Columbia Southern Emergency Response for Hazardous Materials Case Study

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You have been hired as a consultant by your town’s emergency management coordinator to help develop emergency action plans. Your first task is to assess the hazardous material risks at a local gas station. The station has one 30,000-gallon underground storage tank compartmentalized to hold 10,000 gallons each for three gasoline grades and one 10,000-gallon tank for diesel fuel. The station has four pumps, and each one can deliver all four products. Also on site is a 2,500-squarefoot concrete block building used for the cashier and retail sales of service station and convenience store items. The station is located at a busy intersection near the center of town. It is adjacent to several other local businesses that do brisk business during the day. Across the street from the station is a large housing development with an elementary school. Behind the station is a city park with playgrounds, baseball fields, and a large wooded area. To complete the assignment, address the components below.

1. Describe three scenarios related to the fuel in the tanks that would require emergency response. The General Behavior Model (GEBMO) is a good tool to assist in hazard identification. Consider physical, chemical, and natural hazards that may be contributing factors as well as the potential for environmental releases in nearby workplaces. 2. For each scenario, complete the actions below. a. Identify ways to eliminate or reduce the risks through engineering or administrative controls. b. Discuss emergency response requirements, such as who responds and what equipment is needed, and establish the level of emergency response required for the incident. c. Recommend the level of personal protective equipment required for responders. d. Summarize the HAZWOPER training required for the gas station employees. This should be based on your response to 2b. Support your discussion with at least three appropriate references with in-text citations. Your submission must be a minimum of three pages in length and a maximum of five pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. APA style is required.

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Emergency Response for Hazardous Materials
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Emergency Response for Hazardous Materials
Based on the presented information about the station, there exist numerous scenarios that
require an emergency response in the long run. For example, looking at the setting of the station,
it follows that it uses an underground tank that comprises various compartments for storing the
fuel. The location of the station may bring about a lot of casualties in case of an emergency. In
the attempt to prevent such an incident from happening in the future, the management must seek
to implement the best practices as well as procedures with regards to emergency response
making it possible to reduce the occurrence of such incidences. The primary role of developing
an emergency response plan comes from the desire to implement a strategy for reducing t...

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