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Please do not BID if you cannot follow directions. All questions need to be answered if full detail. NO PLAGARISM, Reference the work- Cite.

Learning Activity #3: Diversity Awareness Exercise

  • Take the following inventory to test your cultural sensitivity. This assessment will allow you to asses yourself in ten different arears of cultural competency. This is a self-assessment and no one will see your answers.Although it is not scholarly, it is informative:
  • Read the Section One article from the Community Toolbox website provided in the link below.

Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph answering the following questions:

1. What was your score? Did it indicate you are/ are not culturally competent?

2. Do you think this assessment allowed you to accurately assess your cultural competence?

3. Is there an area you feel you need to address to make yourself a more culturally competent individual? What is it?

Although you are only assigned the first section, there are several other valuable articles about cultural diversity you may wish to consider later on your own.

Select at least one of the questions below and write 3-4 paragraphs discussing it from both the perspective of the slideshow and your own experience.

  • What is culture?
  • Why is understanding diversity important?
  • There are two parts to this assignment.
    • Response to the diversity survey
    • Paragraphs about culture

Learning Activity #4: Ethical Caring Response

Watch the PowerPoint titled The Ethics of Caring.

After you have watched the presentation, please download and review the Ethical Standards Scenarios.

  • Write a short paragraph describing how you would respond to each (4) of these ethical dilemmas.
  • Place your completed paragraphs in the drop box labeled Ethical Caring Response.

Learning Activity #5: Psychology Career Response

Career Focus: Psychology

View the following videos:

View the information on careers in psychology at:

After you have watched the videos and read the information from the article, prepare a 1-page essay addressing the following questions.To achieve maximum points for content and analysis the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:

  • Were there any psychology career options you had never heard of?
  • Which occupation appeals to you the most?Why?
  • Describe the pay, work environment, and education requirements.
  • What did you learn about careers in psychology?Does this new knowledge make you more or less interested in this career? Why?Why not?

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