How do I do Excel basics and NHDI calculation on excel?

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This question has 2 parts. One is to "watch" videos to learn how to do some basic things on excel; This practice sheet must be submitted. The second part is NHDI calculation on excel that needs to follow a certain format. Please read instructions carefully and I will attach necessary files. The course textbook is available online but I don't think you will need it.

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Excel: Week 1 July 2nd -July 6th Due July 6th (5 PM) In this first week, you will get familiar with Microsoft excel. To do so, please watch the videos below and try to apply the examples on your own version of excel. It is best if you download the recent version from Binghamton University’s website by following the instructions: An older version of excel will work but will give you trouble later-on during the course. Please do not use google sheets. It is NOT the same thing. The goal of these videos is to teach you a set of basic skills of excel that you need moving forward in the course. You don’t have to follow each video in great detail, but you need to make sure that you can apply the skills in each video. Learning these skills will take a large chunk of your first week, and spending a lot of time watching and applying these videos will be expected. I will test your learned skills through the different homework and possibly one or both midterms. You can learn these skills in the videos in any way that best fits you. I suggest that you create your own “fake” data on excel (Fill up a few columns and rows with numbers and characters as needed), and apply each skill you learn from the videos. You can always duplicate the data used in each video if you find that easier to do. Submission: At the end of the week, namely July 6th by 5 p.m., submit the excel file that you experimented with. IMPORTANT: I will not grade this file, I will simply look at it to make sure that you have been doing something. When it comes to this kind of non-graded excel submission, please don’t stress on what to include and not include in the file. Just do your best. Since this is an online course, I want to make sure that everyone As mentioned earlier, I will test your skills using the homework each week and midterms. Unlike this submission, for excel files submitted for homework, I will be very particular, and I require them to be printed as PDF (details in homework instructions). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Introduction: Add Cells/Columns: Formatting Cells: Basic Math in Excel: (uses older version but should generalize well) More Basic Math: More on Basic Math: Basic Excel Math Functions: Paste/Special: (You don’t need to watch past minute 15) More on Paste/Special: 10. Excel Shortcuts (Very Important): (All are useful but first 10 – shortcuts are most important, and you will won’t succeed in the course without) 11. Freeze Pans in Excel: 12. Work with multiple worksheets on excel: 13. Relative and Absolute References (Very Important): 14. Important match functions on Excel: 15. Cubic Roots: 16. Geometric Means: 17. Print work into a PDF (Extremely important for homework submissions): 18. More on Printing: If one or more of the links don’t work. Please let me know what number is not working. Also, feel free to google your own tutorials. Homework 1 Calculating the NHDI on Excel Due July 6th at 5 pm You need to have finished the response sheet and seen all the videos and learned the skills before doing this homework. Also, this homework as well as all others need to be printed as PDF as explained below. Follow the following instructions to do the homework: 1. Go to the technical notes to compute the NHDI through this link: 2. Go to Page 2. There are two tables: (1) Goalposts for the HDI (2) Table for Ghana. Input both tables in your excel sheet in a very organized and clear manner. You can stack them on top of each other or next to each other. You decide. Use formatting techniques you learned to make them look like a table. You can color it or bold it as you see fit. Just make sure you make the tables stick out on the sheet. 3. Underneath the tables, calculate the NHDI entirely on Excel. Use formulas as you see fit. BE CAREFUL HERE: Don’t simply input the numbers, I want you to use call references to do the math. In other words, don’t re-enter the number but reference them through the cells from the table you created in (2). Do the calculation in several steps as follows: a. Calculate each one of the dimension indices: Life Expectancy, Mean years of Schooling, Expected Years of Schooling, and Income Index b. Reference the Mean Years of Schooling and Expected Years of Schooling cells to calculate the Education Index c. Calculate the final NHDI using the previous calculations When you do this, your NHDI will automatically update as soon as you change any number in the original table. This is because your formulas are all interrelated. Change a number to check? Did your Final NHDI change? If it did, then you are doing this correctly. 4. I need you to organize your submission as follows: a. Write the general formula to calculate each index underneath the tables and before the calculations as text. To write anything in excel as text, you have to include quotations before and after the entry. For example, “Homework 1” as opposed to simply typing Homework 1, which will give you an error. Also, write down the equation to calculate the NDHI in the same manner. A division sign of “/” is acceptable, you can’t input the fraction division sign in excel. b. For each formula you calculated under step 3, I need you to do the following: i. Click at a given cell and press: Ctrl + ` for Windows and Command + ` for Mac. The key ( ` ) is in the upper left corner of most keyboards. Do you see that now, instead of displaying a final number, the cell shows the formula? ii. For each calculation, I want you to have two cells. One Cell showing the formula and another showing the final result. iii. Use sub-titles and formatting to make this look organized. You might want to insert “ = “ to make things look as organized as possible 5. YOU NEED TO PRINT YOUR RESULTS AS PDF. Once you do all the above, you need to print your excel sheet as PDF. Refer back to the printing videos on the Excel Sheet to learn how to do that. To print as PDF, go to the printer name after you click print and change it to PDF. Are you able to see that? ALL YOUR WORK SHOULD LOOK NEAT AND FIT ON ONE PAGE ONLY. HOMEWORK NOT PRINTED ACCORDINGLY WILL BE PENALIZED. Grading Criteria: Your final product will have the following components that will be graded as follows: 1. Formatted Tables inputted from Text and formulas inputted as text with subtitles for all calculations (5 pts) 2. Cells containing the calculated formula (5 pts) 3. Cells containing the solution for each formula (5pts) 4. Document does not exceed one page and well organized as PDF (5 pts) ...
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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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