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Biometrics is rapidly gaining acceptance as the technology that can meet the ever-increasing need for security in critical applications. Use the school library, the Internet, and other credible sources to research the following:

What is biometrics characteristics?
List describe and explain at least four (4) types of biometric devices and how can they enhance organizations physical security.

How does biometrics assist in securing organizations and their properties?


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Running head/biometric


Biometric characteristics
When we talk about biometrics, then it simply can be explained and elaborated as
automated methods which are usually used in the places or in areas where identification of a
person is much needed or where the verification of identity of a certain person which is based in
psychological or behavioral characteristic has the capability to reliably distinguish a person who
has the access to somewhere or do something and an imposter where the imposter has no access
to the required place or something (Sanjay Kumar, 2012). It also refers to identifying an
individual based on someone’s physical appearance on their physiological or behavioral
When we refer to physiological characteristics, then we refer to hand recognition, finger
images, facial characteristics which are done through scanning in biometrics, and iris recognition
which also is done through scanning an eye in a special biometric device which is designed
purposely to recognize the iris (Dr.Ekta Walia, 2012). About the behavioral characteristics, then
they simply mean that the traits that are learned or acquired, they are the dynamic signature
verification, voice verification, and identification, and finally keystroke dynamics (Sanjay
Kumar, 2012). Basically, the biometric characteristics are distinctive, and forgetting them or
losing them will be a major impact and in order for them to take place, then the person who is
using the biometrics will have to be around for them to take place physically present at the place
of the identification. It is much advisable to use biometrics as a way of security than using the
old traditional way as a model of security and using them as a way of identifying human beings
offers a great advantage since they normally identify the person only with no contradiction or
mixed up. They are very fast to use, reliable, accurate, and less expensive authentication for a
variety of applications (Sanjay Kumar, 2012).
When considering biometric, then there are some things that should be considered and all
biometric systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. But they have certain
characteristics which are needed to make a certain biometric system to become so much usable
whereby it should be based under a distinguishable trait. There is some biometrics which has
been in use for a long time but the use of the new technologies have taken over and are more
accurate. In order for them to take effect then there must be a lot of research to determine the
more uniqueness of the biometric that is being put into practice. This kind of biometric has been
put in to practice for a long time even though it is not found in small business. It has been in
practice in big and large business and operations where there is a high level of security in place,
these include places such as development and research areas, military control centers, and areas
where there are top-secret operations which are mostly associated with government ...

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