How do you help an employee move from peer to leader?

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In the management setting, how should a manager help an employee move from peer to leader? What methods should he use to ensure a smooth transition? Please provide answer in 300-500 words.

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course/Subject Date How to help an employee move from a peer to a leader It is exciting when a peer gets promoted and entrusted with leadership responsibilities. However, as a first-time leader, one may fail to understand that he or she is slightly higher than their former peers. On the other hand, things can be tricky when a career moves one into managing his or her former peers. Therefore, the change has a probability of bringing a negative impact on the team, since it can cause hurt feelings and resentment (Brett et al. 613). Nevertheless, using the correct leadership strategies, it does not have to be that way. The methods that a manager can use t...

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