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A position in sports requires a depth of sports knowledge and understanding, education, and experience, as well as a vast number of responsibilities. One of the best ways to learn more about the area of sports management and sports in society is to talk with someone in the field.

For this assignment, contact an athletic director, recreation manager, YMCA Director, or someone who runs an athletic department. If that person is local, please schedule a time and date to meet with this person for a personal interview. If the individual is not local, you may use Skype, Join Me, Zoom, or any other conferencing type application or even speak with the person on the phone, if necessary.

Create at least 12 questions to ask this individual (at least one question per topic) from the following sport-related topics:

 sport management theories,

 responsibilities and duties,

 best practices in sport,

 ethical issues in sport,
 globalization of sport,
 media in sports,
 sports and the economy (money and power),
 religion in sports,
 politics in sports,
 gender equality in sports,
 race and ethnicity in sports, and
 children in sports.
Please provide the answers to the questions you ask the interviewee, and include a section that discusses how this experience has helped you in your educational journey to better understand sport management and best practices in sport.
You will be expected to follow APA style and format for this assignment. Include the following elements in the assignment:
 Title page: Include the assignment title, the name of the school, and your name.
 Introduction: Introduce your interviewee and describe he or she title/position for the purpose of this assignment.

Body: List the questions and responses from your interview.

Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion wrapping up the elements of the interview, including how this experience has helped you in this section.

Reference page: If you use content from the textbook, be sure to include this as a source in your reference page.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages, not counting the title and reference page. Use APA format for your paper, including all references and in-text citations.

Example: How to cite a personal communication source:

T. S. Smith (personal communication, January 20, 2016) content …


Content … (T. S. Smith, personal communication, January 20, 2016).

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Andro Williams Interview Athletic Director W.S. Neal Highschool 6-30-18 Q- As an Athletic Director what are your responsibilities and duties? A- First and foremost is to manage all of the extracurricular activities within the school system. Making sure to give every student athlete a chance to play and perform at their best. I’m also the head football coach as well but my overall goal is to make sure all the programs and kids under my watch get the best shot to succeed. Q- how long have you been an AD A- 13 years Q- Are there any ethical issues that concern you? A- I think ethical issues going on now were the same ones that was going on years ago. It doesn’t bother or concern me because I can only control my actions. I can only try influence other colleagues and student athletes to have good ethical behaviors and practices. Q-Do you think the media these days is beneficial? A- Media can be a positive thing or negative in just life period. In sports it is the same way. I just wish things that were positive were shown in the media more than thing that are negative. Q-How do think the globalization of different sports have affect this country? A- People from all over the world are now playing basketball at higher levels and not just here in the states. Baseball has always been a lot more global than the other major sports here in the states. I think it is extremely positive to diversify things. Q-What is the effects of money in sports? A- Well places with more money have better facilities, equipment, and just better things in general. Now that doesn’t mean that money leads to a quality program as far as winning is concerned. I’ve coached against dome schools that had more money than my program and I’ve been successful against them. So money at high school level leads to nicer things but not always to wining. Now professionally, more money leads to nicer things and better players. So that will most of the time have effect of wins and losses. Q-Religion in sports is it bad of good for the game? A- I think that boils down to the individual and their own personal beliefs. It’s beneficial in my life. I don’t place my beliefs on my student athlete but I think it’s a major aspect of my life. Q- Politics in sports A- I think people should have the ability to express themselves as they wish. I don’t have to agree with their views or beliefs but they should be able to do so. Q-What role does race and ethnicity come into effect in sports? A- Well race has always played a role in sports in America. Think about the Negro League in baseball and the assumption that a black person couldn’t play the quarterback position in the NFL. Minorities have always been viewed differently in sports. On the field if it’s a person of color is playing on the team you like then it’s a good thing. Playing in the south I’ve experienced and seen racism firsthand. My thoughts are be the best version of you that you can be and the rest will take care of itself. Q- How Is gender equality in sports? A- It’s kind of like race in the fact that most people have always believed that a woman is less talented than a man. Take the NBA and WNBA if they both started at the same time then I think they would be on a more level or closer playing field but that is not the case in this country. The marketing for the two are drastically different as well. If you don’t follow the WNBA, you couldn’t tell me popular players in that league but everyone knows who LeBron James is. Q-Do you think children are better in sports now than in years pass? A- Absolutely they are more advance as with technology and things like that. However, the fact that kids want to spend more time inside the house using all this technology we now have in return has hurt them some. Q-What are some good practices to implement as a coach and administrator? A- I’m a coach at heart so I’ve always wanted people working with me to have a team mindset. Because if we can have that kind of mindset then as we all pull our weight and responsibilities then we can all experience success. If one person is lacking on their duties and responsibilities, then we all will not succeed like we should. So teamwork is the most important practice to me. ...
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A moment with Andro Williams
Institution Affiliated




Andro Williams is a veteran coach and sports director whose successes came through
a resounding decade-long service at Linden High School. Linden recorded the most wins ever
under his leadership as a head coach. Williams resigned in early 2017 to join Class 4A W.S.
Neal at a similar capacity. His is one of the biggest names in the game and I was lucky to
speak to him about matters coaching and sports directing. The following is an interview with
Williams carried out on 30th June 2018.

The interview
ME: What are your roles and duties as an athletic director?
AW: My duties and roles are varied but the most important is to plan, coordinate, direct,
evaluate, and initiate all the extracurricular activities in the school. I also facilitate these
activities and ensure every student has a chance to showcase their talents at a professional
level. I am th...

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