Anthropology Essay 1-3 pages

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Ive uploaded files to chapter 10 also instructions .

max 3 pages at least 2, provide examples and details

Then do a key words list , list of 7-10 key words or short phrases that would give the potential reader an idea of what the article is about . dont define them or anything just list them, shouldn’t take more than 2 lines

keys words also have to show up in essay

dont evaluate if the author is correct or not, tell me what the author is saying , no plagiarism.

you can quote , not big ones,

the only place i want your opinion is at the end ( 2 sentences) what did you think about the quality of the writing, was it easy or hard to read, redundant? what did you think of the quality of the writing, just a statement, a lil info on why you think that,

also a statement on the idea of the chapter, not if its true or not but something about the wiring of the piece ( 2 sentences ) don’t use the word "I"anywhere unless its in these 2 statements your doing.

just represent the ideas of the author

times new roman font size 12 no paragraphs necessary just one full essay.

no separate cover page

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