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 521 점 What causes both Jupiter and Saturn to be noticeably oblate? Their rapid rotations. Their strong magnetic fields. Their large sizes. Their great masses. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 531 점 Jupiter and Saturn are less oblate than they should be. What does this imply about their interiors? They most likely have water cores. They most likely have gaseous cores. They most likely have rocky cores. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 541 점 How does the mass of Jupiter compare to that of the rest of the solar system? Jupiter has about one half of the Sun's mass. Jupiter is slightly less massive than Saturn. Jupiter is over twice as massive as the other planets combined. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 551 점 What do we call the dark bands encircling Jupiter? Zones. Stripes. Belts. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 561 점 What Jupiter's zones most likely made of? Ammonia ice. Water ice. Dry ice. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 571 점 What most likely causes the changes seen in Jupiter's bands? Oblation. Zonal flow and differential rotation. Jupiter's magnetosphere. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 581 점 What is the largest and longest-lived storm system ever seen in the solar system? The Great Dark Spot. The Great Red Spot. The Great White Spot. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 591 점 What is the source of Jupiter's excess energy? Gravitational energy leftover from the planet's formation. Decay of radioactive elements. Helium rain. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 601 점 What could Jupiter become if it had over 80 times the mass that it currently has? A star. A terrestrial planet. An asteroid. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 611 점 What does Jupiter possess because of its liquid metallic hydrogen and rapid rotation? Large storm systems. Its strong magnetic field. Noticeable bands. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 621 점 What do the magnetic fields of Jupiter and the Earth share? Fields that extend inward all the way to the Sun. Similar field strength. Atmospheric aurora in polar regions. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 631 점 Which moon in the solar system is the most volcanically active? The Moon. Titan. Io. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 641 점 The surface of which moon of Jupiter most resembles the pack ice of our Arctic Ocean? Europa. Ganymede. Io. Callisto. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 651 점 Which of these is the largest moon in the solar system? Titan. Triton. Ganymede. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 661 점 Which Galilean moon has the oldest, most heavily cratered surface? Ganymede. Callisto. Io. Europa. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 671 점 How was the ring of Jupiter discovered? When Jupiter occulted a background star. By telescope observations long ago. In an image taken by Voyager 1. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 681 점 Which planet is the least dense? Uranus. Earth Jupiter. Saturn. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 691 점 Which astronomer discovered that Saturn was encircled by a ring? Cassini. Herschel. Huygens. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 701 점 What happens in a small telescope when Saturn is at an equinox? The rings disappear from view. The rings are easiest to see. Saturn is invisable at every equinox. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 711 점 The atmosphere of Saturn is composed mostly of: hydrogen and helium. carbon dioxide and nitrogen. methane and ammonia. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 721 점 Why does Saturn radiate more energy into space than Jupiter does? Helium rain gives off heat at it differentiates towards the center. Saturn has more leftover heat from its formation. Saturn's clouds contribute to a large greenhouse effect. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 731 점 What are Saturn's rings? A solid disk of rocky material. Small, icy particles in orbit around Saturn. Disks of liquid helium. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 741 점 What did the Voyagers discover about the main rings of Saturn? There are hundreds of moons in the rings. They were significantly thicker than had previously been thought. They are composed of tens of thousands of ringlets. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 751 점 Why do the rings of Saturn exist? The gravity of Titan confines particles to their orbits. The ring material lies within Saturn's Roche Limit. The particles have not yet had time to form a moon. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 761 점 Why are Prometheus and Pandora called shepherd satellites? They are a case of one moon orbiting another moon. They confine particles into a narrow ring between them. They follow the precise orbit of a larger moon. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 771 점 What is unique about Saturn's moons Janus and Epimetheus? They orbit in the main rings. They are coorbital moons. They are in a polar orbit. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 781 점 Which of Saturn's moons is seen to have jets of water ice erupting through fissures on its surface? Rhea. Enceladus. Titan. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 791 점 The atmosphere of Titan is composed mostly of: hydrogen. nitrogen. methane. 이 문제에 플래그를 지정 질문 801 점 The surface of which moon appears to have lakes of liquid methane? Triton. Tethys. Titan.

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