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One research essay is required for this class. Your essay must be a MINIMUM of 500 words in length and must follow APA style. You must include references from your textbook and AT LEAST TWO outside sources.Late work will not be accepted unless the student receives clearance from the instructor IN WRITING prior to the WEDNESDAY BEFORE the assignment due date.Students must have a legitimate excuse, supported by independent documentation, in order to receive clearance.

The topic for the essay is: In an essay of AT LEAST 500 words, compare and contrast the Classical, Positivist, and Chicago schools of criminology.Your essay must address the micro- and macro-theoretical arguments of each school.Apply each school’s explanation of crime to the following event: two students at a local high school commit an active shooter mass casualty event.

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Criminal behavior has been a source of concern and an area of examination by sociologists
for many centuries. Sociologists have been keen to understand the factors that lead humans to
criminal behavior with a view to developing proper deterrent measures for such behavior (Stevens
& Cloete, 2010). Throughout the period of examination, a field of study referred to as criminology
developed. Three key theories of criminology have developed overtime, each with its own
strengths and weaknesses. This paper discusses the classical, positivist and Chicago theories of
criminology, attempting to apply them to the situation of a mass shooting. It argues that each theory
has its own strengths in addressing the issue, and each has its own shortcomings that must be
addressed to ensure that a positive result is ...

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