Convert Blog to Website?

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How to convert Blogspot Blog into Website?

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Final Answer

1.First login to your blogger account. Then select the blog which you want to customize (if you have more than one blog)
After it click on Setting at the left bottom corner.

2.After it in the Blog Address column, click on Add a custom domain link.

3.Now click on Switch to advanced setting. And type the desired standard url (in www.ur url format)

4.After typing url click on setting instruction. If it ask for Leave this Page then click on leave this page.

5.After doing it, a new page will open ask you to select domain type, then select top-level domain. When you select top-level domain, it will ask to add 2 CNAME and 4 A-record in you domain registrar control panel. Just login to your domain registrar account and add the record shown by setting instruction.

After adding records wait for at least one hour to update your DNS setting then return to your blogger account Setting>>Basic tab>>Publishing>>Add a custom domain>>Switch to advanced setting , then type your standard url (www.your url format) and click on Save button.


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