2 page supervisor evaluation paper on human resources intern

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Write a 2 page evaluation letter as the supervisor on a human resources intern.


  • What are the strengths of the student’s performance in the internship?
  • What are the weaknesses of the student’s performance in the internship?
  • What specific contributions did the student make to the work environment?
  • What suggestions do you have for the student about their future employment?
  • What projections do you make about the student’s career?
  • As an internship supervisor, what comments do you have about participating in the Internship experience?

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July ---, 2018
Head of department’s name
School of human resource
Name of the institution.

Dear sir or madam,
I am writing this letter of evaluation according to the institution request regarding the
performance of Mr. James Hunter who is an intern at the “Heinz and sons” support service and
who is a student at (name of institution). I am leaving the conclusions you might make based on
my letter to your behalf, and will focus solely on what I have learned and observed.
Mr. James Hunter has been an intern at “Heinz and Sons, Inc.” since March 2018 which means
he has been a part of the team for over four months. Since the beginning of his at the ...

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