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This is a 3 part task. Task 1 and 2 should be 1 page each and include 1 text each. The third task is

This assignment is a 3 task assignment is 7 pages. You must incorporate aspects included in the links. Paper must include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper. Paper is to be written in proper APA format. You must use at least 4 references are required for this assignment.

You must watch provided and include the concepts I your writing. Please write from a anthropological theoretic perspective. These theories MUST be evident in your writing and context must be used.

You must write a high standard and use two peer references to support your claims, you must write from a business management perspective view and NOT using ANY first, second, and third person pronouns. Work not written to a high standard will be rejected, thank you.

Please review the question and links

Task 1-1 page , 1 peer reviewed refence

Share a piece of news about an ethnocentric event.

How is this an example of ethnocentrism?

What people were affected?

How could ethnocentrism have been minimized in this case?

Please review and incorporate the concepts in to your reply;

Task 2-2 pages, 1 peer reviewed reference

Develop and create a 6-image collage illustrating: How may anthropology be applied in your career field of business management (1 page please on a word document).

Write, analyze and reflect and explain how the images illustrate ways in which anthropology can be applied in business management (1 page please include in the word document with the collage).

Please review and incorporate the concepts in to your reply;

Task 3, 7 pages and at least 4 peer reviewed references


The primary goal of this exercise is for the student to further examine evolution from the perspective of two subfields in anthropology. The all-encompassing nature of evolution will be illustrated, and students will have the opportunity to explore the holistic nature of anthropology.


Anthropologists study many different aspects of humanity in order to fully understand the diversity of the human species. One of these aspects concerns our development as a species, both physically and culturally. For the assignment, the student will first discuss and investigate evolution as viewed by physical anthropology, and then the student will investigate and discuss evolution from one other subfield – cultural, linguistic, or archaeological.

In a 7 page written assignment, answer the following questions.

1) Define evolution

2) Define physical anthropology and discuss some of the general ways physical anthropologists investigate evolution.

Human Canopy Evolution

3) research a peer reviewed publicly assessable source that identifies Human Canopy Evolution research in which physical anthropologists are studying evolution.

Describe the research project and its significance in our understanding of evolution


5) Discuss some of the general ways an anthropologist in the archaeology field investigate evolution.

*Remember, evolution can apply to both physical and societal changes, so things like language and customs can evolve just as much as bodies and brains can.

6) Find at least one appropriate outside source that identifies one specific research project in which anthropologists in the field of archaeology subfield are studying evolution. Describe the research project and its significance in our understanding of evolution. For example, differences in civilization settlements.

8) Discuss how the study of evolution between Human Canopy Evolution and Archaeology compares and contrasts.

9) Conclude by discussing and reflecting on one new piece of information you learned about evolution.

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