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1200-1800 words.

Reference textbook : Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 7th Edition

This paper will give you an opportunity to reflect upon all of your discoveries, insights and learning’s throughout the course. What did you learn about the importance of human resource practices and its impact on an organization? How will you incorporate learnings to your own professional and/or managerial perspectives? Discuss what you learned after conducting your performance management analysis. Were there any surprises or discoveries made that allowed you to learn more about the impact of human resource strategies on your personal success as well as organizational performance? How has this course enriched your overall business knowledge and management perspective if you are in a leadership role or aspire to be in one?

The grade will be based on completeness, quality of the examples, mix of theory and practical application, insightfulness, and technical quality of the writing as well as presentation. Be sure to include examples and to explain your reasoning. In writing the papers, please disguise both the company and the people by using fictitious names. Paper should be written in APA style.

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Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management
Business organizations are based on different architectural structures that determine so
much on how they operate and their leadership. Apart from the leadership structure, most
business organizations or even non-profit organizations are composed of different departments.
These departments are different although others maybe related in terms of operation. Most of the
departments are usually unique with various responsibilities. The Human Resource management
is an example of a department within an organization that is very unique in terms of functionality
and the responsibilities accorded to them. When the word Human Resource management is
mentioned, there are quite number of phenomena it entails that need to be learned even for
general knowledge. Basically, the Human Resource management is a term that is used to
describe official systems that are designed for the management of people within an organization
(Purce, 2014). This paper comprehensively discusses the impacts and importance of the Human
Resource Management as well as how the knowledge learned can be applied in various real-life
It is important to note that the Human Resource Management is a strategic approach that
can really help an organization gain a competitive advantage in any industry they are operating.
It effectively manages the workers in an organization and always designed in a structure that
maximizes the performance of the employees towards the objectives and goals of the employer.
Not only does the human resources management offer a benefit to the strategic planning of an
organization but can also work so much in making a good image of the organization. The human
resource impacts organizations in various ways; first, they help an organization maintain
compliance. It is very important that an organization operates on a broad way by keeping and
respecting the existing Federal as well as State laws that govern the employee...

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