Identify and Prioritize Risk Factors

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Identify and Prioritize Risk Factors

Learning Objective: Use risk management techniques to identify and prioritize risk factors for information assets.

Assignment Requirements

The Mesusa Corporation has three information assets (below) to evaluate for risk management as listed below. Create a ranked list of risks associated with the four vulnerabilities. You can begin with the columns from the Ranked Vulnerability Risk worksheet (Asset, Impact, Vulnerability, Likelihood), determine the risk rating, then include percentage of current control and the uncertainty rate to come up with a final risk -rating estimate. Use the formula as described in this chapter. From your results, determine in what order the vulnerabilities be evaluated for additional controls. Include your worksheet and interpretation of the results.

Switch L47 connects a network to the Internet. It has two vulnerabilities; (1) susceptibility to hardware failure, with the likelihood of 0.2, and (2) susceptibility to an SNMP buffer overflow attack, with a likelihood of 0.1. This switch has an impact rating of 90 and has no current controls in place. There is a 75% certainty of the assumptions and data.

Server WebSrv6 hosts a company Web site and performs e-commerce transactions. It has Web server software that is vulnerable to attack via invalid Unicode values. The likelihood of such and attack is estimated at 0.2. The server has been assigned an impact value of 100, and a control has been implemented that reduces the impact of vulnerability by 75%. There is an 80% certainty of the assumptions and data.

Operators use the MGMT45 control console to monitor operations in the server room. It has no passwords and is susceptible to unlogged misuse by the operators. Estimates show the likelihood of misuse is 0.1. There are no controls in place on this asset, which has an impact rating of 5. There is a 90% certainty of the assumptions and data.

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Prioritizing Risk Factors
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Risk Factors

Risk Factor

Business risk is the probability that an organization expects earnings or misery to
be lower than expected in relation to earnings. Business risk is affected by many
factors, such as volume, unit costs, entry costs, competition, and general economic and
government orientation (Srikanth, Hettiarachchi, & Do, 2016). An organization with a
higher business risk has to choose a smaller capital structure to ensure that it can
continuously fulfill its budgetary commitments.
Likelihood of Vulnerability
The probability is the overall score that uses a numerical incentive to a rated
magnitude of the probability of abuse of a particular weakness. The ability to evaluate
for any possi...

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