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I have a Brother MFC9320CW color laser that prints a light ghosting of the text that was printed on the bottom of the can I stop this

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To correct this problem, do the following:
Use a different pattern. Avoid patterns that use a 50-percent gray scale or a "dot-on-dot off" pattern.
Make changes to the layout of the page so that gray-scale patterns do not follow black areas. If possible, make dark patterns lighter and light patterns darker. Print the image in landscape.
Experiment with print density and resolution enhancement technology (RET) settings.
Print a completely black page immediately in front of the page that is experiencing the ghosting condition. This black page must be part of the same print job so that the printer's gear train does not pause between the pages.
Check humidity and temperature: Low temperature and humidity can exaggerate a ghosting condition. Make sure the printer's environment meets the requirements given in the printer's user's manual. Light or dark ghosting caused by the developer is HIGHLY affected by environmental conditions.
Print at 300 dots per inch (dpi).
In most cases of light ghosting, changing the toner cartridge does not improve the condition. Dark ghosting caused by the EP-drum may be corrected by replacing the toner cartridge because the EP-drum or charging roller may be damaged.
Because ghosting is mainly an issue with the EP process, switching LaserJet components and assemblies does not, in most cases, correct this condition.

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