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1.Case Study: Using the Internet and Chapter 5 of your text, research the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King (must be 300 words)

2.What did the prosecution build their case upon and what evidence supported their theory against James Earl Ray? (must be 300 words)

3.Discuss the advances in fingerprint evidence since Dr. King's murder in 1968. (must be 300 words)

4.If you had been prosecuting James Earl Ray, do you feel your case would have been strong enough to win at trial? Outline your strategy. (must be 300 words)

Book is listed below

criminalistics an introduction to forensic science by saferstein

Page 124

please cite the outside source

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Running Head: FORENSIC

Dr. Martin Luther King Forensics

Running Head: FORENSIC

1. Research of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King (using case study on chapter 5 and
Dr. Martin Luther King was an American clergyman and a civil rights leader who tirelessly
fought for the equal right of the whites and the blacks. He also fought for respect of human rights
as stipulated in the constitution. His efforts were supported by a majority of civilians and most of
the least significant people in the American society especially the black Americans who were
regarded as slaves. He was the leader of the human rights movement and the holder of the Nobel
Peace Prize because he used non-violence means to bring justice and also utilized maximum civil
disobedience to the state and this made him so popular (Richard, 2017).
However, he was assassinated under unclear circumstances which had led to the wrong
conviction of the wrong person connected to the murder. James Earl Ray is the man who was
arrested and charged with the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. According to Saferserem
(2012), Martin Luther was receiving death threats from his rivals who disliked his prominence in
fighting for human rights and civil rights movements. He had also predicted his death after the
assassination of President John Kennedy when he told his wife Correct that whatever happened
to the president will exactly happen to him. However, this did not stop him from fighting for the
equal rights of his people through his civil rights movements.
He met his death while he was in Memphis where he had gone to support his striking fellow
African American City Sanitation workers who were protesting against unequal wages and
working conditions where they were being paid relatively low and even worked at very harsh
conditions. This first protest was successful. However, a repeat marching was planned and
Martin Luther was to attend but was delayed by bomb threats. However, he was able to arrive on
time and delivered a speech called ‚ÄėI‚...

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