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In his brief essay, Gremmels tells of an experience where his theoretical/medical knowledge wasn't enough to help him with his young patient. He had to also be able to deal with his patient as a person, an individual - a product of environment & situation.

When you've finished reading the piece, consider this question:

  • Gremmels writes, "A professor teaching our physical diagnosis class told us we should know 80% of the cases coming before us by hearing the history alone" (92). How does such teaching affect the medical profession's understanding of its patients? How does this view represent a reliance on Cultural Competency as opposed to Cultural Humility

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Cultural Competency and HumilityNameCourseTutorDateCultural Competency and HumilityA medical practitioner or a clinician is very likely to encounter patients from different social-economic strata who have an understanding of diseases in different ways and speak foreign tongues. Based on the explanation of the symptoms of these patients, the clinician or doctor should be able to have a good idea of what disease might have invaded such individuals (Malgady, 2011). Cultural competence is a...

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