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Hello, this paper has questions that you have to answer with it.

you can write the paper( for instance) on a person ( Napoleon ) , event( Armenian Genocide )or set of people, , ( The Ottomans) no broad topic like the First World War . or Second World War ....

The research paper is of your choice as long as it covers the period that is being cover in the course. The paper will be 10 pages in length, double spaced, using 12 point font, submitted online. This should be similar to any paper you would write for other classes – including a title page, an introduction, body of text, a conclusion, and references/bibliography. APA or MLA format is acceptable.

Proper Citation of Sources.

When writing papers which use information from researched sources, it is necessary to provide complete and correct documentation to show the source of all words and ideas which are not those of the student. Failure to cite a source implies that the information used is the original work of the paper writer – a form of stealing known as “plagiarism.” In the college class, plagiarism is grounds for failure, no matter how well written the rest of the paper may be.

Do not use first person or contractions when writing. Also, remember that a successful term paper is not one that is written at the last moment, rather it is one that has been thought out, written, edited, and edited some more (you may consider turning in a rough draft or talking with me prior to the due date if you are unsure about how to approach writing the paper). Make sure you proofread! Nothing detracts from a paper (or grade) worse than a poorly written, mistake-filled paper.

When writing this research paper, you should attempt to address the following questions: Comprehensive introduction ( includes who, what, where , and when) with clear thesis statement that answers the question.

  • Why is this person or event important in Modern World History?
  • Does this individual or event represent an aspect that helped shape Modern World History?
  • Would Modern World History be different if not for the actions of this person or the occurrence of the events? (ensure you have a solid conclusion)

Students should not use the encyclopedia or the course text book as the primary source of research. Also keep in mind when writing the research paper ,You should not rely solely on the internet for information either; students may use certain web page links such as, The History Channel or to reinforce the research paper.

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The Armenian Genocide
Throughout history, religion has defined people's way of life. This is so since religious
beliefs have determined the norms to be adhered to within a given societal setup. However, with
the existence of more than one religion all over the world, the biggest struggle has been how to
coexist within the same societal set up with others whose religious beliefs are different. This is
with regard to the fact that people usually believe that their religious beliefs are right. For this
reason, they strive to ensure that other religious beliefs do not end up thriving within their
In their quest to ensure that it is only their religion that ends up being adhered to by
members of their society, people usually end up destroying other people’s lives. One historical
event that clearly depicts how different religious beliefs impact negatively on peaceful
coexistence within a society is the Armenian Genocide (Avedian).
The Armenian Genocide was the merciless killings carried out by the Turks of the
Ottoman Empire on Millions of Armenians. This Genocide took center stage in 1915 during
World War 1. It is majorly perpetrated by leaders in the Turkish government who set in motion a
plan that resulted in Armenians being massacred and expelled from the Ottoman Empire
(Sonmez). By the time the killings ended in the 1920s, about 1.5 million Armenians had died.

Surname 2
This was simply a systematic and premeditated campaign that was meant to exterminate
Armenians from the Ottoman Empire.
The Roots of the Genocide
Among the first people to make Christianity their official religion were the Armenians.
This decision was arrived at, the time when the kingdom of Armenia was still an independent
entity. However, in the 15th century, this kingdom was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire
Leaders of the Ottoman Empire were Muslims. After absorbing the kingdom of Armenia,
Armenians became the minority in a society that majorly adhered to the Muslim religion. This
meant that Armenians were bound to be subjected to unfair treatment as a result of certain
actions that are permitted as per the Christian religion but cannot be allowed under the Muslim
religion (Avedian).
Being the minority, Armenians had very few legal as well as political rights. This meant
that any unfair treatment that they received was left unpunished. However, even with the unfair
harsh treatment that they received after becoming part of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians still
thrived with regard to having better education as well as having more wealth than their Turkish
This, in turn, resulted in resentment developing between the Turkish leaders and the
Armenians. This was a result of the fact that the Turkish leaders who were majorly Muslims
feared that Christian Armenians would end up being loyal to Christian government i.e. Russians
who they shared an unstable border with. The suspicion was more acute when the Ottoman
Empire started crumbling (Sonmez).

Surname 3
The suspicion resulted in the Turkish leaders imposing a form of State-sanctioned
pogrom on the Armenians. The Armenians were forced to retaliate by organizing large-scale
protests. This, in turn, resulted in the Turkish military officials as well as soldiers killing
Armenians who were protesting against unfair treatment.
The Genocide
The Armenian Genocide began in April 1915 when the Turkish government not only
arrested but also executed hundreds of Armenian intellectuals. Afterward, Armenians were
forced out of their homes. They were sent on death marches across the Mesopotamian desert
without water or food. This was meant to ensure that they either die as a result of the scorching
sun or starvation.
On the marches, they had to walk naked in an effort to intensify the level of torture that
they were to be exposed to. Those who stopped on the way were shot by the Turkish soldiers.
This was meant to ensure that there were no causalities or survivors. Additionally, special
organizations known as killing squads were created to ensure that every Christian element
within the Ottoman Empire would end up being destroyed.
The Killing squared that were created to kill all Christians who were living in the
Ottoman Empire comprised of ex-convicts as well as murderers who were freed for the sole
reason of killing Christians. Some of the ways they employed while brutally killing Armenian
Christians include throwing them off cliffs, drowning them in rivers, crucifying them as well as
burning them alive (Avedian).
The intentions of the Turkish government were to ensure that they eliminate all
Armenian Christians they distrusted by believing that they would never be loyal to the Turkish
government that comprised majorly of Muslims. This was in an effort to stabilize the Ottoman

Surname 4
Empire that had started crumbling. To the leaders, the best way to guarantee the survival of the
Ottoman Empire was to ensure that every single individual within the empire had the same
religious beliefs thereby resulting in them being loyal to the Turkish government. Additionally,
they believed that by killing Armenian Christians who were more successful they would end up
ensuring that the Turkish people will praise their efforts to bring about equality.
Importance of the Armenian Genocide to the modern world History
The Armenian Genocide is of great importance to the modern world. This is so since
religious differences are quite evident in the modern world history. These differences keep on
threatening the peace in different societies whose people have varying religious beliefs.
However, the need to learn from the Armenian Genocide emanates from the fact that this event
affects most people's lives negatively. With technological advancements having been made with
time, another occurrence of such an event could have catastrophic impacts.
To begin with, the Armenian Genocides explains the reason as to why people usually
respect other people’s religious beliefs in the modern world. This so since, the main reason as to
why the Turkish leaders felt that they had to kill Armenian Christians was because of the fact
that they never respected Christianity as a religion. To them, Christians were to become disloyal
with time by siding with other Christian governments thereby resulting in the collapse of the
Ottoman Empire. In the modern world, people’s religious beliefs are highly respected no matter
where they are
Secondly, with the modern societies comprising of people with various religious beliefs,
there was need to find common ground to coexist with one another. This so since by
determining something we can all relate to, laws were arrived at thereafter to be adhered to, by
every single individual in an effort to prevent the occurrence of another genocide. This idea is

Surname 5
attributed to the Armenian Genocide since one of the reasons as to why the massacre persisted
for a very long period of time resulting in millions of deaths is because of the lack of a law that
would have held every single individual accountable for their wrongdoings. This meant that
people could be killed and the perpetrators would never be held accountable for their action
A law that would not be limited by religious beliefs has been of the essence to the
modern society in ensuring that people can live together in a society free of discrimination
based on their religious beliefs. This, in turn, has ensured that every single individual abides by
the law and can be held accountable for their actions (Smith).
Thirdly, the Armenian Genocide is of the essence to the modern world history since it
emphasized on the need to have a robust international body that has the political will to stop
such events from ever happening again anywhere in the world. This so since the Genocide
persisted simply because other neighboring countries were not willing to interfere in external
affairs that were of little importance to their own affairs. This meant that Armenians who were
the minorities had nowhere else to turn to f...

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