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Be sure to rely on the stories for support by using details and quotations to explain your ideas/response. In each response, reference at least ONE literary craft element in your response (i.e., character, theme, point of view, symbolism, tone etc) to support/develop your ideas. You are also required to make use of no fewer than THREE scholarly sources in this week's Complete. I recommend using one source per question.

Read these short stories.

O'Connor, "A Good Man is Hard to Find"
Walker, "Everyday Use"
Welty "A Worn Path"
Kaplan, "Doe Season"

Answer these three questions.

1. What does it mean to be a "good" man and a "good woman" in "A Good Man is Hard to Find?"

2. Select three key symbols in "Everyday Use." How do they differ in the way that Dee and her mother understand them?

3. Show at least three moments along the way when Phoenix might have abandoned her mission in "A Worn Path." In your response, explain the relationship between the symbolism of 'a phoenix' and how that relates to the protagonist's determination and resilience?

***At least 400 words per question and 3 scholarly sources ****

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Literary Analysis 1

Literary Analysis
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Literary Analysis 2
What does it mean to be a "good" man and a "good woman" in "A Good Man is Hard to
In the book “A Good Man is hard to find”, the theme revolves around evil and good with
Jesus as the main allusion to give a clear meaning of the term a "good" man and a "good
woman". Generally, the author of the books is keen on alluding the behavior and action of the
characters in the book to depict what a good man or a good woman ought to look like (O'Connor,
2015). Apparently, it seems that all these characters are neither good nor evil but bear certain
deformities that disqualify them from being regarded as being a good man or a good woman.
Therefore, what it means to be good" man and a "good woman" is being without any deformity
and having perfect traits like those of Jesus which are far from any evil acts.
Neither the grandmother nor Misfit or any other character in the book qualifies to be
either a good man or a good woman because they have certain negativity and views everything in
the society to have defects and deformities (O'Connor, 2015). Despite the fact that grandmother
has certain belief that Misfit qualifies to be a good woman, Misfits of the opinion that she ought
to have someone to shoot her every day of her life to become a good woman. This means that to
be "a good" man and a "good woman" one must be corrected and subjected to monitoring and
check so that only the good thong and devoid of any evil cats are left to thrive in the person.
Every person seems to realize that neither of the characters in the book qualifies to be
"good" man and a "good woman" due to their selfishness. Grandmother's false claims of piety
show that indeed no person is a good man or a good woman and nobody seems to be what he or
she claims to be. "A good" man and a "good woman" must, therefore, be devoid of acts of
decency and must portray the traits of Jesus Chris as a true child of God. To be “a good" man
and a "good woman", one must be prompt and show goodness inside him or herself so that the

Literary Analysis 3
people around him or she can easily relate with...

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