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You have not seen any improvement in Sonia's speech. Sonia is now exhibiting challenging behaviors. She is pinching other children and sometimes will bite them. You have been observing her and keeping a running record of the number of times she bites or pinches, the time the behavior occurs, and what happened immediately before the behavior. You asked mom it you could have a conferences with her and dad. Mom announced Dad was gone on business and she handles everything anyway. A time is set up to talk. You will provide the data of the behaviors to show mom. You plan on asking mom to sign a consent so you can talk to a person from your local area education agency to come and observe Sonia.

In a 3-5 page paper, address the following:

Describe the environment you would set up in your classroom for Sonia.

What adaptations would you make?

After researching speech delays, what techniques will you use when working with Sonia in your classroom?

Use APA formatting for your paper, include at least one in-text citation from your text, readings or additional research. In addition,include a title page and a reference page.

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Running head: CASE STUDY


Sonia’s case study
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Sonia’s case study

Describe the environment you would set up in your classroom for Sonia.

Pinching and biting others is evidently a sign of aggression; therefore, every decision that
the teacher and everyone around Sonia makes must be centered on the various reasons for the
behavior (Menesini, & Salmivalli, 2017). Classroom aggression and violence should be met with
nonaggressive consequences. The class should be a place where Sonia learns o be a better child
amongst other behavioral changes and general development. The first step to take as Sonia’s
teacher is to emphasize on institutional programmers that discourage Sonia from punching and
biting other children as well as preventing the other children from adopting the same behavior.

Teachers and other members of the staff that interacts with Sonia must be equipped with
a deeper understanding of the situation. Sonia is just a child, and as much as she makes other
children scream, she needs understanding from her teacher and the other school staff. This is the
first aspect that the environment should have...

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