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Resources: Week 3 Social Media Marketing Plan presentation and the Social Media Marketing Plan Template

Complete and submit the Social Media Marketing Plan Template using 750 to 1,400 words based upon your company of choice. A separate written paper is not required.

Provide a strategy and objective for your plan and include the following:

  • Define key messages to reach your target audience
  • Determine five key influencers Note: Make sure you know what an influencer is!
  • Describe tactics that will appeal to your key influencers

Include a proposed timeline with measurable and tangible metrics for measuring success, and include plans for any adjustments that may need to occur.

Include at least three references. Perform scholarly research. Go beyond class textbooks and company information.

Answer the following: Chapter 24 begins by offering the observation that some individuals are hesitant to jump into the social media marketing world. At this point, you have to recognize it takes effort and activity. If you don't try, you'll never be successful or even know what you could have accomplished. You can visualize or create the best strategies and tactics the world has ever seen or imagined. However, if you don't actually even attempt an implementation, you'll never know what you could have achieved.

Are you afraid of possible failure, criticism or even success? If so you're your own worst enemy blocking a path to potential learning, progress and exceeding your goals.

Class: What are your next steps? What action will you take? How will you overcome your own fears?

NESTLE Social Media Marketing and Public Relations Plan By: Michael Mayberry MKT/443 Richard Farrell 6/26/2018 Nestle Social Media Statistics Products • The products offered by Nestle include bottled water, confectionery, pet foods, baby • • • • foods, snacks, ice cream, breakfast cereals, dairy products, snacks, coffee and tea, and frozen food. The company operates in 194 countries, with around 447 factories operated by 339,000 employees. The company has differentiated its products to different market segments. It also serves consumers from different age groups from babies to adults. Finally, the prices of products vary depending on the region the company is operating. Nestle Subsidiaries Consumer Targets • Nestle targets customers using based on weather, whether summer or Winter, that is Nestle Ice and Nestle Classic. • Also, it targets consumers from different age brackets by offering different products to each age segment. Its products can be used by babies, youths and adults. • Nestle has managed to effective segment it market from low income earners to high income earners. Further, the company offers its consumers products based on lifestyle and personality. • The social media strategy targets youths and adults who frequently use social media and the internet in general. Babies are not in a position to act as potential targets though they can be reached through family members. Persona for relating with Consumers • The persona should be able to understand and respond to customer issues accordingly. • The persona must have a strong grasp of where customers are likely to spend time online that is pages visited and social media platforms used. • They should be able to write personalized content and emails that designed in such a way that they can connect to the target audience. • Also, the persona should keep up with latest social media trends in order to understand the needs and wants of the customers. • Solving Customer Problems • Use of the social media strategy by Nestle will ensure authentic connection and • • • • relationships with the consumers. This main problem to be solved by this strategy is customer satisfaction. Through social media, Nestle is able to come closer to the customer despite the disparity in distance. It is also easier to determine the opinion of the customer because of the efficient communication offered by social media platforms. Finally, it addresses better service delivery to customers because it makes it easier to track and manage requests. Actions Expected of the Customer • The customer is expected to search for products using social media channels. • The customer is also expected to provide the right information about the company services and their preference. • Also, the customer is expected to make purchases or visit links provided on the social media platforms • Finally, the customer must be able to make their expectations of the company known to the customer service so as to ensure better services delivery. Why Nestle is the Best • Nestle is the best company in solving the customers’ problems because it has an effective customer support service that ensures customer satisfaction. • Further, the company offers quality products according to the needs of the customer with different prices. • The company engages its customers personally using social media platforms to determine their needs and improve on service delivery. • Finally, Nestle uses its social media platform to provide facts, tips and information about its products to its customers. Social Media Platforms • The most common social media platforms used by Nestle in its social media marketing strategy includes; ❖Facebook ❖Instagram ❖Twitter ❖LinkedIn ❖YouTube ❖Pinterest Popular Social Media Platforms Usage Patterns • Facebook has nearly 2 million active users in a month and is the largest social media • • • • platform with a diverse audience. Instagram has more than 700 million active users who log onto the app to enjoy photos and video posts from their friends, family, and yes, even brands. Twitter has an average of about 328 million active users worldwide. On the other hand, demographics show that 50% of users have a college education, with an additional 27% having attended “some college.” In addition, nearly half of all LinkedIn users make over $75,000 a year with an additional 32% making between $60,000 and $74,999. YouTube has over one billion users, this video sharing platform reaches more 18 to 49year-old consumers than any other platform. Interactions Type of Content • There are various types of content that will be used in the social media marketing and public relations strategy at Nestle. These Include: ❖Infographics ❖Interactive Content ❖Emotional Content ❖Image Content ❖List Posts ❖News Worthy Content Why This Type Content • Infographic content is important because of its high virality in the internet because • • • • they are very engaging. Visual content appeals more to consumers. Interactive content which includes quizzes also plays a critical role in understanding the needs and wants of the consumers. For a company like Nestle, emotional content will produce valuable results because it is easily shared especially if the content is positive. The main focus of the social media strategy will be image content which is the most interactive from of content. Others include posts and news to attract the attention of the consumer. Key Words/Messages • • • • • Espresso Food and Beverages Spring Water Coffee Nestle Social Media Posts: Example 1 • Nothing brings comfort like a home cooked meal and it's even better if mum surprises you! When has she brought you a home cooked meal when you needed it the most? #LikeAMothersLove • Do you know if you were a picky eater or a very good eater when you were young? Your mum definitely knows, which feeding story has she shared with you? Give her a buzz and share with us your story. #LikeAMothersLove Social Media Posts: Example 2 • Wondering how to ensure that your family eats more nutritious meals? Here are some tips to get you started. • Did you know Maggi is fortified with iron and it's helping to tackle the anemia deficiency in our region? Find out why iron is essential for growth & development and how Maggi is making a difference. • From starter to dessert, we've got all the right recipes to help you plan for your meals this Easter! Enjoy Use of Links ❑The link offers tips on how to raise a nutritional and healthy family. The tips includes starting with the right foods, being around kids when eating, stock up for teens, among others. ❑The link offers tips healthier health habits especially regarding confectionery. It also contains of Nestle products made with less sugar but with the same great taste. The company has also reduced the amount of salt and saturated fats in Nestle products. References • Evans, L. (2010). Social media marketing: Strategies for engaging in Facebook, Twitter & other social media. (Social media marketing.) Indianapolis, Ind: Que Publ. • Bowen, G., & Ozuem, W. (2016). Competitive social media marketing strategies. Hershey, Pa: Business Science reference, an imprint of IGI global. • Marumo, Z. (2016). Building brand equity through social media: Evidence from Nestlé South Africa. • Peters, Rob. (2012). The Social Media Marketing Handbook - Everything you need to know about Social Media Marketing. Emereo Publishing.
Social Media Marketing Plan Template MKT/443 Version 4 University of Phoenix Material Social Media Marketing Plan Template Formulate a strategy for your Social Media Marketing Plan. Identify the marketing objective. Develop a strategy in 175 words for meeting that objective. Determine in 175 words the key messages you aim to get across to your audience. Copyright © 2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. 1 Social Media Marketing Plan Template MKT/443 Version 4 Identify and provide an analysis in no more than 260 words of your key influencers: Influencer #1: Influencer #2: Influencer #3: Influencer #4: Influencer #5: Anaysis: Anaysis: Anaysis: Anaysis: Anaysis: Compare the various tactics you will use to support your strategy and appeal to your key influencers in no more than 350 words. Will you use multiple social media outlets? Tactic Analysis Construct your proposed timeline: Identify the measureable and tangible metrics you will use to determine whether or not your marketing campaign was successful. Metric #1: Metric #2: Metric #3: Metric #4: Metric #5: Copyright © 2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. 2 Social Media Marketing Plan Template MKT/443 Version 4 Determine in 350 words how you will evaluate the plan for success and when you will make adjustments in order to re-strategize. References APA-formatted citation APA-formatted citation Copyright © 2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. 3

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RUNNING HEAD: Social Media Marketing Plan Template
University of Phoenix Material

Social Media Marketing Plan Template
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Social Media Martketig Plan Template

Formulate a strategy for your Social Media Marketing Plan.
Identify the marketing objective.
Pulp Juice is the name of my company. It mainly produces fruit juice. The different
flavors include pineapple, mango, passion, lemon, orange and a mixture of mango,
pineapple and passion fruit. Since it’s a new company, my marketing campaign aims at
exposing the brand to our customers and improving our sales.

Develop a strategy in 175 words for meeting that objective.

To ensure that the product reaches as many people as possible we as the marketing
team plan on opening a page for the company across all the social media platforms. Social
media platforms include facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn among others
("Evaluating Social Media Marketing," 2016). To generate likes to our page, we will use

influencers and ordinary people. The influencers will make posts about our company
including information on the product the company makes and why people should buy from
us then refer people to our page where they will find more information. We, the members of
the marketing team will also advertise the page on our timelines to attract our friends on
social media.
We will also mobilize people to share our posts on their timelines so that we can

Copyright © 2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.


Social Media Martketig Plan Template

reach a wider audience. Apart from that, we will market the company through groups on
social media. Facebook offers a wide variety of business groups where salespeople and
buyers meet. Those selling products advertise in those particular groups, and buyers link up
with them. The goal will be to be members of many of these business groups and market
the company in there.

Determine in 175 words the key messages you aim to get across to your audience.

The campaign will mainly focus on educating the public about the fruit juice made at
Pulp. In the advertisement, we will talk about the various ingredients used to make the
different flavors. Additionally, we w...

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