LEG 500 Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance Week 5 Discussion 1

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Week 5

Business Intellectual Property

There are many examples of business disputes involving intellectual property. Using the Internet, locate a real example of an active dispute involving a patent, copyright, trademark, or trade secret and summarize the main points of your findings. Then, predict what you believe will be the outcome of the dispute for the example you provided. Justify your response.


Video: Intellectual Property: Understanding Patent, Copyright, and Trademark (1:36)

How can someone turn their idea into their intellectual property? This animated video explains the difference between an idea and intellectual property and the process of going from one to the other.

Video: Intellectual Property (5:51)

This video explains how intellectual property relates to individual people. It also explores the different kinds of intellectual property.

Video: Understanding The 4 Types Of Intellectual Property (6:44)

In this video, Mary Juetten explains the four different types of intellectual property.

Video: Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course (10:09)

In this video, Stan Muller gives an overview of intellectual property. Specifically, Muller discusses three aspects of intellectual property: Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks.

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