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Research Proposal Draft

By the due date assigned write a 2-3-page paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal.


  • Background and Significance of the Problem
  • Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study

Research Questions, Hypothesis, and Variables with Operational Definitions

  • Research Question
  • Hypothesis: Research and Null
  • Identifying and Defining Study Variables
  • Operationalize Variables

Attach are previous papers to reference.

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1 Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter Regarding Health Wendy Thompson July 10, 2018 Mind Over Matter 2 Introduction Mankind has survived for centuries due to his drive to or desire to survive. Many obstacles have been overcome throughout the years based on this survival instinct. Over the last few decades, human beings on a whole have become very lazy and desire instant gratification. As a result, the incidence of heart problems, diabetes, hypertension and cancer has increased significantly. One of the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to bring back alive the sense of wellbeing or the drive to survive ( Healthy People 2020 One of the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to create a health-related quality of life and wellbeing. The four main objectives of this goal are to improve quality of life, abolish health care inconsistencies, develop environments that foster good health, and establish healthy living across all stages ( Removing health care disparities is one of the major objectives so that everyone has equal access to all healthcare. Also, developing communitybased participation research where communities and universities join together to offer free or reduced-cost screenings to the community is two of the ways of achieving this objective (Tally, C.H., 2018). Georgia’s Outreach for Healthy People 2020 The Department of Public Health (DPH) in Georgia has developed a taskforce to reach out to the citizens of Georgia and communities to help reach this Health People 2020 objective. The goals of this taskforce mirror the goals of Healthy People 2020. Two main objectives of this taskforce include: preventing disease, injury and disability and also promote health and wellbeing. Two examples of how this taskforce is reaching out to the communities is establishing Georgia Shape and Good to Great which encourages healthy lifestyle choices and exercise. Mind Over Matter 3 Governor Nathan Deal is head of this taskforce with Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, commissioner of the DPH help to establish the Shape program. This program is now over seen by interim commissioner Patrick O’Neal. The DPH goals is focused on maternal/child health, chronic disease prevention, health equity, and women, infant’s, and children’s programs. The DPH believe that the sooner we can start developing young minds with proper nutrition, exercise and education, the stronger and more successful the future of Georgia will be (O’Neal, P., 2018). The Good to Great program has been developed around Jim Collins’ research and philosophy. The vision is to help create a safe and healthy Georgia. Again, the objectives mirror the goals of Healthy People 2020 in which preventing disease, injury, and disabilities, and promoting health and well-being are the main objectives. A few of the goals to prevent disease, injury a disability is to increase the fitness of high school students, decrease the preventable deaths of infants, and decrease the annual hospitalizations of diabetic related incidences. For the promotion of health and well-being, the goals are to recognize and create programs or services that foster healthcare access and primary care access ( Casey Cagle, lieutenant governor of Georgia, has help to establish a program Healthy Kids Georgia. The motto or vision statement is Be fit, Be healthy, Be you. It was designed to combat childhood obesity and to improve the overall sense of well-being with Georgia youth. Lt. Gov. Cagle’s goal is to help the youth of Georgia adopt a healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness and success (Cagle, C., 2017). Georgia Legislation Supporting Health People 2020 Several of the house and senate bills on the table for 2018 in Georgia was to help improve healthcare access for all citizens. One of the bills that was passed but extremely diluted was SB 351 which would have allowed advance practice registered nurses to practice independently in Mind Over Matter 4 the rural communities of Georgia where access to health care is limited. Another bill on the table which has yet to be passed is HB 669 which will allow the expansion of Medicaid or obtaining federal financial assistance as needed. Another bill on the table that was passed was the SB 325 which would allow Georgia to become part of the State Compact. SB 300 is a bill still pending that will allow eligible individuals to apply for assistance with health insurance premiums (www.legis, Burden and Cost of Healthcare Every day in the emergency department, people come to have their injury or illness seen due to lack of insurance coverage or lack of access to primary care. Most of these people do not have the financial means to pay for health care. Most of their care is written off as charity cases. Hospitals especially rural hospitals give away millions in charity. For the individuals who have insurance, their balances are usually turned over to collection agencies which in turns affects their abilities to obtain loans and sometimes even getting hired. The average work force who has access to health-care coverage through their place of employment is forced to help cover charity cases and then punished by being turned over to collection agencies or having their premiums or healthcare cost increased. The hospitals in rural areas struggle to keep up with the demands to meet the needs of the community (Morris, M., 2018). Another example of the cost or burden healthcare is just the cost of diabetes alone. In Georgia, the incidents of diabetes have increased by 43 percent. Diabetes is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the nation. On average the cost of admissions related to diabetes is thirty million dollars a year. A person with diabetes who is admitted with other diagnoses will cost two-three times more than a person without diabetes (Smith, A., 2013). Conclusion Mind Over Matter 5 Healthy People 2020’s goal to create a healthier quality of life and sense of well-being will help to create healthier future. As people become more fit and prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart-related illness, a sense of well-being will develop in the community. Health care cost will hopefully decrease. As nurses and nurse practitioners, it is our job to help Healthy People 2020 obtain their goals and to help dispel the healthcare disparities. Our voices need to be heard within the communities with education to empower the citizens to fight for a healthier lifestyle and to sway our legislators to help remove disparities that prevent everyone from equal access to healthcare. 6 Mind Over Matter References Retrieved from: Healthy-decision-making Retrieved from: Retrieved from: Stragetic%20Plan%202016-2019.pdf Retrieved from: Retrieved from: Retrieved from: Retrieved from: Retrieved from: Morris, Michaela. (July 2018). Balancing Act: Local hospitals juggle charity care, sustainability. Retrieved from: Smith, Allison. (2013). Burden of diabetes. Georgia Department of Public Health. Retrieved from: 20University %20Presenation_Diabetes%20Burden_ASmith.pdf Talley, C. H., & Williams, K. P. (2018). Preparing Future Healthcare Professionals for Community Engagement: A Course-Based Research Experience. ABNF Journal, 29(2), 33-41. Running head: HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE Health-related quality of life South University Wendy Thompson July 24, 2018 1 HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE 2 Latimer-Cheung, A. E., Pilutti, L. A., Hicks, A. L., Ginis, K. A. M., Fenuta, A. M., MacKibbon, K. A., & Motl, R. W. (2013). Effects of exercise training on fitness, mobility, fatigue, and health-related quality of life among adults with multiple sclerosis: a systematic review to inform guideline development. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 94(9), 1800-1828. The function of this analysis was to establish the connection between multiple sclerosis (MS) and fitness. Particularly, the study was designed to look at how physical activity effects some symptoms of MS like movement and tiredness or weakness in adults which are significant parts of quality of life. The analysis used previous research on the topic but limited the literature review to studies done in English. For the analysis, six electronic databases were utilized to locate the resources employed to make conclusions. Fitness markers used included physical ability and muscular strength. The analysis revealed that health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is lower for people experiencing MS. Generally, MS symptoms modify people ‘s lifestyles which result to lower wellbeing. In the same way, lowering the impact of these symptoms can enrich wellbeing i.e. HRQOL. The analysis determined that physical activity done moderately every day can improve strength and reduce the impact of MS symptoms. For example, patients of MS who take out 30- 60 minutes every day to do physical activity can enhance movement and lessen fatigue. This goes a long way toward advancing the general state of health and better control of the disease. One shortcoming of this analysis is that it only used studies done in English which were biased. More evidence could have been obtained in other languages. Nonetheless, the analysis is very helpful in revealing how the quality of life and health are related. It shows that simple things like doing physical exercises can go a long way in lowering the impact of HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE 3 some symptoms and improve health. This article is just one in many that can be sued to construct a new understanding of RRQOL with new definitions of wellness. Markle‐Reid, M., Browne, G., & Gafni, A. (2013). Nurse‐led health promotion interventions improve quality of life in frail older home care clients: lessons learned from three randomized trials in Ontario, Canada. Journal of evaluation in clinical practice, 19(1), 118-131. The purpose of this analysis was to study the benefits of nurse-led health promotion involvement. The analysis was comprised of 498 mature adults residing in a community in Southern Ontario, Canada. The analysis was carried out over 6-12 months and incorporated an assessment of common traits that lead to physical fatigue in older persons (65 years and above). Findings uncovered that when nurse’s direct community-based health promotion courses there are improved results than when such endeavours are left to the usual home care providers. Essentially, nurses have more knowledge about the health-related quality of life qualities. They are in a better spot to lead health outcomes than general home care providers. Thus, in order to advance health through HRQOL, programs need to be designed and led by nurses. This analysis is useful because it shows the importance of nursing as a profession when it comes to enriching health outcomes. However, the analysis was only done in one geographical region. This restricts its possibilities for generalization. Also, it was not clear what lead to improved HRQOL when nurses were involved because there were several elements. For example, the variance could have been influenced by the amount of care, or degree of education. It is consequently challenging to identify the dynamics that can be used to improve the operation of general home care providers. Health-related Quality of Life 1 Health-related Quality of Life Wendy Thompson July 29, 2018 Health-Related Quality of Life 2 Qualitative Annotated Bibliography Georgios, L., Ioannis, G., Olga, T., Dimitris, C., & Maria, K. (2017). Τhe Effect of a Traditional Dance Program on Health-Related Quality of Life as Perceived by Primary School Students. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 6(1), 96-103. The article talks about physical exercise and the role that it plays when it comes to human health and life quality. If a person is physically active, they become physically and psychologically fit, and their quality of life improves. The article looks specifically at the dance and the benefits it has or how it promotes the quality of life. Dance is seen as a form of exercise which is appropriate for all the age groups, and it has a lot of benefits for both physical and mental health. Not only is dance good for the physique but it leaves a person feeling relaxed and less stressed. A study was conducted to determine how effective dance is. Questionnaires were used. A sample of 65 children was taken all those attending a program that focused on traditional dance. In my assessment I found this article to be quite relevant to the research topic that I am working on. People have a different meaning of what quality of life means, however, the article makes it easy for everyone to have a proper understanding of why physical exercise is essential. From the experiment, it was found that dance is an excellent method of training that also helps to release tension. The students had more knowledge and improved their quality of life. Ray, T. K., Tat'Yana, A. K., & Pana-Cryan, R. (2017). Employment arrangement, job stress, and health-related quality of life. Safety science, 100, 46-56. The article on Employment arrangement, job stress, and health-related quality of life talk about job stress and how it affects a person’s quality of life. With more companies coming up a business is mostly under pressure and they have to measure up with their competition which in Health-Related Quality of Life 3 some cases it results in them having unstandardized working arrangements. The authors dig further to look at the how the level of stress is different for different employment arrangement. For instance, if an employee is working for more extended hours and has to meet lot deadlines, they end up been stressed. Quality of work life module was used to conduct the study. This module looked at the psychosocial working conditions concerning the quality of life. The study focused on differences in job stress, health and also employment arrangements. In my opinion, the journal is relevant to the research topic since it talks about the quality of life and how stress hinders one from having one. The study showed that every job arrangement has different levels of job stress. Employees who are more stressed because their work arrangement has a lot of unhealthy days and their activity is less. In all the years that were considered stressed workers had sicker days. ...
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Research Proposal Draft
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Research Proposal Draft

Background and Significance of the Problem
The desire to survive has been a great factor in mankind survival in the past centuries and
in the process has enabled us to overcome a number of obstacles. However, over the past few
decades, human beings have become significantly lazy with a desire to have instant satisfaction.
This element has led to increased incidences of lifestyle diseases such as heart problems,
increased diabetic cases, hypertension and cancer-related problems.
Statement of the Problem
These lifestyle diseases are basically associated with the day to day activities and habits
among people. These habits that reduce people’s physical activities and engage them into
routines that are sedentary in nature tend to lead them to health issues. These non-communicable
diseases can result in life-th...

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