I need an arugmentitive essay, in regards to cancer.

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Hi, I would like for it be done in MLA format with in-text citation and a work cited page. Maybe the argument could be in regards to weather viruses are largely responsible for cancer or not? I will attach the prerequisite handout my professor gave me.

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Viruses Are Largely Responsible For Cancer
The debate over the infectious agents responsible for the increased numbers of cancer
cases among human is becoming complicated due to the continuous discovery of a new role for
bacteria in health or disease. The availability of other causes of cancer forces us to determine the
real cause of cancer – are viruses mostly responsible or is it bacteria or radiations. Over an
extended period, various health practitioners have studied the infectious agents of cancer.
Viruses are responsible for the mutation of cellular proto-oncogenes into the form of oncogene
hence interfering with the regular maintenance functions of the cell. Some studies argue that
there is no direct link between cancer and viruses. While it is about the uncontrolled cell growth
where cell transition from a normal state to a cancerous state, the products from the virus are
responsible for the hindrance of the ability of the cell to repair itself. Such changes are likely to
cause cell transformation hence becoming cancerous. Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Human
Herpesvirus 8 (HHV8), and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) among others are responsible for
different types of human cancers hence mostly responsible.
Even though oncogenes are present in all the healthy cells, they are also present in
cancer-causing viruses. The gene mutation responsible for controlling the division of cells may
be dangerous. Oncogenes are also present in the genomes of the cancer-causing viruses. Their

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source is the initially infected host cells. There are specific types of viruses that not only pick up
the cellular DNA but also are responsible for incorporating it into the viral genome (Plummer et
al.) In some cases, they pick an oncogene which results in an oncogenic or a virus that causes
cancer. There is a limitation to cancer occurrence to a single multicellular organism that does not
extend to the subsequent generations. Over the past years, scientists have discovered that the
specific virus that causes cervical cancer is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It also results in
other types of cancers including cervical, anal, penile, and oral among others. It finds its way int...

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