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Complete Problem 1 in the provided Excel template. Use Excel or save as an Excel file (.XLS or .XLSX) for all calculations. All formulas should flow through the spreadsheet and entries should not be hard-keyed. Use APA formatting to cite any resources used. To access this assignment in attachment.

Note: When submitting Problem Set assignments, regardless of what software you are using to perform the assignment, please export or save your assignment as an Excel .XLS or.XLSX file to receive instructor feedback.

Please use the excel formula ( like excel solver) to calculate and do not do it by paper and pencil. I will check the answers and please using the excel formula like the equation =B17*(1+$B$4)

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Instructions: Fill out the empty cells in the table. Follow the formulas in row H BASIC TEMPLATE PRO FORMA MODEL Sales growth Current assets/Sales Current liabilities/Sales Net fixed assets/Sales Costs of goods sold/Sales Depreciation rate Interest rate on debt Interest paid on cash & marketable securities Tax rate Dividend payout ratio 10% 35% 20% 70% 50% 10%
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